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  1. Zekiirah

    Premades in PvP

    I feel like there needs to be a rule about how often a topic complaining about premades should crop up at this point. This is at least the third new one I'm seeing (with one that got deleted) in a week, and I only check these forums maybe once every few days. I get it. I came back from a very long break from the game, super stoked to be PvPing again. Unfortunately, I learned rather quickly that many things had shifted in the several years since I had seriously played the game and its PvP. Number farming, weird and strangely super personal toxic behavior (I mean let's be real, that's PvP in general, but it feels like it's dialed up a notch now), and playing to win and doing objectives is now considered tryharding. Inherent PvP knowledge that I took for granted back in the day doesn't exist anymore: I can't trust that someone with the BiS gear knows that they can, in fact, taunt and not cause someone to attack them. I can't trust that they know how to call out, I have no clue if they're aware they can copy/paste "help inc W" so that they don't stand there with their pants down getting globaled trying to type it out. I've been cussed out asking players to consider taunting, to help their healers. I've been told "no thanks, I'm just here for rewards" when asking someone if they'd like tips. Things that myself and probably many other PvPers consider the basics are well and truly gone and not coming back with the current playerbase. I could count on some of the worst players to at least have a modicum of situational awareness before; now it's almost like many revel in their decision to play as average as they possibly can. If you flip that mindset to me asking people to take me along for a Master Mode operation without the proper gear, skillset, and boss knowledge, well, I'm fairly certain it would be taken as the negative that it rightfully is. There was a time when I was proud that I would solo queue as a healer. After returning, all it got me was being cussed out asking for help, absolutely no support from most teams, toxic crap from the other team if I dared to queue with a tank (you know, that class that's supposed to soak up damage for someone else, mechanically?) It was pretty gross all around. 9, 10, 11, 12+ mil damage taken, every game. Accused of ruining matchmaking if I went with a tank, accused of being in a premade when I'm solo, accused of anything under the sun when I simply display actual competency as a PvPer. It's like the playerbase wants healers to keel over the moment someone targets them, and if they don't, it's time for you to be their new verbal plaything. Healers are not in a great spot, and while I can kite and bob and weave and LoS like the rest of my good healer folk, it's not going to save us for more than a few seconds when a couple of decent PvPers pick us out of a crowd. I absolutely agree that premades are a problem - 8-man queue should never have existed. More probably could have been attempted to revitalize and detoxify ranked. I've gone up against some seriously rough matches by myself, and I just blow a kiss and keep on keeping on. There's nothing I can do about it, and quitting the match shows that it got to me, and I'm not about that life. But if we're going to continually have post after post about the state of PvP being solely due to premades, we really need to have a come to space jesus moment about why many players have them. Sure, some are there to dominate, number farm, be jerks and blow off RL steam, whatever, nothing you can do. But a lot of players, such as myself, got sick of being harassed, belittled, and tunneled with absolutely zero care from their team - the solo queuers who constantly purport to be the only victims. I got that harassment whether I was solo or not, didn't matter if I did a single thing to warrant it - I went in a premade that one time, I'm now the new target to players who have never personally met me (but who have most certainly benefitted from my heals in matches gone by.) I came to the decision that if I was going to be treated and supported poorly no matter what, I'd rather do it with competent friends on my team to cut down on the harassment and focus fire. Because you know what? Solo queuers are oddly quiet when a premade of a few players are helping them get their weeklies done quicker.
  2. C, you can always PM me if I'm around and I'll group with you ♥
  3. I read this part of your quote right after a loss in Civil War. The two people guarding grass were a Sage and a tank Shadow, with more than enough time between their CDs and Force Barrier to call out incoming. They did not, and called after both of them were dead and flying over our heads. I calmly told them they needed to call earlier than that, and then explained how to copy pasta an incoming message. Neither of them bothered to respond or acknowledge anything despite the absence of rage at them and the abundance of advice. Patience is very thin, indeed.
  4. I follow my own program I'm on The Ebon Hawk, though I'll have a random alt or two on Harbinger and Jung Ma still. TEH isn't quite as competitive as I would wish it to be at times, but it's overall a more comfortable atmosphere for me compared to Harbinger.
