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  1. It's a double edged sword. On the one hand I'd say the game makes most of its money from the CM. On the other hand, it means they can just make all their return/Profits off of it rather than trying to make a good game that people want to sub to.
  2. Unfortunately there is nothing you, nor I, nor really any of the playerbase do anything about it. This has been an issue for basically two years now and the Dev's have done nothing to address it. They are clearly aware of it for sure, but rather than actually fix their game they'd rather do the bare minimum and milk as much of the cartel market as they can. I was talking with some friends in discord and they had a theory that the game is so bad because biosword is catering to the space barbie crowd, due to the fact that they eat everything in the cartel market up compared to say us PVP'ers who barely care about that. I think its moreso a combination of that, but also them in general not caring about PVP. The dev's did no player feedback surveys when PVP seasons dropped, I did. They barely have innovated the mode while GS keeps changing everytime now. PVP seasons is literally designed to throw fodder at veteran players. You get these PVE'rs who don't know squad and just want space barbie and so they Q and get thrown into a match where they do any of the following; -AFK at a point to farm medals -Get killed over and over again by vet players. Going back to the point of the topic, Its a combination of allowing 8 man premades to be a thing alongside PVP seasons bringing in players who don't even pop their defensives properly or in general care about getting better at PVP and just want space barbie to show off to their buddies. On top of this they have not fixed any of the current broken meta specs; Jug skank tank, Madness, etc so players just class stack as the meta. Regarding the premades here on Star Forge (which I see you are on also.) The premades are mostly all on impside and to be honest, a majority of them are just people trying to find fun in the carcass that is PVP. The premade situation boils down into two groups; 1. The Friends premade: Most common one, its literally just 3-4 friends getting in a group together to have fun, a majority of the time these guys are not running meta or pocket heals and are literally just wanting to have playing together. I've been in this premade plenty of times with my buddies. We all just play whatever spec we want and Q together. While we don't go out of our way to win matches a lot of the time by playing objectives, we do at least try and contribute to our team. 2. The Egos: These are players who do full 6-8 man meta comps, they get 1-2 tanks and healers with them as well. They have a pocket tank and healer for the group leader. All they care about is DPS farming the entire other team and will sabotage efforts to win. I was on a voidstar once and was planting the bomb on the door and one of these players pulled me from the door just so they can continue farming the other team. These players only care about feeding their KD and imo are massive narcissists. These players know they are killing the game mode even faster but they don't care as long as they get to gloat they got a 53-0 KD by tunneling the entire other team that mostly comprised of Solo pugs. These people don't want fair fights either, I've seen one premade group literally start Q dodging because they started fighting more experienced players rather than randos. All they care about is feeding their Ego's and KD. Honestly though at the end of the day, I kind of stopped caring about PVP and this game as a whole. The dev's have proven time and time again they care more about their Cartel Market than fixing any of the issues. 7.5 is going to be what we expect from them, 45 minutes of story content, new CM stuff, and finding something else to break in this game. But if you are asking what I would do to address these DPS farm issues? 1. Increase TTK, I think we are short of where we should be. TTK currently is too fast and players often die before they can even pop a defensive. It's also insanely easy to meet the DPS check to push the other team back to their spawn. Increasing TTK means players can survive longer, new players will be less frustrated with how fast they die and can actually start getting better, and premades will have a harder time farming the other team. 2. Limit group size back down to 4 for Warzones and two for arenas. It's been state hundred's of times already for the past two years. 3. Nerf the meta specs, literally just tone them down.
