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SWTOR Server Forums



This is not a petition, this is a request. Please leave valid feedback.


This game needs server forums, but why you ask?


  1. There are too many players on the forums as is and the game hasn't even seen it's official release yet.
  2. Threads become "lost in the sauce" within seconds of being created, generally regardless of section.
  3. It's near impossible to communicate with same-server people
  4. The Guild Hall is a disaster, there's no way of filtering or telling who's from what server. No one wants to read recruitment threads for servers they likely will never play on, ever.
  5. There is no way for players to trade/buy/sell items in game via the forums. Every MMO out there has this and it's all broken down by server.
  6. There's a lack of esprit de corps for server communities, everyone is on their own playing in solo mode.





The list can go on and on. Nearly 200 replies to this thread as of Dec 14th, 2011 and still no response from the Bioware staff. (Update: Bioware staff responded Dec 19th, see below)


Server forums are essential to comradery within a MMO that carries multiple servers. Servers become their own little worlds with their own little social groups. People within those little worlds, generelly, only care about what is going on in their world.


Building a community that is required to divide in-game means you must facilitate a means to which the community can filter internally. "We" don't care about the economy on other serves. "We" don't care about PvP on other servers. "We" don't care about Guild X that's recruiting on the other server. "We" want to trade/sell/buy and communicate with people on our own server.


SWTOR is off to a good start, let's not tarnish the image so soon. Make things right and give us server forums!
























Dec 20th, 2011 12:47 AM EST


Greetings my fellow SWTOR players,


I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who have taken the time to provide valid feedback on this thread regarding the current issue at hand. Your comments and opinions DO matter and I appreciate your input.


While the Bioware Community/Support Staff have taken the time to finally comment on this issue in this very thread, I would like to note that I have personally taken the time to read each and every single response posted in this thread, even prior to Bioware removing a vast majority of them. I value everyone's feedback on this matter as I feel that the more responses we have listed here, the more Bioware will be forced to take action and correct the issue.


I say all of this with experience. I am presently the Support Manager for a large company in the industry and while I am just a simple customer here, I still feel it's my duty to do everything I can to see that this problem gets the attention it deserves and is corrected in a timely manner.


I do not wish to see SWTOR go without the necessary "tools" that it needs to be successful in the market. The best experiences I have with MMO's comes from the community, without all of you I would not have a reason to play.


There was a very good comment from another customer here, which stated that you cannot forge communities without server forums. Server legands cannot be born, history cannot be passed on, there's simply no identity to the game aside from the content handed down from Bioware, and that is not a MMO.


Once again, thanks to all of you who have provided valuable input on this thread. I'm hopful that we will see a resolution to this problem in the near future as we press forward to lobby for change.




- Van





























Some helpful feedback from your loyal customers


No further comments will be added to this since I got this:

The text that you have entered is too long (50381 characters). Please shorten it to 50000 characters long.


Thanks to everyone for the feedback!


Why not just make a forum for every server BW? Why all this BS, its like you guys are constantly trying to not do as much work as you should be. I don't think you guys know the importance of server forums in an mmo and how it can make communities last for years to come.


An MMO should be what it says on the tin.


A true MMO is designed for social interaction. This is primarily between members of a server to organise events, raids, compare views, tactics and keep score with other guilds. The moderator aspect is frankly something that should have been considered right at the beginning. Lets face it they have taken enough game designers from other MMO's to learn from that.


I would say that this game has a polished storyline, a lot of nice features, good playability but the usual bugs that you expect in an MMO at this early stage which I hope will be addressed as time goes on. There are so many established MMO's out there there is a limited time to compete before people start to return to what they know. Thats human nature.


The problem is that it is competing with many established MMO's that have a lot of features such as add-ons etc and most importantly a "WELL ESTABLISHED COMMUNITY".


If you dont allow that to flourish, your game is dead and you'll be lucky if you recover your development costs. Standing on a legalistic principle regarding forum moderation to maintain an unsatisfactory method of getting people to gel together is frankly suicide.


