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Living, breathing world....


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Not true. The way forums function, the most flame-filled argument threads stay at the top. Because everyone keeps replying and arguing in them.


Those aren't good, informative threads.

This. Anytime a thread deals with something someone doesn't like, it attracts people who feel the same, and people who feel the opposite. Put the two of those together, add in that people always want the last word, and you'll have a 74 page thread. Just the way it goes.

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So I have always felt, since beta anyway, that the swtor world felt dead. Not just in the number of players but the environments. Lifeless cities. No ambient sound. Well played the Tera beta the last 24 hours straight and it confirms these feelings even more.


The cities feel so alive. Players are everywhere. Sounds of city life, crafting, players dueling in the dueling ring. I actually felt like part of an MMO WORLD. The list goes on and on. Yes it has flaws too (Korean) just makes me hope and some point Swtor will feel more alive.


RIFT. That game figured out how to make the place alive.

MOBS spawning everywherekilling ocs running down roads.

That part, they got right.


Tera was fun too. I bought it!

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Name me one MMO where you were totally immersed in the game based on the NPCs reactions and everything you touched, said, or did directly effected the environment?


That's such a daft strawman argument.


There isn't a single player game like that either.

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having people, animals, objects, things, running all over the world requires processor power.

True but this is something the client could do independant of the server.

For example, all the static NPCs that aren't clickable on - these could be rendered by the client to actually do stuff without requiring any server communication or authorisation.


I'd like to see the imperial guards actually drag people away and through doors. I'd like to see a towie remove the crashed speeder. I;d like to see the pickpocket actually pick the pocket and run off with his loot. I'd like to see dyunamic actors instead of static scenes.

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