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  1. gonna bookmark this for future reference. ran a 16 man SM on thursday with quite a few pugs who had not seen the fight before. This would have been really nice instead of trying to type it all out for them.. thanks!
  2. those are some interesting mumble names..
  3. marauders are great pve dps, though the rotation got more complicated in 2.0. juggs are great pvp and pve tanks, and remains so in 2.0 assassins are great pve and pvp tanks sorc are good pvp, and great pve healers all of that is contingent upon the player not sucking though. pve marauder dps is probably the easiest of the 4.
  4. for what? pvp? pve? dance competition? there's definitely not enough warriors in the naked dance competition.
  5. here's mine. happy? http://www.ikonique.com/Images/loki
  6. http://i.minus.com/ibkV3tI1oFHlvo.gif
  7. i queued up last night for naked pvp in my pve tank spec (i was waiting for guildies to log on so we can level together on Makeb). f'n hilarious. i think people eventually realized that "Tankie" in this case wasn't just a clever name, and started just leaving me alone to pull/taunt/stun/snare them.. it's never been that easy to get 200k+ protection.
  8. also, wrong section of forum, try here
  9. oredith

    lol bolster

    I disagree. I was one of the testers for Makeb, and the communication there was stellar. feedback resulted in changes fairly quickly, and the back-n-forth dialog was great. unfortunately, they either do not have the same setup for pvp, or the pvp test team just really suck at feedback. pvp in this game is more or less the red headed stepchild.
  10. after polishing off the pvp bolster system, they moved onto lower priority issues like companion balancing..
  11. i wouldn't start the record keeping just yet. at least not til the bolster system's flushed out. i'm not sure any records achieved by naked people should count.. >_>
  12. harpoon / grapple is re-tarded. when was the last time you saw a focused target that wasn't sitting there with a full resolve bar? i'd much rather have a charge/root that didn't affect resolve. it never fails in a pug huttball. some nub always stands at the top platform as the ball carrying jugg is coming at him. i can see the charge -> force push -> charge -> score combo in my head now.
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