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  1. Almost four(!) years ago, I joined the SWTOR Community team. It’s been an amazing ride and I’ve learned so much not only from my teammates (yes, even Musco ), but all of you. Your constant enthusiasm and passion for SWTOR has been a daily motivator for me. From Cantinas to livestreams, I’ve enjoyed meeting some of you and chatting about everything from string cheese to our favorite companions. I would only give up these daily interactions with all of you for a truly great opportunity. I am happy to announce that I have been offered my dream job of becoming a writer at BioWare. This has been my career goal ever since I first loaded up Dragon Age: Origins. At the time, I was leaning more into comics, but that game literally changed my life – I switched career paths and have done everything in my power to reach this point. To say I am excited would be a great understatement! I’ve been over the moon since I was offered the position. I’ll still be around – less in General Discussion and more in Story and Lore – but I will no longer be a member of the community team. I look forward to hearing your feedback when my work goes into the game. If you want to see some of my work, check out the Darth Marr and Theron Shan blogs we recently posted! Thank you for a great four years! I’ll see y’all around.
  2. Hi there, Are you using Firefox? Sometimes the text from our promos has a hard time propagating in that browser. I'll pass it onto our Web Team. Thanks!
  3. Beweist euer Können in neuen Flashpoints im schweren Modus und PvP-Saison 4 – ab dem 10. Februar! Lest hier mehr
  4. Montrez ce dont vous êtes capable dans les nouvelles zones litigieuses en mode difficile et dans la saison 4 JcJ, à partir du 10 février ! Lire la suite
  5. Prove your prowess in new Hard-Mode Flashpoints and in PvP Season 4 – coming February 10th! Read More
  6. Tous les serveurs sont à présent disponibles. Merci de votre patience !
  7. Nous enquêtons actuellement sur les problèmes de connexion concernant Battle Meditation. Nous vous tiendrons informés !
  8. Les #12DaysofSWTOR continuent ! Les packs d'Expert en filature et de Pirate de l'espace sont de retour sur le marché !
  9. #12DaysOfSWTOR geht weiter! Die Kartellpakete des Spürhundes & des Weltraumpiraten feiern ihre Rückkehr auf den Markt!
  10. Hey everyone, The Skip Tracer and Space Pirate Cartel Packs (singular and hypercrates) are available today only!
  11. Heute startet #12DaysOfSWTOR! Die ersten beiden Pakete aus Lieferung 1 sind wieder auf dem Markt.
  12. Les 12 Jours de SWTOR commencent aujourd'hui ! Les deux premiers packs de la cargaison 1 sont de retour sur le marché.
  13. Musco took mine (I was standing next to him as the servers went live), so I'll tell another tale! I think it was around 3:00am the day before launch, I was in the office getting everything ready on the website. I was the only person from our team there, all of the lights were off except for my desk lamp, and my desk itself was in the corner of the room. So safe to say, I was in my own little world, listening to music and not paying attention to my surroundings. A security officer was making the rounds and tapped me on the shoulder - scaring the absolute crap out of me. I screamed and jumped out of my chair, knocking all of the knickknacks off my desk. Working late has never been the same. It's been a crazy three years since then. I am so thankful and happy to work on SWTOR and with its community.
  14. Frohe Feiertage euch allen! Ab heute gibt es für die nächsten 12 Tage auf dem Kartellmarkt täglich Überraschungsangebote (vom 18.12.2014 bis zum 29.12.2014). Ihr könnt im Spiel erfahren, was gerade im Angebot ist, aber wir verraten euch auch im Social Media-Bereich, welche Gegenstände zurück auf dem Markt sind. Der Kartellmarkt wird jeden Tag um 18:00 Uhr MEZ aktualisiert.
  15. Bonnes fêtes à tous ! À partir d'aujourd'hui, le marché du cartel vous proposera des ventes surprise journalières pendant les 12 prochains jours (du 18/12/14 au 29/12/14). Vous pourrez découvrir ces ventes dans le jeu, mais nous publierons aussi les objets disponibles chaque jour sur le marché du cartel ici et sur les réseaux sociaux. Le marché du cartel sera mis à jour à 17h (heure de Paris) chaque jour.
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