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Lots of juicy info from Unnamed SWTOR Podcast from NY Cantina Tour


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There's far less stuff to clip at the front than at the back. Just look at all the gigantic Trooper/BH backpacks and jetpacks, assault canons, rifles, sniper rifles etc. Nothing comes close to this at the front


Then again, Twi'leks weren't supposed to be a playable species for the Trooper and BH. ;)

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You would think for such a sizable amount of information there would be someone that could verify it, either from BioWare or more likely, another Cantina attendee?


Considering they specifically mentioned this was NOT said publicly at the cantina event, I don't see how others could confirm. And considering BW doesn't come into threads to confirm massive amounts of info coming up in a future release, I'm not at all surprised they haven't responded. I don't take their lack of response as confirmation of what is in this thread, but I don't take it as a sign that it is false either.


It's fun to speculate on the information and nothing more.

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So... its been a few days and there is NOTHING to verify what has been said in the OP.


Smells like a troll post to me.

Musco talked about it on Snave's stream, didn't say "yes each point is 100% correct direct transcription" but he did make it rather clear it happened, as some loose confirmations during unnoficial part of Cantina chit-chats.

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A very, very young tradition, mind you. None of this two-thousand year old traditions like we abandon knowing better every day. But I digress...Should a work of what is arguably art always conform to such expectations invariably? Is there room for advancement, for evolution, especially where those changes can be for the betterment of the players? Nurturing some behaviors isn't always a good thing. Thanks for your response.


I'm quite into independence and cooperative social play, but I am not into bonding myself to just any random stranger.


There are other models of cooperative play than grouping and those models work well.


Further it is not terribly difficult to mechanically calculate the effectiveness of either an individual or group with an algorithm that will return a value, call it a power variable, which in turn can be fed into a flashpoint, an operation, or an instance and refine the difficulty of that, and also inform the loot/drop table(s) fittingly. This power predictability is especially true in SWTOR which is heavily reliant on gear, builds, and buffs and will be moreso when 3.0 (thankfully*) rolls out.


Granted, some puzzles will require more than one player, although those may be addressable (if it would be really worth the doing for such rarities).


Otherwise, as you may see, I haven't yet a compelling reason to recant my position. Or was there an argument I missed? Can you think of a problem I have overlooked beyond "It ain't broke don't fix it**"?


* I assert 'thankfully' because I think the predictability of the power quotient of a group or independent will facilitate some wonderful solutions and usher in new content.

**Were this the ruling mantra of mankind we would be hunting still with flint-tipped sticks for all our short brutal lives.


Advancement and evolution can be a good thing, but there is no guarantee that it will be. Look at the games being made today in comparison to their forefathers. A lot of people do think that games have advanced/evolved wheras I in many cases think they have devolved in all but graphics. A few examples:


-Bioshock series: While the new entries are certainly enjoyable and contain nice ideas and beautiful settings and artwork, they lost all that made their predecessors-System Shock 1+2- great. There's no more fear of dying, plentiful resources(compared to SS1+2), no more skill system and classes, etc. They've been utterly stripped of their survival rpg nature.


-Elder scrolls: Watered down considerably since Morrowind. No more meaningful choices and professions. Play long enough and you will invariably end up as a god who can do everything at once.


-Deus Ex: DXHR is a good game in its own right IMO, but it was also stripped of a lot of things that made the original game a masterpiece. Same problem as with Elder Scrolls, less level complexity, regenerating health instead of a localized damage system, no more skill points, no more finite resources, automated takedowns that even stop time as the animations play out instead of actual melee weapons you had to aim at the right spot, etc.


-Resident Evil series: devolved from a challenging survival horror game into a shoot 'em up.


-Bioware RPGs: Aside from the ME series, that was great for its creation of a somewhat believable universe with a great system of choice and consequence(that was thrown away with the end of ME3) the last good entry was DA:O IMO while BG2 was their last true masterpiece.


I could probably go on and on, but I hope you can see why I'm very sceptical about evolution when it comes to games as it -to me,that is- too often translates into watering down complexity and freedom of choice for the sake of buzzwords like "streamlining" and "improved accessibility".


When it comes to MMOs I like the fact, that some of the content can only be completed in a group that communicates and coordinates. I'm all for giving you the possibility to solo content to experience the story, but not at the cost of trivializing things or taking away a high amount of development time that could've been spent on creating new and challenging group content.


I can also see your ideas working in a MMO that was conceptualized for them from the get go, but changing a MMO that adheres to the traditions of group play and the trinity(at least when it comes to OPs) midway would probably drive away at least as many players as it would make happy.

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NPCs possibly to "fill-in" for missing group members


Kinda like Guild Wars?


You could hire mercs to go out questing with if you had no friends (like me) and still have a full team. They were great, they didn't talk to me. I liked those mercs.


And no cross server queue for pvp but something better .... so i'm still going to have long queues then, gotcha.

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