  3. Chaff flare is one of the best DCD's in the game. It absorbs TWO force and tech attacks no matter how much DMG they would do. Doesn't matter if its an engi nuke or a force leach, it'll gets absorbed. Add on top of this it increases your defense chance and its something you should be popping when you are about to get hit with big burst. That said you need to pop chaff flare properly and know when to pop it, for madness Sorc I pop chaff flare when they are casting force leach or demolish those are two of their heavy hitters. But ideally you want to pop chaff flare when you see them cast force leach. Did you also use Tech override and concussive round to knock them out for a bit? I use that and its extremely effective at well...everyone (Except specs that have CC immunity periods). Did you use interupt when they were doing really well anything? Use it during force leach or force lightning. Force lightning is what madness relies on to insta cast demolish, interupt them and they cannot insta cast it giving you more time. Also I don't suggest standing in one spot, Mercs are a bit more mobile with thrill of the hunt being given mainline now. Using tracer missile sure you are locked into one spot, but the rest of the time if possible be moving, Id also suggest putting something between you and the sorc (like a wall) so that you can get a reprieve, that sorc can't do anything if he can't line of sight you. The other thing I'm going to ask is are you running the right skill tree setup for Arsenal? I personally run; Signature shot passive at level 23. Power barrier obviously at level 27 Customized warhead at level 39. Chaff flare at level 43. Energy rebounder at 47. Kolto surge at 63. Responsive safeguards at level 68. and finally trauma regulators at level 73. Are you also using your supercharged gas? It's where most of your high DMG comes from. You ALWAYS want to be building stacks of supercharge. I Spam Kolto shot 24/7 when i am running to the next fight to prebuild my stacks of supercharge to have my supercharged gas ready when I engage the next fight. If you are out of combat use your recharge and reload to build stacks or heal back up, sometimes you might even have to bail out of a fight to go heal back up. I also hope that you were not popping them all at once. That is the fastest way to down yourself. It's kind of hard to explain, I recommend watching this old vid by biggs here, it's a bit outdated with the changes to chaff flair, but the general idea remains relatively the same. Given time with Merc/Commando you'll get the feel of when you should be popping defensives and it will come naturally. IO does better sustained DPS and is my go to because its more mobile and has less casting compared to Arsenal. I also just find it more engaging to play. However IO is more strict in its rotation and it can punish you by botching your heat. I highly recommend that anyone learning Merc/Commando stick with Arsenal/Gunnery until you get the hang of how the spec plays. Arsenal is far more forgiving compared to IO. So in short yes, but only if you know how to play it properly. Electro net should be used against them if they are running around like speedy Gonzales or if you are securing a kill on them. Fun way to annoy people is to CC round them, than if they break throw net on them. They can't break it and have to endure our DPS. Honestly though, I think it just comes down to practice and time. Given more encounters with sorcs and well anything in PVP playing as merc and you'll learn how to deal with them.
  4. I've thought about class balancing and have discussed it for a long time. I think its more than just Engi being overtuned/overpowered. It more so comes down to the broken design philosophy biosword has. Same reason Madness sorc is broken, it all boils down to 7.0s horrible design choices. I think there are some team members who do try and make the game better but it all comes down to the lead devs. They basically want a dumb easy game that anyone can play, but in turn made a game that no one wanted to play. I made a post end of last year, basically saying my 5 cents. Where PVP has suffered is that you take a game mode that already had a decent following and worked well enough, and you find out some way to make it worse. That is what 7.2 did, and to be honest all of 7.0. but regarding back to class balancing? Its multiple issues stacking on top of another. -Time to Kill (TTK) is currently too fast giving players zero time to react. -Overpowered tacticals making strong specs even more broken. -Everyone running 2nd Wind implant getting constant health regen -Pruning of abilities made PVP basically become dummy parsing as you use the same 4-5 button rotations over and over again. Classes lost a majority of their defensives, high mobility, utilities, and stuns. -No cap on premade size, letting players form meta comps to farm solo players. -Jug skank tank hitting massive crits for a spec that is supposed to be a tank not DPS. -Horrible Combat Style Trees, with some classes being able to stack crits and other passives while others are poorly designed and get terrible passives or are picking abilities they lost from pruning. The list goes on and on.
  5. The easiest solution is undoing class Pruning imo. Pruning is the source of all these class imbalances and undoing it makes it far easier to address what is overperforming and what is underperforming. By undoing pruning and bringing classes back in line with where they should be, PVP and the game as a whole will drastically improve.
