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Yeah, I think a lot of the emotes need working on. Looks silly when you perform an action and nothing happens lol!


Even meditate does nothing :L



They already have the kneeling animation for Jedi Knight when they recouperate, I dont see why they cant just make that the /meditate animation.

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I agree, I think it's odd that "meditate" doesn't have a proper action, when other less common ones have ones. Especially considering that the "sit" emote looks so bad, what's up with people's legs?


I also agree that we need at least 1 lying down animation or a few more :(


I guess it's standing around idly so far when hanging out...

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The current sitting animation is utterly ridiculous. Hardly anyone sits like that. Sure, it's a nice animation for a /lounge and I vote that we keep it. However, what we need is a unisex animation that fits both genders equally well. I'd go with a cross-legged animation; like how you'd sit at a bonfire.


Is there any know command for rolling dice?

Like '/random' or '/random 100' in WoW?

This one is very important, I feel. It's not exactly an emote, but it would greatly enhance our experience. Hell, make it even more traditional; make it into the commands we use in online DnD games. /roll 2d6 + 4. Stuff like that. There is a Star Wars RPG somewhere, supposedly. I haven't done research into it.

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Are there more than the two /dance, and /clubdance emotes? That doesn't seem like much, and it gets boring to only have a couple to chose from wile I or a party are waiting for something/someone.


theres three...


/dance /clubdance and /getdown


i think that last one is involved in some in-combat exploit so i wouldnt use it in combat if i was you :p

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You couldn't sit down in chairs during beta, speech bubbles were also not present.


Although all these issues were raised and demanded in the old forums ^^


Can't say whether they have been added or not now, but I hope they will do!


Also thanks for the info :D


no but the code and animation exits... you can sit in chairs ON YOUR SHIP. but that's it :/

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