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  1. I call this thread a lie and I call Courtney a liar. There apparently is no Rob Hinkle. Or at least he is not working for this company. How else can you explain him being introduced without any kind of response from him? Considering how little Courtney and others at support do, I guess they fill their time with bogus threads like this. Probably so they can laugh at us when we take them serious.
  2. They don't respond to any kind of threads, so it's completely the same if he changes his thread title or not. After all making a response would demand someone with actual knowledge of PVP which EAware doesn't have any more.
  3. 1. It wont solve it but it will make it much, much better for PUGs. What you and so many others don't understand is the fact that players that like to PUG are not bothered by getting killed by better players. There will always be better players and I think we all can agree on that. The fact that bothers us is getting stomped by a team of players who have nothing else to do, continuously. They have and will play much, much more than we have or will. That's the reason they are called hardcore and we are called casual players. Our understanding of the word "play" differs. 2. Than why do you keep playing in a pre-made? Maybe to farm comms for grade 8 stuff? Or do you simply like owning others? I am amazed how much win/lose attitude there is among players. Maybe that is just a personality thing and you gals and guys actually don't know any better. Bet let's try ... having fun in playing is (or should be) the most important thing in playing! Not winning or losing. Sure, winning gets you a nice feeling and more comms, but is that all you care about? Is having your face planted in the behind of your buddy all the time, really the only thing you enjoy? I've tried premade group and while it can be fun while you learn the composition and team play, it can become like a work with the attitude it usually brings. It's the "we must win" mentality that has made me quit two premade groups so far. It's just too much like work and obsession. But this is just my experience, and it doesn't represent any other, of course. PUGs bring some chaos and unpredictability into "been there, done that" constant, repeating WZs. They are a group of players, just like a premade so please stop with this "its an MMO so premade is the only way to go" mentality and try to understand that separating yourselves and us is going to help you as well. You will not longer have to compete against bad teams. Unless that is the way you get wet (or hard depending on your sex) of course. You will no longer have to play unchallenging WZs. You will not longer have to play against people that just don't understand how the game is supposed to be played right (I really don't understand where you get he idea that playing in a premade is playing the game right). If the only way of playing WZs for you is premade, please feel free to do that. But allow us the same freedom to have an option to play the way we want it. In a crazy, unpredictable and chaos filled world that is called PUG.
  4. You don't exactly understand the problem. No one wants to nerf team work. We just want to separate any kind of "work" (it was your choice of words and very good one, I might add) from "fun". Many players find it fun to play in a random team against a random team. Many players do not want to do anything that resembles work or too heavy commitment and simply want to have fun. In losing or winning. With like minded people. Which you are not a part of. And that is also the reason to separate your play from mine. They are different.
  5. I wonder what would it take for someone in EAWare team to make some sort of official response to this topic? Probably big fat check is the only thing they are interested in. It has become one of the most important topics in SWTOR and yet they continue to ignore it and us. Or maybe they are just waiting for a chance to put the solution on the Cartel market. In any case, solution is sorely needed. The best possible one at this time would be to add new queue options and prevent anyone in group that has more than 2 players to queue for solo.
  6. You expect responses and communication from a team that is barely above competence level. You expect them to understand PVP and it's imbalances the way we feel them. You expect Joveth and the rest of them to be of any use. You, my friend, expect too much. I was once like that (prior to F2P launch). Not any more. The only thing you can expect from this CS or dev team are some wage promises and lots and lots of boolpoop statements. I don't understand how they earn their pay, I don't understand how they see themselves as professionals and I don't understand what will have to happen for them to realize they are as worthless as cheese holes.
  7. Prove it, Rob. We all know EAWare's employees are masters of promises. We rarely see those promises delivered. Start engaging in this forum's discussions. By yourself or by proxy, we don't care. We just want something out of you besides "you will be excited", because right now you sound like a drug dealer promising us a new "thing" and all we expect is that you will "stick one up there " as you usually do.
