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Blizz and Skadge


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It would be like "I Love Lucy" and a little like "Home Alone".


Skadge and Blizz would constantly be asking the BH if they could accompany him on dailys or flashpoints. But the BH is always turning them down in favor of real companions such as Mako, and they get into silly antics while left alone in the ship.

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If the show involved Skadge being repeatedly stabbed in the eye, I'd watch it.


"In today's episode, Blizz goes off the deep end and embraces the dark side. Will Skadge survive? Tune in to find out!"

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I would totally watch it.


How about a cooking show?


"Today Blizz make womp rat stew. Blizz start with nice, fresh womp rat--hotshot kid in T-16 Skyhopper just leave them by the side of the road! Skin womp rat, put meat and guts in hot pot with chooca nut oil.You want crispy crunchy meat, you shoot with blaster and put in bowl for later, just use guts right now."


"Hey, runt, what's that @#$%! smell?"


"Blizz show people on HoloNet how to cook womp rat stew!"


"I'll cook your womp rat!"


*crash, bang, zing, pow*


"Skadge take nap while Blizz finish stew. When womp rat get browned, you add two helmets' worth of stock. You not have enough womp rat to make stock, you use bantha, taste just as good. Dice two pika, add to pot with big handful of kiwip grass. You feeling really fancy, you toss in some munch-fungus. Put lid on pot, turn heat to low, and simmer until everything squishes."


*stir stir stir*


"This take a long time to cook down, so Blizz show you one Blizz made earlier. Serve with nice, crusty Tatooine flatbread, wash down with Jawa beer. Utiini!" :jawa_wink:


I don't really know Skadge's personality well. He annoys me so much I never use him.

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