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  1. Think non of the female body types look good in SWTOR. Type A: Good face shape but the body looks anorectic, it's just ill. With some armor it looks better. Type B: Much healthier body shape but well they look like transvestites out of face. Personally I find this the worst one since yeah it looks like a guy with make up. Type C: Out of face pretty good, body is just a bit to muscled. From the back they look like man as well. Type D: Rather fat in an unhealthy way but a good face. In fact you could have such a face with body type 2 for example. Note: Nothing bad about being to thin or fat, it's your own choice like well smoking . It's just that it's a bit of a shame that these make up 50% of the body choices in this game. Personally I find the body design for female characters just bad (male as well) The faces do not match the body types and well 4 options is very meager.
  2. The game runs horrible and well as others said it's probably your SLI. Was thinking of getting another 580GTX but it's just a waste of money these days. Companies barley support SLI , usually it does more harm than good neither do games optimize the 'newer' CPU's.
  3. I would like to hear the recommenced rig for enjoying the game on 60 FPS with out drops or max 12 FPS in Ilum. For the jest of it I over clocked my system yesterday a bit higher then usual, with out risking a too high voltage. Core i7: 4.9ghz (hyperthreading off) 8 gig ram (slightly over clocked) SDD 128 gig (nothing changed) 580GTX (Core clock 987) 120Mbits connection while in other games I got 5 MS here It is 35-67 (thanks for placing the servers in Ireland ><) Guess what Ilum is still terrible, I still have FPS drops and what not. My CPU/GPU aren't used to their max either. Do tell me what I need to enjoy Ilum because clearly this rig isn't good enough. People with better rigs have the same issues so well I would love to hear an answer. By no means this could be bad programming or a horrible engine.
  4. Cheers will give it a go. I do wonder if Bioware themselves can fix this. Sounds like a waste of recourses when you make something like Ilum and well no one can enjoy because of FPS issues.
  5. My question is what kind of rig did Bioware expected people to have to enjoy this? Currently I have between 7-11 FPS during the zerg and well after playing for 30-45 min I'm having a headache from it. Usually I crash a few times as well. All with all it is not enjoyable. I've ran quite some CPU/GPU heavy games and non of them gave me as much trouble as SWTOR. Note: It hardly makes a difference when ever I set the settings on high or low, same FPS. For the last test I used low settings. Setup: Core i7 3.4 ghz over clocked 4.4 with Hyper threading off (SWTOR doesn't optimize it and in this case you will lose 2-3 FPS with it on) 8 Gig ddr3 1600. 120Mb connection, can't really expect people to have faster. SDD 128gig 580GTX over clocked core up to 940. Overclocks are all stable though I did test Ilum with default as well. I checked my system recourses. CPU core 1 : Used up to 75% Core 2-3-4: Used for 25% or less. Memory: 2 to 4 gig oddly enough in the zerg memory dips into 2 gig. GPU: 25% or less in the middle of the zerg. Game doesn't seem to stress the rig much during Ilum (strangely enough some area's do press the GPU) MS: Stays on a steady 35 MS but in the zerg it spikes from 34 to 700. Even when the MS bar states 35 MS the lag on the Eu servers is terrible (out side of Ilum). Few questions. 1: Is it better for the US servers or well any one or is Ilum just horrible in general. 2: Is it the engine that can't handle this or Bioware simply messed up with programming, even worse is it just not possible to enjoy Ilum with proper FPS with the current rigs available because of the lack of optimization? 3: Does any one actually enjoy Ilum with this type of FPS. Ilum looks like a fun idea but it's just unplayable. If a decent rig like this can't take it what did Bioware expected people to have when they designed this?
  6. Well credit to Bioware for making the most annoying game character in history. I applaud them and yes I feel trolled every time I enter my ship. It has been a long way and many challengers will follow but this guy makes the worst characters out there look fun. I actually mute my sound the moment I enter my ship because of the droid. Over the years developers came up with terrible characters just to mention a few . Navy with her HEY LISTEN! Slippy who is worthless. Anders in DA2 that can't shut up about mages Dog from duck hunt (yeah long ago but he was damn annoying) Tidus/Seymour and these two are beyond annoying already. But nothing comes even close to this pest. 'Please master don't deactivate me' Honestly I would love a patch where you could blow this droid up in all kind of creative ways. Deactivating is not enough.
  7. The fix was to be expected , though personally I rather have them nerf healing and introduce this mechanic. Thing is a lot of bosses have dull mechanics and just do burst damage. Heroic 5 man and nightmare modes just translate in >The boss hits harder< The exploit allowed sorcerers to burst heal, with out it we can't (like some other classes) Pre casting with the huge amount of server lag and sloppy healing UI is risking it with a tank. Obviously the exploit gave sorcerers an edge. I don't argue that it should not be fixed, but I would say that all 3 healing classes should get a big overhaul. Also keep in mind sorcerers need to waste globals for force, if a boss is mauling a tank a sorcerer can't use his regen mechanic. You notice this while doing heroic 5 mans in bad groups. For me as a sorcerer healing it will make healing well more dull. You don't need to track a lot of things , you don't have a lot of abilities. The fix takes more speed out of healing which isn't a good thing. So in the end yes the fix was needed but it would be better if this mechanic was kept and sorcerer healing would be nerfed in a different.
