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Eraser / Ori-gin-al / Essassin here.


I was hoping to find some old faces from Valcyn and there appears to be. I had hoped that many of the people weren't spread out, but I suppose they are.


Should anyone know where Jun, Arox, Seska, Billy (Billy-Meds) or Caile landed....please let me know. I just got this today, so changing servers if I had to wouldn't be an issue.


I haven't seen Billy, Ordo or Arox around on a forum much since the SWG servers went down.


Caile isn't playing TOR atm, or if he is the little flatulator hasn't told me where he landed.




Its the primary reason why I rolled on a PvP server, for the world PvP events, otherwise the only place to do it is in WZ and Ilum, one is repetitive and the other is a slideshow.

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Valcyn Guild List


To help people find old friends / enemies I'll keep this list as up to date as possible, if you have a guild that was on Valcyn and will be in TOR or has a large contingent of Valcynites please post or PM the details and I'll add it to the list. I've added the ones I can think of immediately, will check through the old threads for more and add them.


13/12/11 - updated list with server allocations.


Imperial Guilds

Dark Force Lords - Begeren Colony

db - Anchorhead

FHA (PvE) - Kaas City

FragHaus (PvP - Hedarr Soongh

GTB - Giradda the Hutt

NME - Mind Trick

Reign - Jung Ma

Sith Supremacy - not imported

Sovereign - Hedarr Soongh

UNK - Rubat Crystal

WOLFpack - Darth Bandon



Republic Guilds

Alpha Company - Jung Ma

Illuminated Blade - Canderous Ordo

ORB - Canderous Ordo

PURgE - The Swiftsure

RAGE - Canderous Ordo

RED Team - Vornskr

SyFy - Kaas City

The Galactic Alliance - Bondar Crystal


Time to update please ad the sites have gone...

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Well, I ended up on Jung Ma now. Saw some ACoys in War Zones. I used to love to hate them oh so much! But now they're not storm troopers. Maybe they like Rodians. Oh wait... I'm not a Rodian anymore.
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The original Jadin Na'deen checking in, first guild leader of CDF<Corellian Defense Front> on Corellia. 4 years later. I'm guessing most of the Valcynites are gone now. Any other former CDF members around? We were a huge guild, with over 100 players on Valcyn. Edited by sloftus
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Bloody hell, I've been away from the Star Wars community for far too long. It's so good to see all these old Valcyn names again.


It's Lirgo if anyone remembers me. :o I'm stuck on this terrible EU server and all of you are in the US servers.... :eek:

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