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  1. The crafters and people selling stuff that can't adjust quickly to changes in the economy, I have 0 sympathy for. The F2P model introduced a whole new sector. Concentrate on crafting BLUE mods (f2p can't use purple) and selling at a reasonable price. They go instantly almost. Especially if you craft them targeted towards the Companions. (ie, tanking armor plates). Its amazing the amount of stupid going on in the GTN: Sector X unlocks for 40 million, unlock for all the professions for 1 million, unlock for epic gear 35 million, etc. The only ones who need these items are F2P. There credit cap is 350k or 100k (non-preferred). Heck, some idiot was trying to trade a Sector X unlock for a whit crystal.
  2. You only get 2 toons as a f2p. Comes down to 175k per toon. Thats about an average price.
  3. Ya, its funny seeing people posting the unlocks for the epic gear unlock, inventory, section x , etc for like 10 million. F2P cap for preferred is 350k and non is like 100k. Its awesome when they post then about undercutters and how they cant sell stuff.
  4. Free to plays shouldn't be able to get him imho. If you want the latest and greatest stuff, subscribe. However, its pretty funny seeing the uneducated posting stuff on the GTN for stuff catering to the F2P crowd, like Epic gear unlocks for 10,000,000 credits when the credit limit of F2P is either 350k for preferred or 100k for the basic.
  5. Its not the actual monetary amount people complained about, it was the value they were getting for their money.
  6. I really don't understand your post, I'll assume English isn't your primary language though. This game is nowhere near 2 million subscribers..........................I'd say 500k is on the high side.
  7. 5 is still inconsequential. LOL, do you seriously think all the F2Pers are going to open that many accounts? The ones that do, are probably actually GOOD at PVP. Are you thinking a F2P person can level to 50 with 6-8 toons in 3 days?!?!?!?!
  8. I agree with ya, you can't give F2P access to everything. Personally, I would have just capped the characters (2 is perfect), race choices (they did), inventory (they did), lower priority in queues (they did), GTN auction limits (they did), mail restrictions (they did). I would have given access to the toolbars, hide helm (helm graphics are sooooooooooooo bad, if I was F2P, I would make a paper bag client side mod), unify color, and unlimited WZ and FP (good for paying queues-shorter waits, but I wouldn't give them access to the latest content!)
  9. My apologies then! Sorry! I am all for F2P players personally. I like the population spike, stuff selling better on the GTN, seems queues for FP's and WZ's are faster. Wish it will last, not hopeful though.
  10. Such a long post, for metrics that are totally inaccurate. F2P can only do 3 WZ's or FP's a week, so they are hardly a drain on resources on the fleet. Maybe for one day per week. But the added benefits for us paying customers is faster queue times. I would gladly pay an extra nickel a month in bandwidth to give me queues that are much faster. They don't affect logins either, as a paying customer we get put ahead of them in the queue. Downloading the software: How would you propose future customers get the software? Purchase it at a store? Will you supply the bandwidth for customers to download? Do you really think stores would even put this game on the shelf for $59.99 like it was for the basic version at launch?
  11. Maybe because this game is so bad, they can't give it away for free? Give GW2 some time also, it'll be free or like $10 after 6 months.
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