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  1. Does anyone ever bother reading my posts now I'll try out the advice on that website next time I'm on and post the results here Edit: From testing it myself, it doesn't look like this "Tweak" is functional any more, though I can confirm it was during release build in the beta. Others should feel free to try themselves in case its simply me being rubbish.
  2. Did anyone bother to try the .ini tweak which was mentioned on Reddit the other day, it was functional as of release build and the final weekend test?
  3. People should feel free to go onto whatever server they wish, and everyone on that server should remember that they're part of the community. Its a good attitude you have, not wanting to disrupt other peoples enjoyment; so if that's what you want to do and I for one would be thrilled to have people of many varying interests on a server. Overall, as I've said previously, you'll never be penalised or looked down on for not spending enough (or any time) RPing (Who is going to notice for a start?), though I'd imagine you might want to give it a go once you're surrounded by it .
  4. I was hoping someone would post a link to something like this, good stuff!
  5. Check out the guild list on SWTOR-RP, they have servers for all of the RP-PVE and PVP servers so you can have a good route round for guilds which are advertised and you might find people who are looking for something similar, there's a big variety on there. http://swtor-rp.com/forum (Go to the menu at the top, under forum for server forums -> Guilds & Organizations) This one is the Trask Ulgo list. http://swtor-rp.com/traskulgo/m/3305309/viewforum/798425
  6. In practice, a person should not be frowned upon or penalised for the amount of time they spend RPing by the people on a server. Some people spend entire days RPing, then the next day entirely PVPing, depending on what their mood dictates. Sometimes the reverse, or something in between.
  7. You tend to find that people have hugely varied interests. I for one will be exclusively PVPing. I've heard of a RP-PVP guild on republic and empire who are being deployed to Trask, so i'd imagine most RP servers have similar PVP focused guilds being deployed to them as well. Overall, the only difference between PvP and PvE is not the players themselves, as you find just as many players enjoying RP/Operations/Warzones on either type of server; and only the game mechanics creating a difference, which on RP-PVP servers, as you've said, can sometimes conflict with RP enjoyment*. *Some would dispute this, as sometimes the idea that your in enemy territory and may be attacked at any time changes the perspective and depth. You also tend not to suffer the Clown Outfit problem in TOR most of the time which makes using your own equipment / moddable gear effective in PVP/PVE without loss of RP sensibilities.
  8. I still don't understand where this guaranteed higher population comes into it... All the project does is encourage a specific base number of people to go to a certain place, not that everyone else, who is not part of the project will go to entirely different servers, and thus you will have a very well distributed population.. You know, seeing as your suggesting an entire projects worth of players will jump in to speed a server to Cap. Wouldn't you rather play on the server with 1000 players and no queues, than a server with 2000 and 10 minutes to wait every time you log in? Just a possibility, but its definitely a possibility Anyway, criticism over, As the poster above me says there's a lot of good RP to be had elsewhere, and i'm sure no matter where people end up, they will for the most part, thoroughly enjoy their time there.
  9. This discussion is getting silly, not a single person in this thread, or indeed this forum can conclusively say whether one particular server will have a higher number of players than another by the time launch occurs, and as myself, and another fellow have said, having a high number of players doesn't necessarily make it better, while it does help. This descent into an argument however, does not... Its fine to entertain the idea of making a super-server, and conversely everyone has the right to do as they please. Only time will tell whether a particular place becomes "The Place To Be"
  10. I'm unsure if a competitive attitude is what is best. There is no point in trying to sell praise of one server over all the others, as at this early stage (The first day to put that in perspective) there is literally nothing to sell. People should feel free to go where they please, as this is blank slate with which to draw your dream house on. In my opinion:- Advertising or bigging up a server is pointless and simply forges ridiculous rivalries or divides opinion. Drawing people to your server happens naturally as the community on your server is shown to pull together and expresses creativity, tolerance and in general, are shown to be nice people... At this stage, you cannot determine any of that, and no amount of speculation of a particular person/groups ideas or inspirations will solidly determine how successful a server will be. The only people who need to hear the voice of the people of the server, are the other people on the server. They are the only people who matter in this context.
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    We'll have to see then! I do recall some wizards and elves at Reddit found a .ini file you could toggle Speech bubbles on with... But the actual option in game wasn't present
  12. I would go into the experience with the idea of a PVP server in my mind, as predominantly that is what the gameplay mechanics* will be like, and that is first and for most (Atleast prior to maximising level) the thing which will influence your enjoyment. Impossible to judge the RP or indeed population of any server at this stage. *e.g. Being attacked by other players on contested planets.
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    The dirtiest dance in the galaxy...
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    Can you (once you have access) or indeed, Anyone with game access, confirm the ability to lie down, sit in chairs, and the toggle the option for Speech Bubbles
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