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Yeah... Lightsaber katars, polearms, scythes, axes, blahblahblah...


Be creative. All of this is possible. I mean, a lightsaber whip is possible, right?


Yes, you are correct it is that type of thinking which is key in conceptual design, it seems to be that they have totally skipped the conceptual design stage and just given us lightsabers, what does this result in? simple; "a boring design" Look at it this way, if there was a contest to say "who can come up with the best weapon concept for the upcomming Star Wars MMORPG, and thousands of weapon designs are submitted, and a "light-saber" won the contest, what do you think people would think? personally i would be shocked,

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Saying people back in EQ didn't care about looks is not true, it is why they put in armor dyes, so people could dye the armor to the colors they wanted. Also each race had a different look for the piece of armor. A wood elf in full plate looked different than a human in the exact same full plate. There was a lot of variety due to this.


I am hopeful that in future expansions and content updates we will see more variety. By no means do I think its a priority over the other things they need to work on, but once things are moving along nicely adding in different equipment appearance options would be great.

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OP -- You need to compile a list of your complaints into one thread. I've been seeing you and a select few others crying it up all over the forums.


People complain about everything these days.


"WoW has this and that, why doesn't TOR?"

"This game needs to be f2p!"

"Why are the colors of my lightsaber so limited?"

--->Inserting your whine here<---

"This game is bleeding subs and will fail!"

"Where is my endgame content, it's been 3 weeks now waaaaaaagh!"

"Where is my x-server LFD tool? I wants it now!"

"SWTOR software is causing my hardware to explode, melt, and vaporize!"

"I want..."

"I need..."

"This game doesn't..."

"Why can't we..."

"Aw, this sucks!"

"I'm cancelling my sub because..."


Why do I come to these forums? To find out things about the game. And yes, I can take the bad news along with the good news. But the sheer volume of whining over the smallest things is killing it for me. Here's my whine. "I'm not coming back to these forums until BioWare starts sending e-tissues to posters who repeatedly whine about the smallest of things. Especially those who don't read stickies or patch notes!"


And yes, I'm whining about whiners. I'm crying about crybabies. But if you are like me, someone who is A) willing to give the developer time to add content/fix things, and B) enjoying the gaming experience in some way, shape, or form; then can you honestly say that you are not tired of all of the petty gripes on these forums? I'm tired of them. This thread is a perfect example of what I'm referring to. Quit it.



30 minutes i spent at the forums today. this is the only post to agree with.

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ppl that say they are bored of lightsabers make me laugh. surely you must have known before you started playing, and then when you picked your your melee class character. swords in the starwars franchise are futuristic light shows sitting on a hilt. its like walking into a coffee shop and complaining that you don't like coffee
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