  5. That's very true! I myself am basically here to stay now. I think I'll give this a go soon. Not sure there's anymore input out there...
  6. I attempted to (though admittedly, that was maybe a few weeks ago?) and couldn't find any. I thought perhaps TEH just never had any when I got to around 8 or 9 pages of topics. It's unfortunate they had to be deleted, but if it has been a problem before in these forums, perhaps better not to make one. I'd like to start one, but I probably wouldn't update it more than once a week. And well, if it causes problems and the bulk of the PvP player base on TEH doesn't want one, I don't want to push one on the community needlessly.
  7. Oh? I've actually looked through various server topics with records and haven't seen anything of the sort in recent times. Only thing that came close was a Harbinger topic where it was more or less calm and collected discussion about not allowing a couple screenshots due to having been farmed. If folks aren't really interested, then that's that, but the overall atmosphere on these topics (that I've perused) currently do not seem to have any issues. Then again, I met a player who considered me super salty for saying "eh" after a loss. I suppose Ebon Hawk could be the exception with behavior if it suffers from a fragile mindset.
  8. Title more or less says it all. I'm still new to Ebon Hawk, and don't presume to understand or know everything about the kind of community that we have here. However, I'm still curious if players would want one, and if they would post on it. I guess I'm offering to create one. I don't fully main SWTOR anymore, so I can't promise an updated topic every day, but my OCD would make sure it was always correct.
  9. Heyyyyyyyyyyy Thaeus. I moved servers, so I'm not on Jung Ma anymore.
  10. Hey this sounds rea- Sorry. My WiFi DCed me. As much as I'd love to do any ranked, my WiFi is utterly unreliable these days. It'd be cool to see others take part in this, though.
  11. Thanks very much for the information and welcome, folks!
  12. Yeah, looks like that went away all of a sudden. Can they be this quick with the group glitch pls.
  13. Hi, I'm Zeki. I transferred from Jung Ma to Harbinger, and then from Harbinger to here. I see plenty of posts about people looking for guilds after transferring, but not all that many posts about what the server itself is like. Naturally, I could do my own research, and I have to some extent gotten info from friends who have been here a while, but it's always nice to ask folks on the forum anyway. 1. What is PvP like here in both regs and ranked? Are reg queues typically as slow as they've been the past several days, or is that more due to the group glitch as well as the start of ranked Season 7? I've already enjoyed the sweet blame-heavy nectar of salty, bad DPS in ranked, so that isn't something new, at least! 2. Holy RP, Batman. Are there a lot of community-wide RP events on the server, or are they typically inside of guilds? I'm not too interested in guilds right now, but would like to participate in RP. 3. Is there an Enjin or website that coordinates/posts specific TEH events? Is there a forum for roleplay? 4. What is the overall community like? I'd like the good and bad, but of course, no random guild mud-slinging. That I can eventually figure out for myself. 5. What is the economy like most days? I'm quite surprised to see how expensive MK-9 kits are here compared to Harbinger, and I am rather mystified with the insane prices of several armor pieces and sets. That's about all I can think up. I'm enjoying this server more than I did Harbinger, and have seen a lot of familiar faces around. Thanks for any info you can give me! ~ Zeki
  14. Zek-anlai: Arena (unranked) - Sage Healer - HPS & Highest Heal: http://i.imgur.com/CGZ5LVl.png
  15. I learned a while back that if you want help and respect (eventually) as a healer, you generally need to get cranky with your teammates. Being overly nice and forgiving just allows bad habits to continue. They LoS you? Tell them. They do it again? Tell them off. They complain about no heals? Tell them to stop tunnel visioning long enough to realize YOU cannot outheal a smattering of DPS emptying their burst rotation on them. I actually met a GS the other day who refused to so much as use his roll to avoid being ravaged by three Juggernauts. They'll get the picture eventually. Whether you get their vote or not, they have to be all kinds of stupid not to realize that their DPS numbers are higher because you bothered to heal them. Healing is intuitive and reflexive - you get better and better the more you practice (which I think you know already.) If the team doesn't act as one and get better gear, buy augments, and learn to punch a cooldown every now and then, that's on them and their scrawny behinds. My, I'm feisty this morning.
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