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  1. Holy crap! I remember reading this thread 6 years ago, and it made me shake my head as much then as it does now. Some people are just prudes.
  2. Turns out you have to have Mako as your active companion for this mission
  3. So eeh... Here's a brief summary of the response I got. Basically, you're not supposed to get this quest if you didn't side with the Chancellor at the end of your BH main quest. Seeing as I straight up shot him, this was not supposed to trigger for me, according to the CS rep. But he didn't fix it or anything. Didn't remove it from my quest log, it's still there and I can't abandon it. I don't understand. Am I supposed to get something else if I've killed the chancellor at the end of the main class quest? Or am I not supposed to get a class quest at all on Rishi? I'm confused. EDIT: Also, sorry for the necro, but if I posted a new thread about this, I'd only get the old "why don't you use search function" reply. The catch 22 of these forums.
  4. I currently have this bug as well. Exact same situation. I've completed my main class story, including "number one with a bullet", and it won't let me enter the room for this quest. I've contacted CS, hopefully they can resolve it (since this is my main character for my Youtube series)
  5. In the cutscenes, is it only my own character that shows up, or is it all of the other people in the operation as well? I'm asking because I'm going to do the Oricon Ops for my youtube channel and I want to record the cutscenes.
  6. Please let us select the look of the default pistol for the non-pistol classes, like sniper and vanguard etc. Theoretically it should be possible, now that you have weapons in the outfit designer. It just looks so terrible when you have a blocky big blaster design from 2011 on a character decked out in the newest and fanciest outfits and rifles/cannons. Also, it would potentially increase sales of cartel market pistols (if you need motivation to implement it).
  7. I don't think that's a bug, though. Sure, it's not great and it's a hassle, but I think it's working as intended.
  8. The flaw with the "BW allows it because it drives up CM sales" argument is that it also drives players away form the game. Games with massive inflation problems have issues attracting new players, and retaining old players. That hurts their bottom dollar more than inflation will ever increase CM sales.
  9. It would have kept the signs of inflation under control, not the actual inflation. That's something many people who advocate for CM stuff to not be resellable fail to se. Inflation isn't "the prices on the GTN are too damned high!". It's "people have too damned much cash and that's why the value of one credit is less today than it was a year ago".
  10. Something I noticed that isn't on this list is that you can't move the Inventory Window around freely any more. You can only move it on the top half of the screen and not all the way to the right of the screen.
  11. I mean... lowered money influx shouldn't affect anything since that's just in galactic conquest stuff and the like, not from like starter worlds. What you get there has always been a pittance compared to anything you earn at end-game. Also, yes, a lot of the stuff you find in story missions is... "junk"... and that's what you sell to get money.
  12. How in gods name did that happen? I've played through this game more times than I'd care to remember and I've never been in the negative when leveling new characters. You get new stuff constantly and you only need to repair every now and then. Unless you're actually spending your money on other things, then something is seriously wrong. Are you wiping 10-15 times per mission or something?
  13. It's a bug. Otherwise they'd allow you to actually pick beards instead of just stubble based on complexion. So. Bug... No matter how much some people here want to turn it into a political thing.
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