Corporations like to instill brand belief in their staff with a messianic voracity and often this overlooks the practical elements of developing a product that has to compete in a very competetive market. This can lead to a very blinkered view of comments and constructive criticism from the customers.


I like this game and have played many others including WoW Warhammer and LOTRO, I can bear with the initial problems and hope that sense will be seen sooner rather than later and I will continue with it until unless it becomes a worthless excercise. I like to finish what I start.


If you bring in a new MMO that you want to have a half decent lifespan you need to take all the above into account.


SWTOR may have its game design experts but there are many other experts in this game..... ie the ones who have been playing MMO's for years, have raided end content and know what a game needs to make them tick.


Listen to them...


There have been so many well worded posts, that I'll try to explain the need for a community with a different metaphor. What Bioware has done is no different than creating a co-op only game, except there is no way to find a partner, if you're solo, because there is a website but no forum or player matching system. In reality, Bioware's mistake is much more significant than my example. Granted this is a great single player game, and I hear they have good multi-player as well for those on a PvP server. But, my experience so far would be identical even if I was the only player on my server. Community can only be founded and then nurtured through server forum's. There is NO other way.


You should NEVER use a third party forum besides your guild's forum.


Trust me I am also a Senior Community Manager and I can tell you that people use the exact same login for the games that they use on the same game website...at least the large majority does.


To not recognize this as a serious potential issue is un conceivable for a community manager. You have the choice between potential not monitored but secure forums or a third party that can grab passwords in plain text upon registration.


Once there what stops the server admin from selling these to the highest bidder.


You should be very very careful where you create accounts and for Bioware to not have individual servers forums and asking people to go to third parties is major facepalm material


Installing a script that will capture your passwords in plain text before hashing them is child's play.


The thought is nice but honestly there are already too many "unofficial" forums around and adding more will just further split up the community. But at this point who cares, there is no community anyways, so go right ahead. I want to love this game so much, but after spending weeks searching for a fitting guild for my needs on my server I gave up and spent almost 3 hours tonight on the forums searching. I even looked at pve and republic guilds and servers. There is just no way to look for any information about guild populations or what guilds are recruiting. The recruitment sections are the worst mashup of random information from all the servers, many guilds do not even post what server they are on. I already paid for 3 months but I am this close to just putting a hammer through my monitor. I am a lifelong gamer and MMO addict but this experience has started to sour me to the whole thing. Hell maybe this is a good thing, I hear RL have awesome server forums and when you get to end game you even get something called "sex". I will have to investigate it further. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(


reason for canceling


Social Reasons

Feels too much like a single player game


I absolutely love the game, which is why this is a tough choice.


the main/single reason why i'm canceling, is because of the lack of server forums. There are plenty of "unofficial" server forums, but those do not get the traffic that official ones do, and without official forums, i simply can not feel like i'm part of the community.


I hope Bioware changes the position on this, but until then, I'll enjoy the game until the 30 day period runs out.


Great thread, by the way.


I actually have a problem with Bioware's arrogance when it comes to forum management. Claiming that server forums are rife with negativity is just plain ignorant. Are there numerous cases of server-forum drama and player/guild callouts? Yes, but that is what builds a server's community and contributes largely to player/guild notoriety. Most server forums are actually used constructively: guild recruitment, crafting discussions and transactions, guild progress, etc. Furthermore, most of the player/guild callouts are just playful competition and are part of the reason why MMOs are fun. Bioware's insinuation that server forums are cesspools filled with hate and grief is one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever read.


Server forums build community far better than in-game interactions or the current forum set-up. No community = no MMO experience = thousands of people ditching their subscriptions after they get bored of the single-player storyline.


We should all urge Bioware to create a cash cow instead of sticking with the current model (which is essentially a more expensive KOTOR and will not net the constant cash flow that they could have).


I've been playing MMO since 2003 and I've been the leader of my guild (Fated) since 2004. We're one of those multi-game guilds that isn't easily categorized, since we pretty much do anything from crafting to heavy raiding to PVP. Since I'm usually pretty active in server politics and (pvp) event organisation, I think I have a fair idea of what makes a community. And in my considered opinion, server forums are essential. They allow people to still participate in the community from work, they give a place to coordinate social activities, PVE and PVP activities, and they give guilds a place to get to know each other.





