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  1. Merry Christmas Sam. May Santa bring you a new game this year that caters to your life of solitude and rejection!
  2. Post above was from 11.10.2012. So for a year of your life you have played a game that has only gotten worse according to you and has no good PvP? Makes sense lol. You say up there, your premades were full too, SO YOU DID PREMADE AT ONE POINT . So just because you couldn't get on a team or find friends in 13 months, you expect an MMO to cater to you. There is a point even if you neglect to read and see it. It wasn't intended just for you, though I use your example in it. It's fine though, seriously. You are entitled to complain and whine minute by minute about a game you can not control. You give a lot of excuses about not being able to form a group yet you can't peel yourself away from these forums even for a second so you have plenty of time apparently. I am willing to bet I know why you don't have any friends in game just by reading a handful of your posts. I realize you sigh because you haven't moved in 48 hours. Good luck to you too and thanks for the wishes. I do hope you find what you are looking for too. On a serious note though, all gamers should play a game they love. You know it's not here so my point was, why are you?
  3. Still, doesn't Solo Q ranked at least appease to pugs? If EVERY solo star or pug did as they were intended to do, Q solo ranked, then wouldn't it be MUCH harder for any guild to accomplish Queue synching? You will get a few who still manage to pull it off, but if matchmaking works as devs say, wouldn't that eventually get harder and harder to do? Queue synching is a big problem, I agree...but MMOs tend to evolve and while Queue synching happens now, since a handful of people Queue, do you not think it would cease to exist except in a rare instance? Hard to analyze the data when there is no data available to analyze. Not poking at you by any means Helig, but when I come back at a poster concerning ranked queue, all the premade haters just dodge my questions or they give an excuse about queue synching. Thing is, people are being selfish and want it their way. Problem with that is that it's EA's way or no way. I say this without any intent of bashing the game or coming off as a fanboy(cause I'm definitely not) but it's time for people to help them out. They don't respond anymore so it seems bleek and since there is no sheriff the crowd goes nuts, but I do believe they are reading. It's got to be hard to go through all the threads here and every time they open their mouth, they are interpreted wrong and so what's the point? They won't say anything that will make everyone happy. I used to think they should speak more too but not with how the people here can be and plus they listened in the past and it backfires. Ranked 8 was a flop, arenas are a flop, solo q is a flop, so what is left? If they mess with reg WZs, they could end up killing what's left of their own game(PvP anyways) We all know they suck at this aspect(PvP) of the game. Sure they can write awesome stories but they have no clue on where to begin with PvP and to me, it's because they get jerked around so much, they are just shooting in the dark. Take this premade crap for instance...they gave the game SOLO Q for people that hate premades. People have been asking for it forever. So why don't you solo people do it? Queue sync can not be the only reason and if it is then you have no reason to complain about premades in warzones. They gave you the only option they can afford to do at this point. My opinion, they underestimated how many folks liked objective based gameplay vs deathmatch based on this forums constant bickering. You have this guy, UncleSam, necro every post who claims to be a founder(as if this holds any meaning) and here since launch right? He hates premades in Warzones right? So why doesn't he Q solo ranked? He has no reason not too. When asked, he avoids the question and just spouts off "ERMERGHERD BLAH BLAH SOLO AHHH". Again, I know Queue synching is the easiest excuse to give but it's because people are not trying. Just look at his post below: He has a fully geared 55, so double you tee eff? These people are the problem, not premades necessarily. I will admit that premades do have their own issues with ranked 4 mans and their avoidance of them due to people hating arenas, or FOTM comp teams, but these threads all discuss one thing, premade vs pug/solo not why premades are IN warzones. Easy to say that premades get their jollies off on crushing people, and I'm sure they do. I just don't think that's the ONLY reason there is no ranked activity... I feel like this concept is not hard to understand but Unclesam over here is just hell bent on his own cause that I don't even think he knows what he is complaining about anymore. He's just lost it after being here for 2 years. I've seen many supporters of this game snap and go crazy during my time in this game. It's easier to unsub and move on. I'm not advocating to unsub, it is however, what I've done. I don't feel the need to start 100 threads to discuss why either. It only hurts the game I've loved for 2 years and doesn't do anything for anyone. I want this game to succeed and I want it to improve. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not feel the same way once they reach a certain point.
  4. Pugs use the force while premades use VoIP! That's exactly what I am doing as of today/tomorrow. I hope the PvP in this game works itself out better for everyone but after 2 years, I don't have much hope for it to improve. Best of luck to you.
  5. I still don't see how one having a sack or not determines their entrance into ranked games. Girls can not compete? On a more serious note, I get your post more now. Your explanation makes more sense and that is what I was curious on what it is you actually meant. Instead of being clear, you routed to silly banter about sacks and hard-asses...you want to talk about the community in PvP and act like you aren't part of the problem but you are. We are talking about regs and even deeper we are talking about a video game...people like you take things to a whole new level of serious buisness and while your point is understood your delivery is ridic and adds nothing to the topic(granted this is a spoof thread ). Yet, here you are spouting off about sacks. Regs are wear you learn and practice...regs are wear you blow off steam and enjoy yourself...regs are for everyone. You don't like the way they are yet you participate in them and then complain when you have friends to do ranked with yourself. So what is really the problem ? Do you not liked ranked arenas or something?
