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  1. Thanks for the info, this new forum layout is going to take some getting used to D: Messed up all the colours QQ Indent doesn't seem to be working hopefully they will fix this soon so the guide is easier to read again!
  2. Thanks for the info DataBeaver!
  3. Updated to reflect patch 1.2, please let me know if I have missed anything
  4. Goshee

    PvP flop

    There was a button, you just didn't see it.
  5. I have a guide about making credits if you are interested ^^ link in my signature
  6. Are you aware slicing only gives cybertech schematics?
  7. At least you guys are getting wins ;P LOSE LOSE LOSE LOSE LOSE for me ^^
  8. I am hiding it at the moment... if I can never change it, it will be hidden forever. What a waste of such a great system.... I can't be bothered to explain it further because if you read the OP you would understand where I am coming from.
  9. Someone made a ticket and got this response:
  10. Because it's what I rolled when I bought the game????
  11. Good post OP, ignore the trolls they have nothing better to do. I tend to avoid general discussion because it is usually full of terrible topics and people. You are an exception ^^!
  12. ^^ The same goes for running mission and gathering tasks, if you want to increase your level, select a harder difficulty range. These can be found in the top right of the gathering/mission window. Grey wont increase your rank ever Light Green won't increase your rank more than it will Yellow usually increases your rank Orange will always increase you rank by 1 sometimes even 2.
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