For the longevity of games, I'd even say a good community is essential. Many people keep playing or keep coming back because they miss the community. Going back and immediately fitting in with a group you belong to is a powerful incentive for playing.


And then we get SW:TOR. I'd describe this game as downright anti-social. The constant cutscenes make that there's hardly any guildchat or even region chat and that Ventrilo is quiet. Guild tools are pretty much non-existent. And there are no server forums.


In Pirates of the Burning Sea, this far into live we already had our National Councils up and running

In Warhammer, this far into live the guilds were already working on how to grab fortresses, even though those fortresses didn't even work yet

I never played AOC at launch, but AOC chat is more lively than SW:TOR chat… and AOC has a WAY smaller population

In City of Heroes, task force weekends, costume contests and PVP zone events are organised through the forums

In Aion, cross guild cooperation for capturing fortresses was again started in the first weeks after launch

In SW:TOR… uhm… I see some guilds which seem to be bigger than others, don't know squat about them though. Can't look them up either. But hey, no one's talking to anyone anyway. On the server where my guild goes for PVP, we know almost everyone. Why? Well, we're from the Bloodfin server in SWG, originally. Most of us left after the CU/NGE, but we've kept in contact all those years, first through the server forums, then through our own expatriate forums. Forum wars, feuds, smacktalking and all, we still hang together… and server forums were instrumental to that.


I consider the BW arguments that server forums would go unmoderated as bogus. Other games use volunteer moderators from the community, so can they.


Linna Baresi




I do feel quite offended by their excuses for not having them. Their resoning of not being able to provide proper moderation is absolute bs.


I mean really? You can't hire forum admins? You just moved what is estimated to be over 2 million units at a minimum of $60 a pop. Even if only half of those have subs next month, that's still an additional 15 million in your first month alone. Something tells me you could hire a freakin' army of forum moderators and you wouldn't have to sacrifice your tropical vacation to do it.


Consumer Behaviour 101:


Listen to your market and fill the gap




At the end of the day it is simply extremely bad business to try and tell your market what they want


They're going to lose subscribers from this decision for sure.. there are many many many mmo gamers who love immersing themselves in their server community, getting to know people, guilds and such and it can keep them subscribed for a lot longer than originally intended


Unsubscribed due to this. Honestly, this game feels completely devoid of any social aspects. Why make it an MMO if it ends up feeling like a single player game? No chat bubbles makes it difficult to know who is saying what and when, 80% of the game being phased and instanced makes me feel incredibly alone and no server forums is the final strike for me. And their reasoning for such is completely asinine. I'd rather have a poorly moderated forum than none at all. "You guys can make your own though," also feels like a slap in the face.


Server forums are required for any mmo. Re-Think this bioware, your making a mistake that will end up costing you money. People are drawn to MMO's with flashy content, but the reason most stay are community, guilds, and friendships. The guild forums you have right now are a nightmare, and adding the search function back will not make it any easier to promote or find a guild. Ditto for your events forum, another nightmare. Furthermore servers need forums to build community. Has the people who made this call ever played an MMO?


Give us server forums, we need them, we want them, what else is there to say? The pros of server forums vastly outweigh the cons, by light years....


I do agree with this thread though, the guild hall is a train wreck, all those sub levels of sub levels of sub levels of forums is ridiculous and it is a pain trying to find other guilds on your server.


The whole guild hall needs to be removed and replaced with server forums. End of story as far as I am concerned.


Yeah it seems very odd to me that there are no server specific forums.


That was the very first thing I looked for when the new forums came up.


Hate to say it, but no server forums = no play. The Ahazi forum kept me playing SWG for years after I naturally would have quit.


absolutely!! the ridiculously high traffic on the general forums may just be due to the fact that most people aren't in-game yet... but it's absurd!


literally 30 seconds after i started a new thread, it was buried on page 3.


In the end it's good to have a forum where you can go to talk about issues that actually apply to the server(s) your playing on. I don't care if the economy is rooted or the sith outnumber the republic on servers i'll never touch.


