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How to entice healers back into the WZs?


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Have a Seer and Sorc healer, fairly equal gear now - I still enjoy healing in warzones. Gear makes a big difference as I can now kite and escape alot of single attacks but focussed attacks by several players and I will go down quick. I tend to pug alot and although a survive more, it doesn't mean I heal more (I run more).


I would say I have a guard put on me about 10% of the time.


As a healer I would like target markers removed from pvp (but I know its not going to happen).


I would love my team mates to look out for me a little bit more. Perhaps not leaving me to escape multiple dps attacks when I have just been obviously healing them.


Not to leave me alone protecting a capture node when there are no other healers in the group because they are so focussed on pew pew...and then ignore me when I call them back.


I have had some great pugs though of people who work very well as a team

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