  6. I want to bump this old post back up again rather than making a new post. I recently did a post asking what people wanted to see in 8.0. From what I could gather from here and on the Reddit was a lot of these common things being brought up. 1. GSF Revamp or Seasons, not surprising to me really. GSF has not had any real updates to it since I came back to SWTOR in 2017, I really cannot recall any updates the Dev's would have done. While I may not play GSF per say, I do support adding a GSF Season or a "revamp" to the mode. I know a lot of players really enjoy it, and I do think broadsword needs to look at adding more content. 2. PVP Revamp or new modes, Going to be honest. Broadsword dropped the ball MASSIVELY on their "PVP Revamp" back in 7.2, it felt so disconnected from what the actual PVP playerbase wanted. PVP needs some massive attention right now, the mode is just toxic beyond belief with 6 man premades farming solo Q's, and is just a massive mess that is causing the remaining PVP population to leave. But generally the main thing players want is actual Quality of life features to be implemented for all forms of content and bugfixing. Obviously they want a more engaging story than the current mando one, but I hope the Dev's can wrap that up soon and get back to the Malgus storyline that 7.0 was basically teased about since 6.0. This is my 8.0 Wishlist. First off, Class Pruning and removing player abilities? That has to go. Levelling a character is so boring and tedious. I have been levelling 3 alts; Shadow, Sniper, and Commando. Each one in a different place, Sniper is just now 35, Shadow is now 43, and my Commando is level 74. I can tell you how tedious it is levelling these guys. It is soooo boring and mind numbing. When you start a new character for the first 30-45 levels it is literally just you hitting the filler ability because you run out of energy/force because you literally have nothing else to use. In 6.0 and past, I never encountered this issue, Abilities felt nice at the rate which you could get them. For example, at level 35 my sniper would have entrench and shield probe. Guess what? I don't have those yet, I just unlocked series of shots at level 35, back in 6.0 I believe you got that at like level 15 or 17. So much of this game is just numb and boring because of pruning. I was in a VC with one of my Discord buddies and he said that the Space barbie players complained that the game was too hard and thus biosword pruned every class since space barbie are the ones buying Cartel Market stuff. Do I think its true? No I think it was just a poorly executed attempt at drawing a single player crowd into SWTOR by dumbing the game down to its lowest level, but in reality it made the core loop of the game so boring and repetitive ( a theme of 7.0) that no one liked it. 2nd thing, If I were to hypothetically say what the guiding principal of 8.0 is, I would want it to be class identity. Basically to simplify it, I want classes to have their own identity again. 7.0 destroyed and ruined it and basically made every class an absolute mess of what they are supposed to be. On top of this, I'd want every class to be useable in any form of endgame content, classes like Marksman or whatever. Players should be able to bring what they want without being held back by their spec. I'd want a rework on top of undoing all the pruning, to make classes feel unique. Burst or Direct classes would be reworked to actually feel like they do these consistent burst DMG outputs, nothing major, but they would lead up to these massive burst windows where they can chunk off an HP bar. For example, going back to marksman as i brought it up, Marksman would do this decent okayish DMG but when it goes into its burst window with ambush whoever is on the other side is definitely going to feel it. DOT Specs on the other hand would do okay ish burst with their abilities, but where they would be shining is with their DOTS. They would be the kings of sustained DPS on a target. You might say, but hey are classes not already this way? Yes & No. Class balancing is all over the place since 7.0, some specs are doing great while others are atrocious. I want to state any class balancing would be kept according to the way the Dev's had stated in their post here. I just want refinements so that classes are performing where they should be instead of this mess where it is all over of the place. I'd remove all these "Finisher" Tacticals and passives (UV blast, Ionic, Madness shock detonation, etc) these break the balancing of the game and need to go. 2nd thing, is that I'd remove the passives that change a DOT ability to a direct burst one, it goes against the idea of what DOT classes should be and it also is hard to balance around. Passives like Pyro making railshot a DOT, are the ones I want to see for DOT based specs, things that make the spec better at what they are meant for. Regarding the CS trees themselves, it should be reworked to have the following; 1. More tiers to help fill empty space for levelling. 2. Each tier should be themed on an idea DMG boost, Defensive, or utility. Do not throw Defensive and DMG in the same tier. Each passive option should be as viable as the other two to make sure not everyone gravitates towards the one option that is leagues above the others. 3. Modifications for the last two class abilities. My last wishpoint idea is a gearing revamp, mainly in regards to implants. I would like to see it changed to be more akin to 6.0 set system. Basically the implant vendor would now sell a crate or set of implants. These sets would be based off sets from 6.0 rather than parts of them. The concentrated fire set would be the actual full conc. fire set from 6.0 with all its bonuses. Basically all the implants would be combined into a two piece set that offers the full set bonus of its 6.0 predecessor rather than a single bonus. However in order to get the set bonus you would need to equip both implants, this means you can no longer run Second wind and one of your class ones for example, if you wish to run 2nd wind you would have to give up your class implant set and run both 2nd wind implants and run the full set to get the bonus. From here it literally works the same way it does currently, upgrade your pieces and once you hit the cap, it becomes half off for buying and upgrading for you legacy. I think this is nice in between ground of adding back the old set bonuses from 6.0, but keeping in line with the implant system. But first let me state something regarding this, First off I'd get rid off a lot of the junk 6.0 sets and not have them come back to this 8.0 idea. 2nd, Yes I am aware that some sets from 6.0 like force bound were claimed to be OP, if those sets were to be brought back they would be Reworked massively to be more balanced and in line. Share your thoughts, opinions, etc.