I can't reasonably expect my guild thread to get proper views unless I can move it to the right server. There's just too many threads out here.


This would most likely help with the overcrowding that is already starting.


I, too, would love to see seperate discussion forums dedicated to individual servers. In essence, it should be what the current community forum is, with all it's subforums, duplicated for each server.


Its mind boggling to think they didn't add server forums.


I wonder if the Community Management team realizes how not having realm/server forums will affect the community. I think that most people play MMORPG's because they want to play a game and interact with other people at the same time. I know I have made quite a few friends through online gaming. Without realm/server forums people have to use one of three different methods of finding guilds or people with common interests.


1) Come to the swtor.com forums and read through countless threads/pages hoping that they somehow actually find a post by someone from their realm/server and faction that fits the criteria they are looking for. This amounts to what I think most would consider taking up way too much time that could be spent actually enjoying the game that they are paying to play.


2) Use an outside source such as google, to try to search for guilds on their realm/server. This could be a very dangerous avenue for people considering the amount of spyware and hacking that is commonplace for gaming today.


3) Use the in-game chat feature to basically spam /LF guild. From my experience in MMO's this rarely nets good results. Most guilds that your average player would consider "good" don't normally respond to people spamming chat to find a guild. Most don't want to take the risk that the person spamming could be someone just looking to troll guild chat or "ninja" the guild bank. It usually is not worth their time while in-game. They would rather do their recruiting outside of the game, usually.


As you can see I have only listed cons to these methods because I do not believe that the pros come anywhere close to outweighing the cons in these situations. I understand that more forums require more Moderators and possibly server space but, I truly feel that it would be time and money very well spent considering I can't see it hurting the community. I can only see realm/server forums helping the community tremendously in the short and long term.


I was trying to look for a guild this morning and the forums are just a mess. Would be greatly appreciated if we could have server specific forums.




























Update: Jan 13th, 2012

Bioware listens to customers, but not completely. They are giving customers "forums" but not real "server forums".


From: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=173672


Next week, we’re going to implement some changes to the Forums based on feedback we’ve received from the community. These changes are meant to help address some of the concerns the community has and to make Forums organization a little easier to use overall.


In the layout we have now, things like Guild Recruitment and Server Events are spread out and can be difficult to locate. We’ve also seen some requests for places on the forums where players can go to discuss things more closely with others on their particular server, and for a place for suggestions for the game. To start addressing some of these concerns, we will introduce a new forum section: Server Group Forums, and will place the Suggestion Box back in its rightful place under General Discussion.


The Server Group Forums will be divided by server type (PvE, PvP, RP, and RP-PvP), and then alphabetically by the server listing. We have grouped several servers of the same types together to provide areas where players can more easily talk with others on their server (and other players on the same types of servers) – about crafting items, grouping up, hosting events, and more. Each Server Group Forum hosts several servers. If your server’s name falls in the alphabetical range in the forum title, that’s where you’ll post!


Each Server Group Forum has a Guild Recruitment subforum, where players can recruit others into their guilds and look for a guild. There are many more subforums for recruitment in this organization than previously, so it will be much easier to find a guild on your server!


We ask that you please use a [server Name] tag in front of your threads in these forums when they open to make it easy to see when you make a thread that is specifically intended for other members of your server, and to make sure everyone can see relevant threads easily.


As a side effect of opening these new forums, we will close the Guild Hall and Server Events sections of the forum, as the content for those forums now belongs under our Server Group Forums. We’ll leave those forums visible for a time (but not open for posts) so that you can grab the text of your recruitment posts (or any other posts you’d like to keep from those forums) and post in the new Server Group Forums.


We will also add the Suggestion Box forum to create a place for constructive suggestion threads to live. We encourage you to share your ideas!


We understand that some players would still prefer individual server forums. If volume in the Server Group Forums dictates and it is still too difficult to locate information important to you that relates to your server, we will continue to consider additional changes. We believe this organization will allow us to have a thriving area for per-server discussion, and we’ll remain flexible and receptive to feedback from these changes. As always, if you have any other suggestions for the forums (new forums you’d like to see, changes that would be helpful), we’re glad to hear them. Thank you for providing your constructive feedback!


