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What makes Merc/Commando great to you?


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Hi! I know that seems like a loaded question and I'm sorry. 


After 7.0, is there a specific ability or level that really makes Mercenary "pop" in a positive way? For either damage specs. What about the class makes it extra enjoyable to you relative to others? 

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As Someone who plays this spec alot, to me its more of a comfort spec, It's something I know how to play to its maximum potential. 

Gunnery/Arsenal Doesn't do alot of DMG compared to other burst specs but the simplicity of the spec makes it enjoyable, It also makes it one of the best new player specs to play due to the simplicity, and great defensives this spec has to offer. 

Innovative Ordinance/Assault Specialist is mainly played once you get more comfortable with how this class works, it punishes you for playing to aggressive by botching your heat but rewards you with some solid Burst and sustained DMG. I mainly run this Spec in PVP and some variations of PVE where the Sustained and Burst DMG is needed more than gunnery. 

Bodyguard/Combat Medic is babys first healer spec, it has solid heals and is straightforward enough combine that with Mando/merc Defensives and you have probably the 2nd best healing spec in the game. 

Basically Merc's/Commandos are not the greatest spec in the game nor are they the worst, they kind of fall in the middle ground. 

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