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  1. Laura Bailey, the voice actress for Kira Carsen, also does the voice of Lt. Cmdr. VanZyl in STO.
  2. ^^^ This. ^^^ STO has the best F2P model, by far. My wife and I have lifetime subs to STO and those subs have already paid for themselves. Basically the lifetime sub is paying for 20 months, all at once, but then it's free after that. No going back to the (very few) restrictions of F2P. EA would do well to implement the same F2P style to SWTOR.
  3. Hoping the ghost weapon bug for scrappers and concealment ops finally gets fixed.
  4. Then you shouldn't have used my quote to make your point. I also have CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Server+, CISCO certifications, and a BS in Computer Science. I stand by my statement on QC, too. They should have tested everything, including server stability, before pushing it live.
  5. I work in IT, including CODING, so yes I DO know about QC, which obviously YOU DO NOT. Don't rant at me about "freebies" when I DID NOT SAY JACK SQUAT ABOUT FREEBIES! Take your ******* ******** elsewhere.
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^ this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I find their lack of Quality Control disturbing...
  7. Murphy's Law: The only server you play on will be down longer than the others
  8. I also enjoyed killing Quinn after he betrayed me. Didn't care that he was the medic on my team. He had to die, and it was... satisfying, to say the least! Best Dark Side points in Beta!
  9. I started a Vanguard since I always liked the look of the Republic Command Carbine, but it's useless to my Commando. Imagine my confusion and anger when I saw that the new starting Custom Trooper weapon is this "Accurate Boltblaster's Blaster Rifle" which looks like a Red Blade Carbine with a longer stock. BioWare, bring back the Republic Carbine and make it Legacy like the rest of the starting custom weapons!
  10. Choosing a faction on Iokath.... hmmm. Since one of my Agents actually DID defect to the Republic at the end of the IA storyline, this would be a welcome continuation of that.
  11. Started a new Trooper since I've never played as a Vanguard before, and I like the Republic Carbine. It's useless to my Commando, but I figured I'd have a cool looking rifle for my new Vanguard. Instead, I get this crappy looking "Accurate Boltblaster's Blaster Rifle" right before my assault on the volcano base. What the hell, BioWare? You couldn't just make the Rep Carb Legacy like you did all the other starting Custom weapons? The Trooper storyline is kind of decent, but this new rifle looks bad compared to the Rep Carb.
  12. Having the same problem here. Got booted out while zoning in on one character and now it put me in a queue when I restarted the game. From what I've seen through the years, it feels like a DDoS attack.
  13. "A few bug fixes"... Probably too much to hope for that some of those "fixes" would be the ghost weapon bug for Scrapper scoundrel and Concealment operative....
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