More: http://torwars.com/2012/01/14/social-points-server-group-forums-announced


Update: Dec 21st, 2011

Thanks to Dvius for taking the time to capture an official statement from Bioware in a 1 on 1 interview.





Updated my article with interview with Allison Berryman.




Its time to speak up.




I am copying this article here for the sake of ease and so everyone can read it in black and white (or whatever catchy colors I randomly pick)


Dvius : We’ve repeatedly heard about the need for a strong server community as reasons for no dungeon-finder or cross server PvP queues and then Bioware has decided to go with communal server type forums instead of server specific forums. Can you explain some of the reasons or thought processes behind this decision?



Allison : We definitely want players to interact and build strong communities overall, but we also have a responsibility to provide moderation that ensures players have a good community experience on the official forums. Generally speaking, server forums for many MMOs tend to be largely un-moderated and can become unpleasant to visit. We do feel there is value in them for the community, in the form of player-run events, guild recruitment, and other ways to meet players who enjoy the same aspects of the game you do, so we’ve attempted to provide that in the official forums through our expanded Guild Hall and Community sections. This is also a great opportunity for the community to come together in their own ways – on fan sites and through other resources. Of course, we want people to visit the official forums, and will use them to provide information that’s of specific interest to the community, but we also love to see the community coming up with cool stuff on their own.


Dvius: David mentioned that hundreds of server forums wouldn’t be ideal. With the number of players requiring that many servers, do you feel that people might feel lost in the crowd of just PVE, PVP, RP and RP-PVP server forums?



Allison : We don’t think this is the case. The official forums definitely get a lot of visitors, and forums like General Discussion are extremely fast-moving, but we’ve found that many of the sub-forums tend to have a more manageable pace. The first few weeks are guaranteed to be hectic no matter where you are, but we think that many players will be able to easily find threads to participate in and keep up with.


Dvius: The community team as well as developers has made a lot of changes due to player feedback. Is this something that is capable of happening, or is there server or software limitations behind this?



Allison : There is room for this to change in the future depending on demands and our capability to provide good moderation coverage. We need to balance the amount of demand from the community against our ability to provide the level of service we’re committed to maintaining, and as the craziness of launch starts to subside, we may look at some different options or implementations if it becomes clear there’s a need to in order to serve the community.


Dvius: What path would you recommend for players that are in support of these servers take? We don’t need a million posts spamming the forums obviously.



Allison : We definitely want players to express their interest, and the forums are a great place to do that. We do already have a thread in the Community section about server forums (found here) and whether they’ll be implemented, and that’s a great place to express your thoughts on the matter (constructively, of course)! We will be reading it – in fact, we have Community Representatives assigned to the various forums to help us gather feedback, so no one should ever think that a thread that’s not in General Discussion will get ignored.




Update: Dec 19th, 2011

This thread had nearly 400 replies and over 10,000 views.



Hi there, folks. We've removed some posts from this thread and want to explain why. We understand the desire for server forums, but posts that only consist of "/signed" or "+1" are not constructive and are something we do not allow. Please make sure that all your replies help further conversation, as we don't allow petitions. Thank you!




Hi everyone! We wanted to explain a little more about why there aren't currently server forums:


While we absolutely agree that there are some useful threads and discussions that come from server forums, we have decided to not include them in our launch Forums lineup. Partially, this is because we do not feel we could currently provide the high standard of moderation, oversight, and maintenance in each of them that we aim to provide across the Forums.


Another factor is that, after observing server forums for other games, we feel that we can provide places on the Forums for the constructive content that typically comes from them while working to eliminate the extreme negativity of player callouts and other undesirable forum activity that can occur in them.


We now have several areas for guild recruitment and community discussion and organization, which we feel are excellent things that typically end up in server-specific forums. We encourage you to make use of all the Community Forums (especially the Server Event and Check-ins forums) as well as our expanded Guild Hall forums. Though the search feature is currently disabled, once it is restored it will be easy to search for guilds recruiting on your server (and we apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime).