  7. Like the title says, What would you like to see the Dev's Change and or Implement if and whenever 8.0 drops. Given the current track record of expansions we probably wont see 8.0 till holiday of 2025, however given the current rate of updates and slow pacing of the story, 8.0 might not actually come out until 2026. There really hasn't been a confirmation of an 8.0 as far as i'm aware of, the dev's really only talked about planned content up to 7.6 I believe.
  8. Stating my 5 Cents here. Premades and horrible Matchmaking are both the issue. Premades because the MM to essentially give out and throw newbies and or solo Q's against a 4-6 Man Premade, which in turn leads to the issues players face today. Basically whenever a Premade Q's, the MM struggles to match accordingly, and in turns throws whatever at the wall and that's the team balancing. Another thing that occurs is that Premades abuse the MM system, by opting or leaving matches as soon as they come across another premade. I've seen it happen so many times where as soon as everyone spawns in, the premade bails. They don't want an even fight to fight another premade, They want to farm solo Q's for EZ kills and and to feed their egos. This is not even bringing up the fact that almost every premade nowadays is just number farming, they sabotage their own teams wins just so they can continue farming the other team. Regarding MM, my general theory is that there is just not enough skilled players to balance both teams out. For example, One team will have a mixed of new players and veterans while the other will be all new, or it will turn out that one team is all veterans and the other is all new. It can be easy to say its a premade on the other team, but in actuality its just because there is not enough skilled players actually playing to balance evenly. I know people memed on the Ranked Community leaving, but in reality the PVP community lost a vast majority of its skilled playerbase. This actually has some truth and merit to it, I've been on teams against premades where is was some highly skilled rando solo players (usually ex ranked players) and we were able to fend off a sweaty premade. This is very rare though, as stated in previous point. Regarding how many Premades are active, at least on Star Forge there are 3-4 that come to mind that are infamous for just farming players and being toxic beyond belief. Regarding a solution, its literally an Occam's razor deal, just limit premades back down to 4 for Warzones, and two for Arenas. The game mode even advertises for Warzones and i quote "up to four friends". The dev's clearly know that their 8 man premade idea doesn't work in practice, they just don't care about the PVP Community (or any community that doesn't buy their Cartel Market content). I also want to add an addendum that imo, I think Time to kill should go up. It is currently far to easy to push a team back into their spawn, I've been on the sending end and receiving end of it. By increasing TTK you do the following; 1. Premades have a much harder time farming players, increased TTK means that players will survive longer and have a better chance at fighting back. 2. New players have more breathing room to fight, and are not nuked the moment they come out of spawn. 3. It becomes much harder to push players back into their spawn and will actually punish players for trying to spawn camp as they cannot meet the DPS checks to keep the other team locked in. TLDR; Limit Premade size and increase TTK are my solutions to fixing Premade farms.
