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What happened to real Gamers?


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People need to take care of personal stuff on their own time, not others people's time as well.


I agree, actually.

The only reason these people were cleared was because one had his internet down due to a massive storm and two others had family emergencies come up. Then we had our usual idiots that just didn't show up on time and wound up coming on an hour late after we'd already decided to call it (they weren't cleared.) That was two that time.


It was a particularly bad day, if I remember correctly. I myself was in the middle of a crisis and would rather have been curled up crying than killing dargons.


The next day our off-tank healer was the one who didn't show up and instead posted that message on our message boards. The ONLY one that didn't show up. Everyone else was actually on time and ready to go. If he hadn't decided to throw a tantrum, we could have possibly made some progress.

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About getting beat down by other player in pvp, weather it is a warzone, open world pvp, or a pvp server, you do have to be geared and skilled, but what i do not find fair is on pvp servers where higher lvl go to lower lvl plant just to kill the lower lvls because they can not beat any of the other players at their on lvl :wea_02:
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Awwweee thats sad to read ....
Yeah, I think I might have teared up over the nostalgia, great post Hotbox.


I actually remember when people would value their guild/monarch/clan's and their own personal reputation on a server. The idea that gamers have now is I'm hiding behind a cartoon character and if i ruin my name, if that can be done anymore, I will just do a server transfer or name change to fix it. There is no pride in ones character anymore. We have lost the sense that our avatars are a representation of ourselves in a digital world. Darth Wroth is my main a Sith Juggernaut Immortal. He is my righteous wrath personified. He will never be dark 5 because I don't identify with chaotic evil in anyway and because of this I gimp myself towards items in game, which is fine with me. The new gamers just don't do this in anyway. They create Darth Malgusxxs and click the option that has a black/red star beside with out any idea the choice they made. I'm sorry but I am not going to go poison kolto tanks. Yes, I will kill my enemies that wage war against me.




I am glad to read a thread and realize that there are still some old school gamers left, but we are a dying breed.

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There's a new generation of gamers, that's why things seam different. Nostalgia is great, but you'll never get the same as what you had in WoW.


That can be true of the entire industry, really. The age of the catasser has ended, the era of the poopsocker is over, the days of the grinder are fading. Why? Because society has changed, thus have our habits and the things we once enjoyed are no longer enjoyable.


I came from the days before any one knew what a CRPG was. I was hard core all the way - XP grind and all for hours upon end in Green-lined mazes and text-based battles. But life goes on - times and priorities change. On occasion I will get a bit of nostalgia and spend an evening back in one of those Good Ole Games - heck sometimes I will even fire up the old IBM PC XT and pop in a 5.25" for a few hours. But that's not my life any more. I don't have the time or patience to deal with the epeeners or grind any more. I now play games to have fun and escape the realities of the world. I don't want nor should have to "work" when playing a game any more. Since many of the established developers of the industry have grown up with me, we see the change in attitude reflected in the games that are made now. There may always be a placer for the epeener in niche titles, but that is no longer the norm, and the industry is all the better for it.



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