Obviously, this is a decision we can re-evaluate as we receive community feedback, but we do encourage you to try out the sub-forums that we currently have to see if they meet your needs and desires for meeting other players. In the future, we may add additional sub-forums for various topics that require more space. We're always reading feedback and evaluating the needs of the community, and will continue to do so, so please do let us know what suggestions you have to improve the Forums!





























Bioware wants YOU to weed through 100's of pages of threads to find a guild that "may" be relevant to your server.


Seeing as how a number of you have been discussing guild recruitment, I would like to paint a prime example for Bioware to evaluate.



Day 1, early game access, I created a guild recruitment thread in the guild hall. I did not put my thread in any of the sub-forum areas because, quite frankly, my guild is not applicable.


My guild is a international coast to coast PvP/PvE guild that is a gaming community and due to this we have both EMPIRE and REPUBLIC guilds, essentially we have characters in both factions. We happen to presently play on a US PVE EST server, however we have members from all over the world and we focus on all aspects of the game.


Saddly, within seconds of my guild thread creation, a Bioware moderator moved my thread to the OTHER > PvP > EMPIRE sub-forum section. So, I responded and reported the thread notifying the moderator of their error, naturally I got no response and no support.


I then made a new thread, in the same area of the main guild hall (along with the 100 other threads) yet this time I made sure to clearly state in the title that my guild was international, that does PvE and PvE yet we're on a PvE server. Within seconds, that thread was moved to OTHER > PVE > EMPIRE sub-forum.


Again, I attempted to report the moderators error in moving my thread, because now at this point I have 2 recruitment threads buried in Empire ONLY forum sections, yet my guild has both factions. Naturally I got no response.


Lastly, I read the sticky (rules) thread stating that we are only allowed to create "2" threads if our guild is international. So at this point I'm lost, Bioware expects me to recruit for a international multi-faction gaming community guild with only 2 threads when their sub-forum sections are not only broken down by PvE/PvP/RP but also by faction and regional location. So what am I to do? I cannot recruiting in all sections, clearly because moderators insist on moving the threads, yet due to this fact I am now limited severally on my recruitment capabilities.


While the above is true in my personal case, it is a great example of WHY the current forum layout DOES NOT WORK, period. We need server forums to be successful and right now we are setup for failure.


I have sent in a follow up response to their customer support via the ticket I had open. I requested them to forward this case to the appropriate manager/director for their review.


I'll keep everyone updated if/when a response is given. Hopfully they don't simply forget or ignore this thread.



Yet another request,





Update: Dec 26th, 2011

This thread has 560 (not including those deleted by mods) replies and 24,000 views.


I got a response back regarding the ticket I sent in about this topic of discussion, here's the response


Greetings Vandrel-Blitz,


I am Protocol Droid G3-U9, and I have forwarded your issue to the community team. Rest assured that it will be investigated thoroughly.


For future reference, we would ask that you please report all similar incidents directly to the community team at bwacommunitysupport@bioware.com.



Thank you!



Galactic Support is our specialty...


Protocol Droid G3-U9, aka [Pamela].

Star Wars: The Old Republic Customer Service





























Bioware expects it's customers to create their own server forums it seems, based upon the following thread that they made a sticky as well as their official response to this issue.


While we wait on Bioware, list your own server forums here.


I'll kick it off with the brandspanking new Frostclaw EU PVE Server forum.


I will maintain this OP with details of all that get added here.