  8. Many of your points are reasonable and to a degree accurate. But you fail to see the whole picture. And we could swap such lists entire day and not get anywhere. Nobody wants an easy win!!! Being with a premade as a PUG is almost as bad as being in a PUG against a premade. Only that added feeling of win is what makes it better. And to many, that's not the most important thing, surprised, surprise. To explain that to someone who plays in a premade and thinks that's the only way to do it: we want better fights, not easy wins. Why are you playing in a premade that enters an ordinary queue if you know you will almost certainly be matched against a PUG? Want an easy win? If the answer is no, why is your premade in a normal queue? You have a separate queue for you and you are almost guaranteed a better fight there. Not enough premades? Make a thread that entices people to join premades, not a thread that criticises PUGs. Without PUGs you would get less WZs and let's not forget ... less easy wins. So be thankfull for PUGs. Playing the game in a premade does not mean playing the game properly. It's an MMO. Any kind of group is "playing the game properly". Which means you don't have to play with your closest friends or your favourite group to satisfy this game's mission. Try it sometimes, you will find an entire world of unknown people out there. Now, to explain to you why playing in a PUG is better than playing in a premade (which is the reason so many of us are doing it). Because it's much more fun. You know, opposite of work or "must do this". Playing in a premade (I've done it) feels like obligation. You have to be there, do that, don't do this and many times play differently that you like or are used to. That by itself is not so bad, it adds a feeling of belonging somewhere and doing something meaningful. Which, on the other side, can be the biggest problem of premades. It takes away all the drama and spontaneity of the play. It doesn't have that unknown factor that is so sorely missed from MMO games, where most of the things repeat themselves constantly. You guys have an entire separate queue for you. We don't.
  9. Hi Rob I have question ... do you and others at PVP team actually do any work? How do you gals and guys earn you pay? The amount of PVP balancing issues you've created in this past year is greater than the amount of balancing issues you've fixed. That is why I ask. I simply can't fathom why a company would need a PVP team if their work is so nonexistent in most cases and so ridiculous at times when they manage to do something. Do you devs all work on Cartel market items and can't afford any real work on PVP balancing? ------------------------------------- What’s the biggest challenge you have to face in your role? Receiving feedback from players, by far. When you’ve got players on both sides of a combat, one of them will win and one of them will lose, and no one likes losing. This can lead to emotional feedback, and we have to try to look at that feedback and get through any emotionally-driven comments to find what’s at the core of the issue. Even beyond that, almost every change we make will make some players happy and some players unhappy. We have to gauge the health of the game versus the health and happiness of our player base for almost every single change we make, no matter how minor it may be. ------------------------------------- Feedback??? Where??? Oh ... and one more question? Are you forbidden to comment on PVP forum?
  10. What you are asking is too much for them. First of all they don't have any to begin with, and if they would start commenting (which would be like a miracle in this game) they would only be able to show us their incompetence. Or they simply can't comment as there is no one in PVP dept. They've all been moved to Cartel market section .
  11. Obviously you care or you would not feel the need to answer her/him.
  12. I think the reason for not having more info is simple. They themselves don't know more than they have already said. The day ROHC was announced was the day they started working on it, imo. EAWare has seen huge success of Cartel market and decided to capitalize on it. So they promised something new, but something in a future in order to retain many players that will pre-order the thing. And they have succeeded in that. Now all they have to do is to "leak" some small pieces of info once in a while and still satisfy many SWTOR players, especially those that have already preordered and those that are thinking about it.
  13. I couldn't agree more! I don't want to appear as advertising Razer, so if there is any other mouse with so many buttons on it, it could be as good or better than Naga. Naga does have two buttons (next to left top button) that are almost useless to me due to their placement. But until you try it you just don't realize how much difference, having 12 buttons under your thumb really is. Especially in PVP where quick reactions are so important. For me it literally meant the difference between playing or not. Before Naga I was really frustrated with using 20+ skills which meant finding them on a keyboard, pressing 2 or more keys together in order to execute one skill and missing the intended keys due to the hectic environment that is called WZ. Now I use keys 1-6, F1-F12 and my Naga. No shift or alt keybinding, no searching for my keys (maybe sometimes with F9-F12) and no excessive mouse movements.
  14. Why would that make a difference? They made a "promise". And they did it several months ago. Not several years or decades. So ... in those few months they managed to bring low quality of their CS to even lower level. To level where it is almost nonexistant if you take this forum as a reference point. Has their forum usage improved in this time? No. They still think that the only subforum they are required to appear in is CS subforum. So, please tell me why shouldn't we point that out?
  15. We most definitely do need non-premade WZs. Playing a game should be about fun and being in a match you know from the start you will lose, is not fun. If individual quality was the factor, then premade Vs PUG would not be such a problem, as you can have many very good players on a PUG as well. But playing against a premade means you are playing against a team. Which PUG is not. PUG is a group of players and as such is not on the same level of play as a team of players. Just put those premade players into a solo PVP match, without their buddies, and the level of their play drops dramatically. I've sen that many times so far, and it makes me laugh every time. "Oh look ...he is completely lost when he has to do something without his buddies to help ". Having a more developed queue system is something that should not be so hard for the devs of this game. But since it has nothing to do with Cartel market, they don't care.
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