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  1. I don't see any diversity,because it's using the same ''Basics'' as HUTT,CW,NC & AH : Capture Node(s) > Gain Points > Prevent Enemy Team from capturing. At the end,it's just another OH-Map,that People will get tired off.I don't mind it personally,but it wasn't required either ^^.
  2. That's not my concern tho. They're supposed to provide the best possible Service,at the end,we're paying for it (Are they? decide for yourself). Any ways,that's a Subject for another Thread. (No reason to fill this one with such BS ^.^).
  3. I can't really see any Purpose in having multiple Servers since the ''Realm'' changes.Hopefully,People will transfer on their own,which'll most likely force BW to merge at some Point in time (unless they don't mind having 5 + Servers completely empty). /Signed
  4. This'll only enourage People to transfer to a more Populated Server,so at the end,Server's will most likely ''merge'' w.o BW getting their Hand's dirty.
  5. ^ This. or at least make VS tick instantly,rather than having a 2sec Delay to it.
  6. Leap's to VG > Get's stuck in the Platform > GG. It has decent design,but is indeed very buggy atm.
  7. Those who call it complicated,are the ones running to their Line @Huttball. Wait for Points > Go > Smash Buttons > Yell @your Team for interrupting your Capture-Point instead of Enemies (#Priceless) > Hope4Best > Move2Next Point > Repeat.
  8. ahzecklawd

    It's here!

    Doesn't have much to do with Mara's,Snipers,Jugg's etc. being viable,it's about Sorc's being too broken atm.Your set-up doesn't even matter any more,long as you got a Sorc with Guard,your Team will perform above average and that shouldn't be the case. Skill,Communction,TW have been thrown out the Window for this Season.#WelcomeToTheBubbleThroughAcid - Era
  9. There's no reason to speculate,it's way too obvious.Y'know,if you give a 8y.o Candy,at first he'll enjoy them,but at some Point,he'll get tired of eating the same Candy over and over again ^^. Moar Feedback plux.We fux gume,nu prolem wa Bioware.
  10. ahzecklawd

    It's here!

    NUU PLUX,MY SURC NUT GARAD! Yea,can't wait to see only Sorc/Sage Heals with Sin/Shadow - Hybrid.#BestSeasonEvah Gib Feedback plux.
  11. Go into your SWTOR - Folder and check if you have : swtor.exe Now,my Launcher did NOT REACT AT ALL! (no Crash or anything). But if your swtor.exe isn't there,ask a Friend to send it to you (fixed for me).
  12. #ProMLG2k16 Server. #1 ....suck on them tities some moar plux. When it comes to Pub-PvP ...it doesn't really matter where you're playing,since they're getting Facerolled on pretty much every EU-Server. T3 seems to be the more balanced one ...Pub's at least have the manners to buy PvP Gear. (There's a few English Guilds as well ) ToFN : You either roll IMP or get stuck on Fleet. RE : Badz with zero life quality T3 : Badz,but at least geared ....
  13. 4.0.3 : Jedi Guardian Defense Warding Power now additionally increases Guardian Slash’s critical chance by 20% and increases the damage dealt by Warding Strike by 30% (up from 15%). Beacon of Might now additionally increases the damage dealt by Blade Dance by 30%. #Nerf. Herp-Derp heal through DMG / Herp-Derp bubblehuehue through Acid . Guard 50% off ...makes healing even easier (#Feetplay). Can't wait for s7 ...filled with Hybrids and Sorc/Sage H. #GG P.S Thanks for your Feedback,we really appreciate it,but do not care.
  14. In your World, /stuck might work because in ToR it doesn't. Y'know,a few Years ago,Trolls actually tried harder and it was by far more entertaining than now a days. (just a quick side note) Those 'Glitches' appeared in 2.0 (#EverythingWorksAsIntended!)
  15. I'm getting very bored with all those f glitches you ain't able to fix. Either falling off map after leap/dash ...or getting stuck after Roll(s). This isn't funny any more ...it happens in 8v8 and Ranked. For once in your life,get over your Ego and fix this mate .....isn't funny any more.(#Repeat yes ^.^) #2MuchYoloFgt
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