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Time To Vote For Your Guardian Class Representative!


Who should be your Guardian Class Representative?  

335 members have voted

  1. 1. Who should be your Guardian Class Representative?

    • Grallmate
    • Raynd
    • ssfish
    • Andrew_Past

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Hey everyone!


Based on the nominations that many of you made in your nominations thread, the poll above highlights the top possible candidates to be your Class Representative. This poll will run until Monday, July 29th. At that point whoever has won the poll will be your new Class Representative! Around that time I will also post the schedule for each AC on when they will be submitting their top 3.


As a note, if for some reason you do not see someone who was nominated in the above poll it could be for a few reasons:

  • They declined the nomination.
  • They never responded to the PM to confirm interest.
  • They were never contacted as only the candidates who appeared to have a few nominations were reached out to.
  • They have a forum account which is suspended.


Again, please vote in the poll above by Monday, July 29th. Good luck everyone!



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What exactly is the representative going to do?


What will their job be?


How will having a representative help?


Explanation here.


Basically, the class rep is going to be a community aggregate for the issues affecting the class the most, choose the 3 most pertinent questions to ask the developers concerning those issues (1 PvP, 1 PvE, 1 wildcard), and then get responses to those questions from the combat team.


This will help because, historically, the community team has completely dropped the ball on getting class balance/performance issues to the dev team while simultaneously providing feedback *to* the community concerning said issues. At worst, we'll at least get *responses* from the developers concerning said issues, which is more than we currently get (Musco has stated that the dev team will *respond* but we aren't necessarily going to like their response since it may disagree).


Basically, it's going to facilitate something like a dialogue between the community and the combat team when there's really been nothing *close* to anything like a dialogue historically.

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It looks like it will be a non-issue given the early returns, but I would really rather see either Andrew or Grallmate get the Guardian spot. If folks think I would be a good representative for our combined advanced classes, that vote would be better served on the Juggernaut boards.
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AndrewPast was partly responsible for the speed buff that vigilance/vengeance received.


You should remember that when considering your vote.


It comes down to this:


Grallmate represents the knowledge and interests of the Guardian tanks.

AndrewPast represents the knowledge and interests of the Guardian DPSers and PvPers.


I'm sure both would be able to provide adequate focus to the skill trees they're less vocal about. However, you are right about AndrewPast and his role in the vigilance 15% buff. That can't be forgotten.

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Kitru you were the first person I thought of for a nomination. Thanks for all you do for the community.


Best wishes to the candidates!


@EricMusco you should supply links to profiles of the candidates next time.

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