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  1. I like this idea a lot. There's RP servers that are designed to cater to a specific customer with a specific game play preference. There's PVP servers that are designed to cater to a specific customer with a specific game play preference. A casual server is a fun idea. And they don't even have to create a new server to do it. Just use one that's already there, and allow a free transfer period for players to move to or move off of it. With the changes made to servers recently, there's enough space and room to do this.
  2. Hello everyone. I also am experiencing this exact same bug. I put in a ticket about it last night. And got some very fast response (thank you to the team for that). Unfortunately, the solution was to reset the quest and I got the same situation many of the posters here got, where the quest was reset, but now I'm tasked with speaking to Doctor Oggurobb, and it's grayed out so I can't move forward. Add me to the list with the rest of you all.
  3. This is probably a unique perspective on the switch to disciplines but here goes: I'm a returning player. And I have returned to quite a few MMOs. It's just a thing you know? I play an MMO. Take a break. Get the itch again. Come back. Disciplines made that a bit easier. It pretty much lets me come back, and just log in and go. No more having to figure out where to place my points again. Unlike, say, LOTRO which was really confusing to return to. In this game I was pretty much fighting things and doing quests within seconds. So disciplines worked out nice for me. But I'm guessing that's not the typical experience with this change.
  4. Tanking in this game is easier than tanking was in Everquest, at least in terms of dealing with aggro management and over-zealous DPS. So even when things go pear shaped in PUG flashpoints, I still find it far more relaxing than, say, a bad pull in Vex Thal or death touch rotations in Plane of Sky nonsense way back in the day.
  5. I disagree. Flying mounts would have little impact on Open World PVP. And the GTN will be thriving so PvP will be fine. Anyways, another game that has flying is Champions Online. And it just recently introduced flying vehicles so now you can fly yourself, use a jet pack and fly, or use a new flying vehicle to fly around.
  6. So it's just the price tag that's causing the issue? Because the large content is still part of the product isn't it? They did? They shifted the contents of it? What was it that was going to make it the largest non-expansion content in MMO history? What are the details of the free Makeb? What is it exactly that they shifted?
  7. You mean described or promoted, not sold. But here's the funny thing. How is it Makeb has gone from being excitedly anticipated as the "largest" non-expansion pack in the history of gaming ... something so huge and so immense that it had to get hyped ... to "OMG what is this tiny thing they're charging 10 bucks for?" It used to be something huge and immense. Now it's something tiny and not enough?
  8. ^ This. Spring is a wide open "release" window. And there's a good chance they'll mis that window and the whole thing gets pushed back. It's February 2nd. It's not close to press release time for Rise of the Hutt Cartel.
  9. Finally! Someone mentions that while the person threatening the OP may not be able to do much to back up said threat, the OP can report these threats and have action taken against the offenders.
  10. You mean the tactic of kiting? It was kind of slow and annoying in WoW. Everquest made kiting an artform. But Rangers were one of the worst at kiting in that game. Which is why I wanted to know what games you referring to. Thanks for the insight into some games I had long since forgotten about. Heh. I wasn't even thinking of things like Diablo.
  11. It's February. 1.7 isn't even on the test server. And there's still not a lot of details even known about Rise of the Hutt Cartel. So I think it's still a bit early to do this. Maybe early April you can start pushing for this change, when it's closer to the nebulous release date of the expansion?
  12. Not really a legitimate question if you note the OP's continued behavior and posts in the thread. The question was answered in the first reply. So if that's all the OP wanted to do in the thread, they'd have not returned and continued to poke and prod people in the thread.
  13. Just speaking to Quesh individually and not the full question of the skipping of class missions ... Quesh is a pretty narrow level band. You can do yellow/green missions on the planet before it. And then skip to orange missions on the planet after it and skip Quesh completely. Also filling in space/xp with flashpoints and pvp and space combat.
  14. Can't you just buy the titles for credits on the GTN anyways and not waste your own cartel coins on them?
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