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  1. I remember holding guild meetings with everyone sitting in chairs. I felt like part of a world.
  2. Yes I am going here,,,,, galaxies, I wish it felt more user created. Player housing. Player events. More customization of. Features. I feel it's a go to point A now B etc. Even the map gives you a line to follow.
  3. Seems like other games have more sandbox style game play. I realize this game is a theme park but do you feel there will ever be any sandbox elements?
  4. This interview made me unsubscribe,,,go watch Trions interviews from gamescon and You will see the difference
  5. I just resubbed rift and was way impressed with the direction it has taken.... It.is free to level 20,,, give it a.try......... Also, integrated cards suck.
  6. and still loving the game. 1.3 is how this game should have launched. Even some of my old guildies resubbed after seeing 1.3 play out. To those on the fence about coming back, please do. You wont regret it.
  7. Don't like it don't use it.....they didn't have to implement it at all.......
  8. Holy easy money....was fun to get a group of guildies together and crank em out....
  9. Was fun today to go in and pick out some perks for my toons ....Ty bioware.....
  10. So you think game has 65k players per server?
  11. If it had 1 million,,,,don't you think they would be more proactive about fixing stuff, content etc,,,,
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