  9. The more it's said, the better. Though I doubt biosword will actually do anything, they've proven well nothing tbh.
  10. I'm going to cut to the chase, PVP is dying. This game mode which used to have a healthy population is literally on hospice care at this point. Recently I've been taking a break from SWTOR PVP and SWTOR in general and playing other games. I'm going to be honest, I regret coming back to this game. Like the thing is, back in 6.0 and past, I could play this game and have a blast. Now? Now, I just question my existence and why I torture myself. I honestly get in the mood to play SWTOR and want to have fun, than I boot up the game, play for like 10-30 minutes, get bored or annoyed by broken mechanics and than go do something else. Story of the 7.0 expansion in its entirety to be honest. There are three things that is ruining PVP imo; Toxic Premades, Broken Meta Classes, and lack of meaningful incentive. Regarding Premades, I play on Star Forge and there are some notorious players who shall remained unnamed but are well known in the community for leading premades and being extremely toxic to everyone else. What these players are forgetting, is that by doing this they are driving away players and killing the Q. I question who at Biosword though 8 man premades were a good idea? The experiment failed. NO ONE likes premades except for players who only play in premades to farm solo players. So like 5% of the PVP Population, while the remaining 95% are solo pugs. Basically the vast majority of players get to get farmed by premades because the Dev's literally don't listen to feedback at all, even though we have been reporting this issue since 7.2, so around 2 years now. Dealing with these premades is basically dealing with High School Drama, not to mention these players act like their in High school. I've seen people say Ranked was toxic, but trust me, it is NOWHERE I repeat NOWHERE as toxic as PVP is currently. Regarding Broken Meta, I've said it over and over, these three classes are currently broken. 1. Madness Sorc. 2. Ionic Engis. 3. Skank tank Jug. Biosword has done "Nerfs" to these specs but its honestly pathetic, can we get some nerfs to these specs? In fact lets talk about class balancing for a sec. Pruning imo ruined the flow of PVP and the whole game in general. In a sad attempt to babify the game, they took all the skill based abilities out, and left a bland experience in its place. Most of PVP is literally just dummy parsing, you do the same 4-5 button rotations over and over again until the player dies. There is no substance to PVP or classes in general anymore. I have preached over and over again that undoing pruning will fix literally almost every balancing issue and is the easiest way to do it because if they do, than it becomes just adjusting %'s here and there and adjusting Tactical's and implants. And incentive? There is none, at least of players like me who basically got everything they wanted. Season 2 and 3 of PVP at least had really good looking armor sets, 4 & 5 look like they should've been given to the GSF community. Sooo, if I got everything I wanted and the armor's are not that great, why do I want to PVP? Why do I want to subject myself to being farmed by toxic premades who no life this game 24/7 and ruin the fun for everyone? Why would I want to endure another Proving ground or huttball? If some form of ranked leaderboard or actual ranked mode existed, sure I'd deal with it, but there isn't soooo.... Point being of all of this, Why should we care about PVP or Q into it when it has all these issues that go ignored by the Dev's? This has been the same stuff over and over again for two years?! Yet nothing has been done to fix these issues. I come here into the Forums and the #1 topic I always see in the PVP section is Premades. The Dev's are aware of these issues no doubt, they just don't care to fix them. They'd rather put resources into the next Ahsoka Armor set for their Cartel Market. When this game's support is axed by the lack of players, and I want to state that Starfield of all games has more active players than SWTOR. Maybe take the declining population as a sign that players are not happy? Maybe take the recent frustrations in the unsub forum's that are popping up that players want MEANINGFUL Change! But hey, At least you can cover your armor in metallic gloss for 20$.
