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“A Deadly Force Returns” Teaser


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Don't spend much time on the forums, but I can honestly say this is the first expansion that I'm very much not ok with. Admittedly, my issues for this start way back to the Foundry and a certain novel. But see, the flashpoints? I could just avoid the flashpoints, I could just not read the book (and in fact, borrowed it from a friend and was glad I did not spend money on it).


This is Revan getting shoved into my face and down my throat. I get the feeling that this is either someone's attempt at Making More Money, or an attempt to fix something that was broken... by breaking it further. I'd like to think that most of the writers on staff know better, so I'm willing to bet that this was a decision made by someone who understands money but little else going "Hey, they like Revan right? Heck knows those Revan outfits go for a lot of money on the Galactic Market. Lets add MORE REVAN. They're willing to pay for that after all."


We do not need more Revan. We need less Revan. I've seen a few theories floating around that whoever's wearing the mask isn't really Revan. I hope this is the case. Let the man die and stay dead with what little dignity he had left. For myself, I'll be passing on the expansion pack, sinking my cartel points into permanent unlocks for my favorite PCs, and letting my subscription lapse. Money where my mouth is, after all.

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