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Drakolich's Birthday Challenge, May 11th on The Harbinger

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Hey guy's my Birthday is coming up again and with how much fun we had last year with the Birthday Challenge I really wanted to do it again. There is one hiccup this year I have friends coming in from out of town to celebrate my birthday so were going to have to hold the event a few days after my Birthday this year.


My Birthday is actually on May 7th, but were going to do the event on May 11th from 8pm-11pm Eastern.


This year I'm giving you guys 3 whole hours, I'll be adding time if I get any disconnects.


Since I'm turning 30, your goal is to kill me 30 times in those 3 hours.


I'll be queueing Empire side on The Harbinger. I'll be in Gone Sithings mumble for anyone that would like to sync up queue's that way, you can also come taunt me in the mumble while chasing me on stream. You can also watch my stream to coordinate queue's just remember there is a 20 second delay.


I'll try to keep up the Lives counter again this year for people just watching, I kept getting confused at what the count was last year though, so I'll do my best.


For anyone interested in it here is a link to the thread for last years Birthday event, there were some creative ideas on how to kill me. :p



Just like last year:


Bonus points for the most creative kills! I wanna see some insane debuffs on me, the more the better.

Everyone is encouraged to queue in as big of groups as possible and to watch my stream while playing to find me easier.



- I have to chain queue for the whole 3 hours

- I have to respawn as fast as possible

- I have to queue alone and can't coordinate queue's with anyone on my side


Come wish me Happy Birthday with Lasers, Missiles and Railguns! Hope to see you there!!!!

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Based on last year, the best strategy is to have a couple of scouts herding him toward a gunship line.


More than that, though, it's ALSO important to play objectives. Map control makes it a lot easier to kill him.


Edit: I should be there for at least part of this. Happy belated birthday, Drakolich.

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Great fun, thanks for doing this again Drako.


Pulled out the T1 and T2 scouts, had some lockdown and Shield to engine fun, and even had a surprisingly good time with the minelayer. Even had a few moments of, "Wait, I should try to fly bomber Drako style and try holding two sats at the same time." I'm not as good at it though.


I remembered to stream some of the games, though some are missing bits at the start.

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What a fun night! Sounds like everyone had fun chasing too!


Sadly I failed my challenge with everyone getting the 30th kill 2 hours and 12 minutes in. (Under last years rules I'd have still won :p )


Thanks to everyone that came out, I couldn't believe how many games in a row I was hitting multiple premades, with the lack posts I was wondering if this was just going to flop and no one was going to show up. You guys didn't disappoint though, so many people showed up!


We had plenty of viewers too, seemed like a lot of people like watching me die! (Who knew :p )


I'll be posting every game to my YouTube account so you guys can check them out, I'll post a link in this thread once I get them all uploaded.

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