Bloodworthy & Bloodworthy (Joint with TOFN & also on IRC: http://webchat.quakenet.org/ #Bloodworthy )

Darth Sion

Frostclaw PVE

Hex Droid

Keller's Void (TBA)

Legions of Lettow & Legions of Lettow (Temporary)

Scepter of Ragnos (Currently on IRC: http://webchat.quakenet.org/ #ScepterOfRagnos )

The Red Eclipse & Facebook page

Tomb of Freedon Nadd (Joint with Bloodworthy)

Trayus Academy (Currently on IRC: http://webchat.quakenet.org/ #trayusacademy )






Belgoths Beacon

Bondar Crystal

Darth Bandon

Hedarr Soongh

Helm of Graush and a Facebook page

Krayt Dragon

Port Nowhere and another Port Nowhere forum

Tarro Blood and a Tarro Blood (Facebook Page)

The Ebon Hawk

The Fatman (Forum) The Fatman (Facebook group)

The Sanctum of the Exalted

Vrook Lamar



General Sites


Oldrepublicboard Operator is aiming to have server forums for everyone on there.


SWTOR.Fragworld.Org is offering moderated server forums for ALL US servers and soon EU also.

They also have a Guild Database to add and find guilds on your server.


Eotp Gaming is doing server forums for all EU servers


UK focused SWTOR Community site


Swtorowned Site with all server forums


Swtorserverforums Site with forums for all US servers.


The sad part here is Bioware took the time to sticky this thread, yet they can't be bothered to respond to the real issue at hand and solve it.


SWTOR customers are shelling out personal funds, real money, to create something that Bioware should be doing for us.


Taking a quick look at the costs that Bioware is forcing upon it's customers:


Domain name and registration: $15/yr

Hosting plan: $5/mo to $50/mo (depending on package)

Setup fees: $10 to $30 (if applicable)


So right here we have a handful of customers, the number grows daily, that are shelling out at most $50 a month plus $15 a year. Their own money put out there to do something Bioware should be doing already for it's customers.


If it was me, I'd send Bioware a bill.














If you think you have some valid input, a well written response to the matter, or found news related to the topic, please forward it to me via PM here on the forums. I will do my best to keep this thread updated as we push forward in the lobby campaign against Bioware's decision to NOT have server forums for SWTOR.





On the first day of xmas Bioware gave to me.....




1 Official Forum

12 Forum Sections

41 Sub-Forum Sections








If you aree with this thread then please help by passing the word with the following include in your forum signature:


[b][font=Arial Black][size=3][url="http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=3500"]BIOWARE REFUSES TO GIVE CUSTOMERS SERVER FORUMS[/url][/size][/font] [/b][i][size=1](click for more details)[/size][/i]




i'm kinda wondering if BW is secretly (or not so secretly) watching these privateer forums, to see if any of them take off, so that they can save themselves the trouble of having to provide it.


I'd like to direct your attention to something I found earlier today





As a standing partner for many years we compliment BioWare on officially launching Star Wars: The Old Republic, the most anticipated MMORPG of 2011 and almost certainly the Game of the Year. All the hard work you have put into it finally will pay off when all the thousands of Jedi and Sith players around the globe will set the gaming servers on fire.


Congratulations, BioWare! Or how Yoda would have put it: “Powerful you have become, the dark side I sense in you.”


So I ask you this,


Why is it that the above linked company owns countless SWTOR related domain names? And date of purchase/registration was March 2009?


Can we say conflict of interest?


Why is that important? Well, quite simply.... either this company did some contract work for Bioware and decided to make a little extra cash on the side by securing any/all related domain names possible for resale to folks like us.....OR Bioware is attempting to collect a little extra off of customers who are "forced" to venture out and create their own community sites.

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First thing I looked for as well....spent a good 10 minutes poking around to make sure I didn't overlook them.


At this point it's just a huge moshpit of posts and threads going all over the place. It's almost impossible to keep up or even communicate with people on your server.

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They said they're going to keep adding servers during prelaunch as they see what the load is like on the existing ones. They can't create forums for something they don't even have a list for yet! Keep yer pants on and revisit this if it's a week after launch and still no server forums.
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Also the first thing I thought to look for. It's great that they're supporting "the community" but MMOs don't have A community - they have dozens of little communities on individual servers. They'll NEED subforums to plan events. Realistically day to day, week to week people don't do cross-server play.
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They said they're going to keep adding servers during prelaunch as they see what the load is like on the existing ones. They can't create forums for something they don't even have a list for yet! Keep yer pants on and revisit this if it's a week after launch and still no server forums.


They can create forum sections for current servers

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