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  1. I was among those who frequently complained about the lack of even the slightest amount of challenge, so they could've potentially made me a very happy player with this change, but as is typical for BW, they can only adjust things to the extremes. I'm at the chapter II jungle fight and there is no way my sniper can handle that. Either the lvl 1 comp is swarmed and dies within seconds, or I do. Even if I use all my DCs, heroic moment, unity and every other trick in the box, I get hit for up to 30k all the time and yeah, the massive lag doesn't help either. If they implement a new difficulty, that is selectable from the start, I'd expect it to be possible to master with the comp they give me for it and high end gear from the last expansion on any class. My hope was, that the difficulty would be around the level when I was playing for the first time, running around in greens, but this is just frustrating (and expensive).
  2. He is! SirCopperfield is a living legend when it comes to MMOs and gaming in general. You should feel honored to be playing the same game he is...heck you should feel honored to live on the same planet as him!
  3. I can understand your personal frustration OP, but at the same time I can't say that I'd wait in line just because you're standing there. If I saw you, I'd most likely shoot you a group invite, but the moment you declined it, I'd focus on putting an AoE on the mob's spawn point the second it appears. Players can't read your mind or scan your body for illnesses through their screens.
  4. I don't think it's the bad reviews(I don't even know if there are any) that pose a problem. It's the reputation this game seems to have with many (MMO)players. Whenever I tell someone that I play SWtOR, I get a reaction like "Huh, is this still around?" or "Didn't this go F2P right after launch?" Some of those persons were subscribers when SWtOR launched, but they all left in the first great exodus and never looked back.
  5. Indeed, being scaled down to a given planet's level is something for us lowly plebs, but it's certainly not befitting a gaming legend like yourself. So I'd like BW to take one step further and leave the downscaling as it is for all but SirCopperfield.
  6. A better question would perhaps be how many hours of gameplay we get initially as the lengths of KotFE's starting chapters varied a lot, but then again, devs are known to inflate those numbers as well.
  7. We didn't kick him. He just waited outside so we could summon a comp. Well he was the only one below 65 and below 208 - 216 gear. We wiped 2 times in the last phase of the fight where you gather at the door and nuke the boss. It just took too long to bring him down and he was both times left with about the same amount of HP. So we figured that it had to be a DPS problem and the guildy was the most likely cause. With lvl 65 Jaesa we did it in the first try.
  8. Did LI HM today and it's badly balanced for players below 65. We had to switch said player out for a lvl 65 Jaesa DPS to beat the last boss.
  9. Same here, I don't use any of those outlets..hell I don't even have a FB account.
  10. That won't help him with the HM though assuming he's also gunning for legendary. Just completed it in HM myself and can confirm that killing him outside of the fire did count for my whole group. So make sure your group is aware of the bug and get him out of the fire once he is low on HP.
  11. That's no prediction..I'm afraid it's certainty...and I'm not sure I can take it anymore....
  12. Cross server queues wouldn't improve waiting times for HM FPs much IMO, as the ratio between tanks healers and dps should be about the same on each server. It would definitely help PvP and GSF though, especially on low pop servers. As for HM FPs, I think the only thing that might help is altering the group composition to accomodate for more dps per group or make it worthwhile for tanks to queue solo by offering special rewards.
  13. This reflects my own feelings towards this game perfectly. I'll not continue paying $15 a month just to access old group content that has grown more than stale by now. And I'll certainly not continue paying for an hour of mediocre(compared to dedicated SP games) story when I can get so much more by buying a new single player game or expansions like the TW3 ones.
  14. I haven't come to a final decision concerning my 2 65's, yet. But I'm going to delete my 50s as soon as they've reached that lvl. I only have one slot for the 50s and each of them will have rushed through the game to make it in time, so I feel no real connection to them.
  15. This one takes the cake so far: Depths of Manaan Tank complains about the healer from the start although I can see no problem and nobody dies in the first boss fight. Tank rushes ahead of the group and into the passage with the terminal for the bonus boss. Tank clicks it before healer can make it and shuts him out. Tank dies and complains about "0 heals"... Healer quits Requeue.... New healer is on his way to us. Tank engages a group of enemies before the healer is with us, dies, complains yet again about "0 heals" Tank quits Back to waiting...
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