  8. Nothing new and yes loot bugs left and right. common issues. - Boss doesn't drop loot - ML can't assign loot - People can't pick up loot. Best is to put it on FFA and make sure people got auto loot off. Would have been so much better if ML just worked and well a basic /random roll option. But hey making a loot system is difficult >_>, no one ever did that right before.
  9. I like the old movies and that's how I remember SW. There are a lot of things that make no sense in the SW universe and well I would not praise the movies for having a deep story with a well written plot. How ever they are incredibly fun to watch and it's just fantasy. I honestly don't care about the remakes and JL changing them. JL is a nerd (no offense) and well nerds like to nit pick, blowing something small out of proportion is well normal for these people. Wouldn't be surprised if he just kept sticking to his point just because it got such a response.
  10. It doesn't sound encouraging to be a tank in this game when about every encounter uses one tank only. The term 'off tank' can be translated into ' design flaw' a good encounter should challenge both tanks equally. Having a boss that hits the 'MT' and the 'off tank' hunting trash mobs is just a dull concept, especially when adds are designed in a boring way. Further more this helps establishing the MT-OT situation . It is simply more fun when a boss just challenges both tanks equally skill and gear wise.
  11. Blizzard had a smaller budget for one, another thing is that before WOW no MMO milked this formula that much. Blizzard perfected a lot of aspects of this type of mmo's. Think of what you compare, what computer ran WOW 7 years ago? That's how old the game and the technology is. The industry grows and things change, companies learn as well. Anyway if I would compare SWTOR to the old WOW. UI WOW had add on support and there for a superior UI in every possible way. WOW had more options (like putting auto camera off ) and this magical thing SWTOR does not have called a combat log, even the AH is a total mess in SWTOR. >>>>2012 and SWTOR has terrible UI<<<< Anyway Vanilla WOW vs SWTOR. PVP: Indeed battleground got introduced later, how ever WOWs world pvp was pretty fun. Flip side SWTOR has now two bg's that are identical to the WOW ones. But if you compare it to Vanilla WOW it would be world pvp vs 3 bg's. I don't count Ilum since its borderline unplayable. PVE: WOW 5 man/raids where harder than what SWTOR had to offer (early UBRS was ouch as raid). If I am perfectly honest WOW instances had more atmosphere and looked better. Most instances in SWTOR are dull, they look/feel the same and chances are I kill either humans or droids. WOW just did this a lot better. 1 month after launch MC was there with one buggy boss, MC took longer to clear than the HM's in SWTOR. Also one month after SWTOR release and about every boss is still bugged. Most of all SWTOR still uses a lot of tank/spank encounters and the holy trinity. In that way it didn't innovative at all so yeah it isn't all that better. Classes WOW classes and specs where all over the place, while WOW offered more a lot was just meh. Gear was a disaster and well SWTOR is better in that aspect though WOW offered a lot more. I don't see BW adding 4 new classes, but I did see Blizzard fixing their mess. Character responsiveness. WOW had this right from day one, it's still bad in SWTOR. Lag [/b I'm from Europe and well the game is incredibly laggy because they put their servers in Ireland. Still manage to get 46 MS but the server lag is just insane. A lot of people have an issue with this especially in instances so well nice one Bioware. ] Bugs: Vanilla WOW was very buggy, how ever SWTOR tops it with some game breaking bugs. In the end SWTOR is a more polished game than Vanilla WOW. How ever it manages to do things worse than Vanilla WOW as well, especially when it comes to game play. If I would compare the two I would say back in 2004 SWTOR would have been the better game, though I would have played WOW anyway since in my eyes it had more charm. My problem with SWTOR is that it does nothing new in terms of pvp/pve and gameplay, even compared to Vanilla it is behind in some ways. WOW lost it's appeal to me long ago, it's just the same old formula. SWTOR copied this and sadly doesn't do a lot better.
  12. I doubt it, though I admit I did DL the game again. Thing is I've played WOW for a long time and it's just done. It was a great ride but I just don't see myself replaying it or starting up raiding. I don't think leaving SWTOR to farm raids/heroics in WOW is very appealing, neither is it appealing to farm normal mode/hard mode in SWTOR in fact it's freaking boring. I just wished it wasn't so much like WOW and was a bit more innovative. From classes to pve design, even 2 bg's are just identical. Story is great though I could not care less about most side quests. UI is still a mess and the game is buggy. Personally I won't put up with this for longer than a month or so but in the end going back to a game that does exactly the same is not an option either.
  13. Servers are in Ireland for the Eu. That's one of the cheapest places and well also the one of the worst (lag is horrible). But you know what makes me a bit sad. I'm quite sure for this amount of money some companies could have gone above and beyond in terms of gameplay and content. Voice acting is nice but imo aside from the main/class quests it's pretty annoying and pointless. Most side quests are poorly written and uninteresting. Glad the money went there. Just like having something great like Ilum but than having an engine that can't handle the idea making this whole area a complete waste.
  14. Their whole beta was a commercial stunt when you look at the glaring issues and bugs this game is having, I don't expect Bioware to understand how to do a PTR well. Ofcourse Blizzard gave you a pre made 60 char with the set bonus and all. This encouraged people to log on ,raid and what not it's just smart. That and well you could copy your own char as well.
  15. They released an unfinished game with a lot of bugs. Their patches aren't tested well so it's normal that they need to do this. It's their approach on these issues. I've seen companies do a much better job but also a much worse so well take it or leave I guess. I'm a bit fed up with things being still bugged one month after release even small stuff (social points) or bigger things ( about every raid boss).
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