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Light side or Dark side story?


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This Thread is very old,I got it.But I'll still give my 2Cents,since many People seem to look for a 'Light / Dark Side comparison for the SW Story' .



First,the main Reason I rerolled a Dark Side Jugg,was because of Jaesa.



She's seriously,seriously annoying as a Light Side and I couldn't stand it any more.I played my Mara,100% LS and I used her (Yes,I pref DPS + DPS,I ez moobs instantly) and she doesn't make any sense.I mean she's talking bout crap like 'Peace,being loyal' all over yet she betrayed the Republic and she keeps talking,over and over again about crap no one gives a sht about.Second part is,You can't marry her :( and she won't become your 'Apprentice' she's just someone helping you change the Empire.



While the DS Story is seriously Funny (lots of Humor) it does make a lot more sense (at least for me).I'm not really 'rping' my Toons,but I kinda feelt 'Powerful' as a DS Jugg.....



At the end , it's up to you. Save or Destroy the Galaxy D:.

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The reason I liked my LS sith warrior is the light side choices aren't totally wussified and being able to throw in a force choke on peeps just to remind everyone that I am a bamf and don't misinterpret my lightsightedness

This, as well as the reactions of empire npc's made it a very enjoyable experience

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Never understood the fascination with the Light Side warrior. And I tried it. I'm not anti-lightside on principle. I believe any class has a great lightside story, but with the Warrior specifically it's just naive and stupid.


All you do is spare Republic troops and Jedi so they can fight the Empire another day.


"But that's not all of it - my lightsided Warrior built a lot of alliances and allies!"


No, that's the Inquisitor. Your lightsided warrior gains precisely one ally called Lord Rathari. And guess what? My darkside warrior did that as well, while still remaining mostly darkside. You could argue that keeping Tremel alive gains you another ally. An ally on the run and in hiding, "a man with no country", whose sole purpose is providing some moral support at the end. Not that useful of an ally, I'm afraid.


"I just do it to spite Baras"


I wasn't aware that being rude and defiant towards Baras gives you lightside points. If anything, it's more like Vetteside. But if you mean you actually pick lightside options for the sake of showing Baras that you're an awesomely defiant person, congratulations on hurting the Imperial war effort and increasing the Republic's chances of winning the war, all to prove to Baras that you don't care what he thinks, by showing you care exactly what he thinks.


"But my warrior is honorable and wants to reform the Empire with Jaesa."


Okay. You do that. With the Warrior's 0 political connections and complete lack of direct influence on Imperial politics. For all the authority of the rank of Emperor's Wrath, ultimately the Warrior is separate from the Dark Council and just does their own thing. Again, you're not the Inquisitor.


Not to mention that from what little we know of the Warrior's past, being lightsided or anti Empire is extremely unlikely. The Warrior comes from a noble family and was groomed to be Sith. This is someone who was always treated well by the Empire and its people. Even the whole feud with Baras is on a personal level - it's not like the Empire itself turns on the Warrior.


Now maybe the Warrior had the kindest, nicest parents ever, I certainly wouldn't presume to know. But if your child beings to show signs of Force sensitivity, meaning you'll have to send them to the Sith Academy when they come of age, it makes sense to me that as parents, you'd want your child to be prepared and have the skills to survive an academy of conniving, backstabbing psychopaths. So you'd teach the kid to be ruthless, because otherwise they'd never survive.


"But what you're saying doesn't make sense. My LS warrior survived the academy"


Because you're the main character. Doesn't mean it made an ounce of sense. Sparing Dolgis? So you show there's no consequences to trying to murder you. Letting Tremel live? If you weren't the main character, Baras would've sensed the lie immediately. Giving Klemral your shards, going all the way back to the tomb of Tulak Hord to grab more, and come back just in time for the next trial? If you weren't the main character, Vemrin would already be on his way to Naga Sadow's secret chamber with Vette.


Don't get me wrong, I don't like pure 100% darkside any better. Several lightside choices are wise and definitely the right move (sparing Rathari to be your minion, taking some War Trust generals alive for information). But if you try to make smart, rational decisions with the Warrior, the majority will be darkside. When you spare Jedi and Republic troops, they only way they're gonna repay you is by killing more Imperial soldiers in the war.

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Never understood the fascination with the Light Side warrior.


My current serious hobby is - to break clichés.


This way I'm currently tryiong out lightside Sorc - as an pure experiment. I'm uncertain how far I can go witrh that.


It really feels like being a CRIMINAL in imperial society and structure. I always fear being harassed by some role-player who feels that playing any lightside char in the Empire is just out of place (and should, therefore, be instantly deleted). There are people who are that extreme, trust me, I've seen similar people on the Republic side.


Worst was someone playing an Sith race ( ! ) Republic player always complaining in the General Chat how much the Republic was destroyiong the Empire, that the Empire was so much better and that the Republic was merely a culture of idiots and cannon-fodder who should just die and give way to the Empire - in this sense.


Therefore, I'm more than silent with my light side Sorc and I don't group at all. Thankfully a very good friend of mine also has a few imperial chars, so I can do quests with her.


At the same time I'm building a Jedi ( ! ) looking as close as possible to Darth Talon, but being 100 % light-sided.


That's my currently favourite way of breaking clichés :


LOOKING as dark and as menacing as possible, but

BEING and WORKING as light and hearty as possible.


I'm so much fed up with clichés that the only way I can enjoy them is by breaking them - as an author.

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I always fear being harassed by some role-player who feels that playing any lightside char in the Empire is just out of place (and should, therefore, be instantly deleted).


I have to admit I am extremely prejudiced against any light side Sith and darkside Jedi. In fact, I'd love for BW to forcibly change your toons to it's mirror counterpart if you hit a certain threshold of LS/DS points. But it's a quiet condemnation; not something I would actually comment on to a random player or while in a pick up group of people I don't know who don't know me. I couldn't imagine anyone getting "for real" upset and giving you a hard time for your role playing choices though.


On the other hand, if we were hanging out questing together while you're picking all LS convo options, then yeah you're getting some of the usual teasing/ball busting/trolling comments of: weenie, carebear, you fail at Sith, the Jedi are that way, why don't you delete and re-roll a guardian in group chat. :p


At any rate, I really came to give ThirdDementor a +1 for his post and the new word for the vocabulary: Vetteside haha :D Good read and couldn't agree more, a light side Sith does seem more fitting with the the inquisitor story than the warrior.

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