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  1. I subbed for a month and played operative seeing as how everyone said the agent story is really good and the sniper didn't really interest me. I'm not level 38 and I would like to mainly pvp, But I'm having a much harder time in the new bracket. Should I trudge on to 55 or just reroll? I don't want to heal but is a dps operative viable at level 55 warzones? Edit: I really enjoy the operative, the healing is alright but I would really rather not do that.
  2. I'm glad theres a 40 minute queue, It's better than playing with no one
  3. We need a credit sink. Credits are easy to come by and theres not much to buy with them ay 50.
  4. False, I play on fatman and I've never ever seen it lower than 150 at peak times. In fact if you go on at this very monet, in the middle of a monday, you can find 117 players on the fleet.
  5. I didn't read most of it, but at 50 if you don't want to warzone for pvp you can gather some friends and goto the ffa tatooine area and start a little tournament or something. you can goto ilum and search for solo players to gank. You can also try some RP. just some suggestions.
  6. He really fell on a cloth sack filled with nice fluffy kittens.
  7. Because its the only movie with darth maul, what better way to get children to want to watch the movie than show this cool zabrak that has a history with obi-wan
  8. Guys, they brought back darth maul in the cartoon so that kids would want to see star wars episode 1 in 3d. Thats probably the sole reason why he's back.
  9. Don't play with those people. Problem solved
  10. Bolt did say he wasn't using hard data because that information wasn't released to the public so he's using what he got
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