  6. The problem with this statement is that the correlation in having a sack and ranked games doesn't really apply. Limiting ranked to arenas only has torn this game apart even more. If 8 man RWZ were still available(though no one did them at the time in fear of being crushed and thus a vicious cycle of premades in WZ has come around again), I believe things may be better but ultimately not sure. They didn't really try to have them together to find out so we have no way of being for sure. However, statements like this just do not make sense. It would be like me saying, "hey pugs...learn to be social and make friends". Is the problem really that they can't make friends or aren't social? If so then
  7. there is ranked 8 man games again? please link or maybe I am misinterpreting what it is that you are saying here...
  8. Oh I agree in that solo q is pointless on most(all?) servers(I was sort of going for irony with a few of my posts). And you are right, it was more of a theory of how the game could be handled and maybe what the intent of the devs were(who knows as they don't comment much). I personally think this game has something out of place I just can't label what the problem is with it, even though I have and do enjoy playing it. It all seems very sloppy once things are released and the community here takes advantage of it any way they can. Hell, that's a lot of games and their communities, gamers break games and devs fix and update their software accordingly. I'm just used to the devs coming up with some sort of solution whereas here anything seems to go and no plans for resolution are ever relayed from the devs to the community. I don't believe any one person truly has a way to fix the issue and imo and no sub should have to even figure it out. Devs should review what happens in their game and act accordingly to make things better and enforce it. Maybe they do, I just don't see it happening myself. Anyways, thanks for the modest response and best of luck to you. Today is my last day I'm able to post on forum posts and though there have been many contrasting ideas, I only came across one person who seemed to argue with no intent of actual conversation. I read one of your post from earlier and see you lost some long time friends/players this month. I'm right there with them but I do intend to come back as soon as new thing are released Thanks for taking the time to comment back to me and take care!
  9. Regardless of low PvP populations, it's the only option available intended for those who hate going up against premades in regs. If, by the logic of people who hate premades but insist on playing only regs, did q for solo, then it would discourage Q sync from happening...matchmaking could actually work...and it would include more people available in the solo Q pool of players. It's easy to sync up currently for ranked solo q because there are so many solo reg stars who refuse to do it. Imagine if all of these "good" players(only quoting the word because everyone says they are good) did go for solo ranked, wouldn't you think it would be better all around for everyone.. Pugs included too I mean The teams in solo ranked would be more diverse, people would get tired of losing their precious ratings by q syncing and just start taking their Q as was intended rather than dropping Qs, and pugs can have their regular warzones back. Q sync hasn't always been a "thing" but you are right, with small populations it's going to happen. It's unavoidable at this point until EA does something in the code to make everyone happy. It hasn't always been like this but it is how it is now and there are only two options: Work with what you have or move on. I could go as far to say that if solo stars would Q for solo and leave regs to actual regs, then those who are abusing solo q by syncing may even decide to form up their own teams again, out of frustration from so many "bads"(as they would put it lol) entering their sacred/safe abused solo Q. Reason so many people do Q sync is because it's so easy to do with no one Q'd for solo to begin with. Daily necro of posts going back 2 years and repeating the same stuff doesn't fix the problem for anyone, that's just my two cents. Thoughts?
  10. Yes, the OP is on to something people. Make friends and when in doubt or if you can't make any, just go into Solo Ranked Q as an alternative to the OPs solution. You avoid premades there as it's random who is on your team thus no more problem, right? Solution and backup plan in full force. Best of luck to all of you premade haters who have been complaining for 2 years yet remain friendless! The devs listened to you all and gave you your OWN Q, so GO USE IT!
  11. Do you ever do Solo Q for ranked? The devs implemented this feature to help ease the tension from players who insist premades are the devil. You now have the option to Q solo and not worry about premades. Is this why you Q for regs and avoid solo ranked, to achieve easy wins? Or do you lack courage, as you so put it?
  12. Q for solo ranked arenas and leave the pugs alone then. This is your own logic and you would avoid the premades you hate playing against yet you do not proceed to do anything about it yourself other than necro threads and try to change the game to fit your desires of play versus what is implemented currently. OPs solution is a pretty obvious one but apparently making friends in a social game for some is trying. Thus, they invented solo Q...
  13. Why don't you just Solo Q for ranked if you are tired of premades? You have posted in these forums since the beginning of this games existence. I know because I've been around that long too. You have to have a toon that can compete in ranked and leave the reg warzones to newcomers so they can enjoy reg warzones while "learning" the game you've been playing for 2 years. So why not just Q for solo ranked arenas? The dev silence on this subject proves, at least for now, that they are not going to be changing it any time soon. This is a serious question and in no way a "troll" post. However, I see your name in every thread concerning premades, saying the same stuff about premades over and over and over again... about them being afraid of competition etc but there is a solution in place for you already and that is solo q ranked. So why do you not contend there? Going off of what you said in your post and I quoted it for clarification, maybe you aren't a good pvper at all either? Or you like blaming premades for any loss you receive? Either reason equals Back on subject, nice ideas OP! To add to it, while I'd hate longer q times I'd be willing to go through with that for more equal grounds for all in match at this point. I do wish, however, there was more to do while waiting than mindless dailies. I guess there is that open world pvp thing but there isn't much of that unfortunately. As for cross faction teams, I'm not against it but it does sort of kill the underlining theme of Star Wars for me at the benefit of improving team diversity. Hard to say one way or another on that to me. If they implemented a character faction change series of quests one had to complete, I could see it making some sense in that regard.
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