  11. I to this day, Think Killing off ranked was the biggest misstep this Dev team took (That and everything else they did that messed up and ruined this game in 7.0). Ranked kept PVP very healthy, Not only were ranked players Qing Ranked itself, but also unranked as well, so you had a steady population of PVP'ers. It kept players sub'd to the game, and was a great incentive to keep PVPing. Nowadays, I could care less, Why should I put time and Effort into basically just cosmetics? Not even good ones to, like Season 2 & 3 were actually really nice, but Season 4 and now Season 5 is absolute joke of cosmetics. I'm going to be honest, I played Ranked in the Post Season 14 time, to try and practice for Season 15. I barely encountered any toxicity, so this myth that it was just a dumpster fire is wrong. I played and everyone was pretty chill, and I even won a 2v1 on Orbital Station on my first match. I'm sure it could get heated, but its nowhere near as toxic as it nowadays. Literal mentally insane people start drama on Warzones 24/7, they no life this game and get into arguments with everyone. Sooo was it really that bad compared to now? The removal of flags and all the rewards given to ranked players was uncalled for, Musco or whoever lead that should apologize to the ranked community and undo it. While there is an argument of who win traded, who cheated, etc. At the end of the day, a lot of ranked players put time and effort into the game mode and for Biosword to undo all that hard work? It's a massive kick in the crotch for the ranked community. The PVP changes if they were to combat "Toxicity" are a joke. 1. The game has never been more toxic. 2. MVP for some reason has been removed, Why? I have no clue, maybe biosword didn't want other players to feel special more than others so they removed it. Srsly why though? I gave it to Tanks/Healers and players who literally played objectives and won the match. 3. Ranked was given the middle finger, same for its community, and any trophies/ Signs of prestige they had are now gone, because PVP is now a literal participation mode. Remember when Ranked PVP weapons were cool signs of prestige? Now they can literally be gotten by PVE'rs AFKing all matches. Compared to how ranked players had to put in a decent amount of time grinding and getting better at ranked to get them. Now I see literally the furious weapons rocked by Space barbie players nowadays and it lost all the prestige it had. Just a reminder that Season 15 of ranked was a confirmed thing they announced but than back tracked it because they didn't want to bother putting effort into their PVP community anymore I honestly Don't think PVP as a whole or this game as a whole tbh are going to get better, not unless different leads take over, or they actually for once start listening to their playerbase. Honestly the best thing that could happen is support is ended, and the Fans take over much like SWG and start implementing fixes themselves.
  12. I want to revive this topic, as I was thinking about why this game is so bad compared to where it was 6.0. I think the answer is over babyification or, like I stated in the post, dumbing this game down to the lowest level. The Dev's are trying to cater SWTOR towards these casual doesn't care about MMO's players, I.E the single player RPG crowd. The problem lies is that by trying to do so, they have removed any complexity or substance this game had. This game isn't an MMO with an in depth combat and story anymore, its Gacha Life. The Dev's drove off their loyal hardcore playerbase. Ranked players? Gone, Hardcore Raiders? Gone, The vast majority of casual players who enjoyed the previous incarnation of SWTOR? Gone. Look at the steam charts and feel pity, this game had a slow rising resurgence before 6.0 than drove off the players to babify it to cater to this crowd that does not exist. The Dev's insistence on their design philosophy without listening to what the players want is killing this game. This recent change to Conquest? No one asked for that but the Dev's did it anyway. Story of 7.0 right there. Dev's want to make a change, Players argue against it, Dev's said "Don't care lol" and do it anyway because they are in the right here, its not like we are customers paying 15$ a month to get a quality product. The best thing that the Dev's could do is revert back to 6.0 Systems while taking the few good systems of 7.0, and never touching it again. Work on the 1/2 hour story updates, and creating Cartel Sets for whatever show is going on, since that is all they seem to care about nowadays.
  13. It honestly sounded extremely off, Lana especially. Maybe its just the VA's getting older, or its been awhile since they do their voices. But it sounded extremely off to me personally.
