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  1. The idea of a "timeframe" to redo things that many long-time customers have done so so many times is pathetic. This isn't daily missions in something like the Gree event, this is leveling new characters, running all over the game, regrinding crew skills, revisiting a bunch of areas, etc, etc, etc, all just for the sake of throwing something at the players. Bioware's "delete a character or start over on a new server" level of answers to various concerns from their players/customers... also absolutely pathetic.
  2. Better question -- who the hell thought a "leveling event" was a good idea, given all the issues that posters here have immediately presented with the concept?
  3. So what? It's an event that can't be done with existing characters, requires many players to buy slots or delete characters or start over from scratch on a new server, and pushes players to blow through or skip past story and character content despite the game's supposed renewed focus on story and character.
  4. ^ That's the retroactive, in-setting explanation made up after the fact so that Han doesn't sound like an idiot. The real-world behind-the-camera explanation is that George Lucas couldn't be arsed to do 30 seconds of research on what a damn parsec actually is. On the subject of Tattooine, I thought that we were visiting during the sandy season. Really, Tattooine only has 2 seasons -- sand, and more sand.
  5. Well said. If this is the "new, non-chapter" content we were told about... then it comes pretty close to outright deliberate dishonesty.
  6. Oh, this one is just priceless... Another basic Quality of Experience improvement turned into a purchasable unlock. EA/Bioware, you never cease to amaze us with your ability to "service" customers.
  7. Anyone with high Cartel rep should feel a great sense of exclusivity and accomplishment for having bought lot of CM packs and rolled lots of dice. :p
  8. Only characters created after the event starts count. If you are out of open character slots, you have the "options" to buy more slots, delete characters you've put effort and time and in-game resources into, or start from scratch on a new server.
  9. No confusion here. People are defending the event requiring a massive repeat of old content by claiming that this is no different from redoing an Ops or FP multiple times -- which utterly ignores the total disconnect in scope and scale between redoing an FP or Ops that lasts less than an hour and gives an immediate loot payout of some kind... versus leveling multiple new characters across weeks of gameplay, just to get a pittance at the end. It's not unusual, human beings are often terrible with scope and scale.
  10. And then they drop a summer "event" that's both devoid of story and devoid of new stuff.
  11. Might want to check out the threads regarding the summer "event" while you're here.
  12. Yeah, that about sums it up. I have existing characters I like to play. I'm not even doing anything in KotFE, and yet here I am, still subbed, still doing this and that on my existing characters, puttering about in dailies and heroics and so on here and there, going back and putting some more progress on the two class stories I haven't finished, whatever. I have at least one of every class and multiples of the classes I like. Telling us to delete characters and encouraging us to binge content in a "story and character" focused game, while at the same time pimping KotFE on the basis of "great Bioware storytelling"... telling us to go start from scratch on another server... telling us to buy character slots on top of our subscriptions... that's a good way to drive off some of their otherwise most reliable customers. The fact that by intentional design we've been given an "event" that absolutely excludes existing characters has to be one of the most perplexing and exasperating moves ever made by Bioware, and that's saying something. And Eric's proposed "solutions" are insulting nonsense.
  13. Do you see the difference between "development has ceased" and "they're not making content that I'd be exited about"?
  14. Welcome to the SWTOR forums, where "you're a stupid whiney baby so your argument is invalid" is a standard "debate tactic".
  15. You're making a very sweeping statement there -- perhaps assuming that other people share your motivation. Personally, I don't care how rare something is, I only care if it looks right for the character and can be made useful for that character in terms of stats and so on. It wouldn't bother me a bit if there were multiple ways to get every item that ever existed in the game.
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