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  1. It is beautiful to kill Sins using double-strike. 10/10, would recommend.
  2. I've already explained why I care about this topic but it doesn't seem to have penetrated. I can see this won't go anywhere, so I'm out of this debate for now. Cya. This exit post indicates how much I want your precious attention, btw.
  3. Casuals do perform less well... are you seriously going to try suggest that they perform better than a hardcore player? Someone else said that casuals have other things on their mind, they're studying while playing, or feeding a baby or making dinner or whatever. How can they hope to compete if they're doing these things? If I defeat someone in chess, do I say that they played better than I did? Only if I was a liar.
  4. Haha, I don't want your full attention. It's ok if you missed a post. I merely pointed out an error you made. Like I do to the casuals to help them improve.
  5. Why did you reply to the post I made to someone else instead of the previous one I made to you?
  6. Why did you reply to this post I made to someone else instead of the previous one I made to you?
  7. It irritates me when people say this because (apart from the occasional bot) human beings play this game. Humans are real and they're spending their time playing a game; therefore it's real life. This is not an illusion. We are not 'treating a game as real life' we are communicating with human beings. There's a difference.
  8. Ycoga


    BYE and enjoy F4! \o/
  9. If you're thinking that I don't always give everyone the benefit of the doubt, you're correct. If you think that I don't always have time for everybody, you're right. If you think that I don't bend over backwards to accomodate a person when our interests intersect, you're correct again. But if you think that I'm not interested in seeing people get the most they can out of any situation... you're wrong. And there are more people on the server than you and I, there is a population. And if that population becomes majority 'TV watching'... that ruins the game for everybody. Can you see the chain of events here? I'm excited by this topic because it's a very interesting study in crowd behaviour and also in consumer expectations. But I am not one to stand by and watch people be average without wanting to firmly offer instruction that will make them improve in leaps and bounds. That's why I'm not a basement dweller, btw. But let's get off this personal stuff, it's irrelevant.
  10. You're right, most of the scumbags prefer to prey on casuals in warzones in swtor. It's not ideal! Improve!
  11. I'm not basement dwelling. I judge players on how they play when I'm ingame, through observation and I assess their capabilites. I'm not special for doing so! Everyone does it, it's a part of human consciousness. So I'm not sure what point you're trying to make, except for the one that says casual players are semi conscious at best.
  12. I have a valor rating 100 character which means I've killed about 30,000 player characters in warzones (maybe 150k if you include all my other characters). When I see a post about how companions should not be nerfed, it makes me angry because I foresee a future where the most causal players ever play this game, and wander into my server at the same time I'm on it. Then I have to put up with these almost-robotic and simplistic players that I can tell have zero interest in learning the mechanics of their class, they're just there to pull levers like old ladies in gambling halls on the one-arm bandits. I'm here to tell you that it is BORING to kill players like you. You die so quick and easy that it's hardly worth my time to kill you. The only hope I have that you'll eventually IMPROVE is if you practice against an opponent that is even slightly challenging. To see a population sit back and 'watch TV' as their companions kill mobs for them... it's just sickening. I foresee top players leaving the game if it becomes too casual and easy-mode. Then again, on the other hand, you also get the 'rape train hordes' of pvp players that simply love eating weak players for breakfast. They're the only ones that will benefit from all the casuals. That's hardly a good thing, in my mind!
  13. Go sit down and watch TV if you don't feel like playing a game right now. Stop confusing TV with games in your mind!
  14. This game is not Farmville with Star Wars graphics
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