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Super Serious Starfighter Saturday on The Harbinger, May 28th


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On May 28th at 9pm Eastern and continuing until Midnight Eastern were gathering up all the premades again to fight it out in a night of no holds barred action! We invite anyone and everyone to make a team of 4 players, get your best ships ready and queue up!


The rules are simple make a 4 man team, queue up and play to win!



Where: The Harbinger Server


When: May 28th, 9pm-Midnight Eastern Time (EDT) / 6pm-9pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) / 1am-4am Cordinated Universal Time (UTC) (For anyone still confused by Time zones please consult this map http://www.timeanddate.com/time/map/)


How: Duke it out by queueing a GSF team on either side



I'll be helping players find a team once again!

If you want to be put on the List of players without team, please let me know the following:

-What time you can be on for. Example: 1: I can play all 3 hours 2: I can only be there for the last 2 hours.

-What faction you will be playing on. Example: Empire

-What ships you will likely be flying. Example: 1: I fly only Gunship (Mangler) 2: I fly anything!

-How much requisition you have on the ships you mentioned. Example: 1: My Mangler is mastered, rest of my ships are stock. 2: All my ships are mastered. 3: My Sting and Razorwire are about halfway mastered, rest of my ships are stock.


I'd like to use Gone Sithings Mumble, (Permission pending) in case you need one to communicate with your team, just PM me through forums or message/mail me in-game (Drakolich Empire side) for information.


I will be forming the teams from the List of players without a team on May 18th so let me know all your information by then please.

Thanks in advance!



List of teams currently signed up:

#1 Drakolích Saníc Ion-kitty(Verain) Xiaoyu/Seung-mina Republic

#2 DakhathKilrathi Audson Vonnare SithAce Republic

#3 Maulkat Skell Erteon _______ Empire

#4-5 I don't have any names for sure but 2 SRW premades will be playing Empire


List of players without a team currently:

#1 DakhathKilrathi , Either faction, Most ships mastered (On a team)

#2 Maulkat, Either faction, Ships mastered (On a team)

#3 Vonnare, Republic, Mastered Quarrel, Flashfire, Rampart, and Star Guard. (On a team)

#4 SithAce , Both faction, All ships mastered (On a team)

#5 Audson, Republic, All ships mastered (On a team)

#6 Erteon, Impside

Spearpoint and Sting mastered, rest heavily upgraded ~2/3-3/4 way to mastered (On a team)


List of players playing solo::

#1 philwil

#2 aakrea (Kahs'Khiori/Temota)

#3 Ellscari- Republic

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OMG!!! I just checked my schedule. I will be available it seems for this event. Yet, I will not submit for a team, as my schedule is fluid. I will show up to fill empty spots if I remain able to play.


I can play either side. Maxed ships on both sides.


I may bring out my retired GSF toons Masel, pub side, or Kintajo Imp side.


Sounds like a lot of fun!

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Well I know when NOT to log in on Thursday. Lol.


Clarion isn't mastered and I have no meta ships, otherwise I'd participate in it.


~ Eudoxia

May 28th Eudoxia, you could probably unlock a meta ship by then if you spend some more time flying on Harb. ;)


Drak is good about giving sufficient advance notice.

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I'll try it out, I'm not an ace but I'm at least competent more or less. Ive been working on GS but I have more experiance in bomber and scout. If nothing else i can always fly support. Don't have mastered ships yet but I have the main upgrades like AP. I don't know anyone on harb so I will probably solo q unless someone wants to group.
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I will be there. More likely imp side to give potential competition to Drak and his team. :) Can fly either side, better support flier, but given the chance a mean GS.

Yes, Gone Sithing mumble is there to use and connection info will be given at the event if you don't already have it.

At this time I do not have a team assembled. My ships both sides are mastered. Rose has requested you put her on a team of your picking, but would prefer to fly imp.

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Forgot to include stuff
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Don't sell yourself short dude. You're more than just a bloody nuisance like me.


~ Eudoxia


I didn't mean I'm bad, just nowhere near an ace in their ship of choice. I'm more of a jack of all trades master of none type of a pilot.

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Boo I would have loved to participate in this except I was just invited to an office dinner that night. someone please record it!! :-D ** SETS DVR **


Sorry to hear you can't make it, assuming participation is high I will be doing them monthly again like I used too.


I always stream my GSF play, you can find a link to my stream in my signature.


I also upload all my Super Serious Games to my Youtube channel which is also in my signature. You can find videos of all the past Super Serious nights there aswell if that interests you. :)

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Time to bring Vonnare out of mothballs.


I should be able to do the whole event, on the Republic side.

I have mastered Quarrel, Flashfire, Rampart, and Star Guard.

In tough matches I usually prefer gunship, but am quite willing to fly scout or bomber.

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First page is all updated with the names sorry I took so long to do it, I've been crazy busy. I'll be making teams out of the players that are looking for me to build one on either the 18th or 19th. So the end of this week hopefully.


Really looking forward to this, sorry to my team that we haven't been able to practice very much.

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I don't have anything republic mastered but I do imp so I will be on temota. I have my T1 bomber/GS mastered, should have either mastered or be within an upgrade or 2 on both T2 scouts, T2 bomber and t3 gs. Edited by aakrea
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Hey guys I'll be away from my computer for the weekend, I wanted to setup the teams before I left but I haven't really had time to look everything over. Maybe you guys could just reach out to each other in this thread to try to get some teams organized while I'm away.


When I get back I'll have more time and be able to set this up, I'm hastily writing this as I'm leaving sorry for the short notice.

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