  14. I want to state, I'm not surprised with this recent update. The hyped up Date Night, is literally just a 3-5 Minute Cutscene lol. Like I expected a tiny bit more, but no its literally a 3 minute cutscene. Sooo for those of you waiting for Vette or Kira date night, enjoy the 3 minute catch up I guess. Seriously is it too much to ask for an update with some substance in it, like anything at all? Even fixes for the game? I get they have limited resources, and staff. But they can still do some basic changes to the game or QOL stuff to improve it, The new Legacy GTN Droid is a neat idea they added, I still preferer going to my Stronghold and doing my business there but its a nice QOL of change. We need more things like this! More Stuff to improve the player Experiance. For me, I've stated time and time again but I think it rings true, 7.0 drove off a vast majority of the player base if not alienated it. Here is the quarrel though for SWTOR, 8.0 while not announced yet when it is dropping is more than likely a confirmed thing. 8.0 based on the previous track records of past expansions it would not be out until 2025, It would probably be announced spring of 2025 and be out for holiday that year. But the thing is, think of how many games are coming out that year including GTA 6, so why would people come back to a meh game when all these great games are coming out both this year and next year. I'm sure even other MMO's like ESO or WOW, etc will have some form of new expansion released. I'm going to be honest, I think I'm suffering SWTOR Burnout, the game just doesn't offer much to me. It ruined PVP, one of my new favorite modes I discovered many years back after mainly just being a story player, by letting Premades farm Solo pugs 24/7, horrible class balancing, and a lack of incentive for me to put up with playing huttball for the 298th time. One of the massive missed opportunities was using PVP seasons to draw in more players to play PVP and in turn perhaps getting more Players in the door for ranked PVP. Season 4 the last season was the last season I cared about and actually trying, this season not even bothering, the rewards look like something out of Anthem, and overall is just something they should've given to the GSF community same with last season, Who thought Pilot stuff should've gone to ground based PVP combat? Can we get things like these instead for an update? -Undoing Pruning -Better incentive for PVP, by adding some form of Ranked/ or a leaderboard system for those to opt into to get special rewards. -Fixing PVP as a whole by limiting Premades back down to 4 for warzones, and two for Arenas. -GSF Season, and or new reputation rewards. -New Operations -Nim Operations for older ones, including R-4 as well. -New Augments for Crafters. -Added Gear from launch back into the game (I.e something like the Justice Assault Cannon for example) or Like finally fixing Star Fortress gear so players can get Exarch bracers. -Rebalancing Gear and Implants, Like Nerfing Ionic and Second wind. -Cartel Market Sets that players actually want instead of this Cheap TV show knockoff content, Can we get Re-forged/Remakes of previous sets? Imagine a Reforged Havoc Squad set or a Reforged Tulak hord, or a Reforged Reaver (Darth Marr Armor) set. Those are literally Money sitting on the table right there, I know a Ton of People who buy the Havoc Squad set alone, its iconic to this game and would be a massive hit. Even than, More sets based on the 8 Class Stories, Enough with these armor sets that don't even look like they should be in the game. I find it amusing that people call us who criticize the game "Haters" and especially on the sub-reddit, Downvote us to oblivion. Than they get an underwhelming update like this, and complain that its bad, than the cycle repeats and continues. Look at the Steam charts, and in fact look at the games population as a whole, See how long it takes to Q into PVP matches or Q for GSF, or even Qing for something like a MM flashpoint. I think the biggest thing the Dev's can do is two things, one Do any of the following I have suggested above or as others players have suggested in other threads. Two, be more active in this forums and engaging with the community. Host a bi monthly Q & A, where us as players can ask questions regarding certain things in the game. It goes a long way in building their rapport with the community rather than this long periods of silence we get.
  15. I actually forgot to add, That PT/VG's Stealth Scan Accuracy debuff should be removed. It's broken being able to spam that out every 20 Secs. Honestly, What they should've done to stealth scan when they changed it all those patches ago is just increase its radius. I'd rather keep Accuracy debuffs tied to sniper with its diversion. I also seriously think they need to get to rid of the Sorc/sage Stun passive, Reduced cooldown and a 25% DMG Debuff to the target for 10 Secs? There is a reason that never came back at launch 7.0 but honestly I feel that the Dev's only really buff their favorite specs at this point. Agreed, I mainly just wanted in 7.0 to build off of what existed in 6.0 while fixing the issues. The problem is that the Dev's decided to reinvent the wheel and throw everything under the bus because they had their own vision of SWTOR should be. Fans pushed back and the Dev's ignored it saying they know what we want, and well declining player base speaks for it. I've stated it before but launch 7.0 should have just been removing Combat Styles from the classes, and later on in 7.0s lifespan they could add the 2nd Style option. You can tell they were in wayyy over there head. Just focusing on removing the Class tie would've been great for the Dev's focus and balance on one thing, than later get the time they need to polish the swapping system. Instead everything was rushed out, and now Classes feel like a Diet version of what they once were and their goal of making classes feel unique ended up making them all feel the same.
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