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How do we raid when 1/6 Kolto Injections fail to cast?


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I don't know for a fact that it is latency related however it appears to be something of the sort, due to the fact that if I spam a button 3-4 times the abilities normally goes off the third or fourth time it is pressed. However if I press it one press at a time slowly the ability triggers and casts visually but it does not actually work. The only other thing I would think that it could be is the ability starting to cast and then for some reason between the start and end of the cast the ability stops registering to the server as "casting or finished casting". Hopefully Bioware will look into it.


They need to. It's broken for me. Had too many close calls just on Heroic 4's. There's no way I can do hard modes.


My latency is about 120-150ish if it helps.

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I have had it happen once or twice, mostly when I was queuing other abilities in rapid succession, or hitting KI twice in a row, effectively cancelling it with itself.



I attribute it to either some degree of client or server side lag, or user input error.


I think almost all bugs that people are seeing are results of memory leaks and lag; both of which are (hopefully) easily fixed.




I definitely concur that it seems to happen when I am queuing a rapid series of abilities. My guess is that the inputs aren't being sanitized properly somewhere in the combat code, thus the animations go off fine etc. but the game skips over the result of said action. I expect this will be an easy fix and should be part of a patch ASAP.


Can't imagine BW doesn't realize the severity of this issue on end-game content etc.

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My Kolto Injection bug disappeared from my bug report. Are they trying to hide this?


Going to report it again.


This isn't just kolto injection. This is a general ability delay for casts if you rapidly press your buttons. It doesn't tend to happen on instants much but it's very noticeable on casted abilities sometimes.

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I'm sure a lot of people are getting this. I've seen it in another thread about Operative bugs.


I'm thinking we're not reliable for raid healing if we have a skill that has a chance of not casting. Too many things hinge on Kolto Injection, particularly TA. If Kolto Injection fails and TA falls off, we can't use Stim Boost (something we need up all the time), and we can't do Surgical Probe. It's also the strongest heal in the rotation, so if the tank is taking a good beating, can't rely on this to keep him up.


1/6 is about the average that I get. The worst consecutive times was 3 fails in a row where I was soloing a champion for a good 5 minutes when this got me killed.


Please share your report. Already had a "known bug" feedback with the bug submission.


The only time Kolto Injection failed in my case was after using stim boost without changing targets.


That was a bug, but this last days didnt happened anymore.

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I haven't seen it fail to cast. I've seen the animation fail a few times though.


But in general healing feels very clunky to me. Seems like there's a delay on abilities, and it's messing up my rhythm.


I've healed for years in WoW, but didn't think operative healing worked all that well.


I'll try it again and 50 and see what happens.

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