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What mouse / keypad / hardware do you use in SWTOR?


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I use the Razer Naga Epic MMO mouse. After getting used to using my thumb for the quickslots (default setup) I could never go back to playing any other way. You can program it any way you like though. Another poster on a different thread mentioned he considers the game unplayable without it and I agree. It's increased the immersion and enjoyment of the game dramatically. There are cheaper options, but get some kind of MMO mouse with the 12 thumb buttons on the side.


I also use the Razer Tarturas Keypad/thumb controller. I'm partial to using my left thumb for character movement from console gaming. I have the buttons above and below the thumbstick mapped to the autorun toggle and map respectively. I rarely touch the keyboard, just to type for chat mostly. Everything I need is mapped to the keypad and mouse thumb buttons. With the modifier keys CTRL, SHIFT, and ALT I can activate 48 character or companion quickslots with my left pinky and right thumb. You need to go into the preferences to keymap the additional quickslots. With additional identifier keys you could potentially map all 72 quickslots with a left finger and your right thumb.


I've been playing with this setup for a couple weeks now and I am still fine tuning the keymap layout on the keypad since I don't need the usual WASD keys. I will post when I've have something that I think is workable. I've been leveling up a Smuggler/Scoundrel as a healer. I'm trying to keep the same basic template between characters with slight differences for classes if necessary.


There is a bit of a learning curve in all this, but it soon becomes second nature and very instinctive. Much better than taking your eyes off the screen and fumbling with a keyboard. I originally got into gaming with flight simulators back in the day and had a full Thrustmaster Hands On Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) setup and it made flight sims so much better. That's why I decided to fork over the extra money for some good MMO controllers. If you are a serious player I can't recommend these hardware upgrades enough. I've only used this setup for SWTOR but I'm sure it would help in lots of other games as well.


Happy Gaming,


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Because I am getting old and have a tendency for mild carpel tunnel with my right hand, I use an Evoluent VM4R mouse. For anyone with hand/wrist issues... I highly recommend it. You just need to get the right size for your hand, and you can have wired or wireless. No more hand/wrist pain or numbness.. so it's awesome. The best vertical "handshake style" ergonomic mouse on the market atm IMO.


Keyboard is the stock keyboard that comes with my Lenovo Erazer X510. It's very much gaming friendly, and excellent quality all around. The mouse that comes with it is excellent too... but because of my carpel.. I gave it away.


The X510 cuts through the game, performance wise, like butter. Been very pleased with it.

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