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  1. First off they never sold 6 million copies. it was a little over 3 million. If EA is staing 6 million its 3 million more downloads from F2p. Secondly the future of this game is its cartel market it simply wont get quality content updates unless they nickel and dime you to death at the CC market with DLC. Im disappointed in this very bleak big buisness devolpment of MMO's the new thing is kick starter some of these uber talented devs that were the actuall brains behind the MMO genre have broken away from big publishers and are making their own games .
  2. your not gonna get anywhere with these folk. Premium use to mean premium, and subscription meant if you dont have one you dont play. Right now EA is grinding every last penny of their customers, its the reason they were awarded the prestigous worst company in america two times over. Though i dont agree they are the worst their are several other comapnies that are border line Satan whorshipers EA is still pretty slimmy.
  3. Sony is not where near as bad in the misleading department. but they are far stupider in the direction they took SOE for the last 5 years.
  4. Hopefully the New CEO will have more of a connection to his customers. Obviously Ritchtello had zero understanding of his customers wants and needs. He severly underestimated the MMO player base and their expectation for online gaming products. I don hold much hope for TOR being any more then what it is nor do i expect a full blown expansion that enriches and expands the game. But i do think EA will think very deeply if they venture into another AAA MMO and realize you cant make a pure theme park MMO with limiting linear game play. As for a cash grab thats exactly what game companies are doing . Neverwinter is a perfect example of F2P models going way to far ,the price point for that games cash shop is absloute robbery. I dont hold much hope for MMOs now, they are no longer a premium service they are carnival that charge you for admission then fleece you for every last cent you brought with you. I do have high hopes for all the Kick starter projects moving the Genre forward in terms of game play and hope to see more independent studios blossom like trion did.
  5. SOE can make a better MMO then BW EA, with out a doubt. Problem is they tried to corner the market by buying everyone elses Bullcrap niche MMO's to try and corner the market on the niche lol. the MMO community is ready for sand box elements .
  6. Ya im odne with EA .boycotted every releases since Dragon age 2,aside from TOR . wont buy anymore of their products i odnt appreciate the buisness practices. Customer service is horrendous , and the managment has zero intrest in pleasing them. ************ on the forums does nothing, if your unhappy dont support them bottom line.
  7. there is a massive difference between EQ 2 housing and ships in TOR they are not even remotely close
  8. I dont think it was a good deal at all . Look at what Rift provided with their expansion its absloutely ridiculous amount of content. it was easily 60 hours of content minus the gear progression
  9. Absloutely this was supposed to be a free content upgrade according to james Phlen 9 months ago its was their promis to customers actually. He made this statement to try to appease the massive end game exodus after launch. Probably why EA fired him.
  10. Though his delivery was lacking. He is absloutely correct i am a casual player and TOR being driected at the casual market i do remeber the previous genrations of MMO's being able to keep hardcore players striving and still accessible to the casual. Personally i dont even think its about casual VS hardcore anymore. its painfully obvious that Corperation have got their greedy friggin hands in game devolpment .Now consumer is victimzed to gimmicky content, misinformation about content devolpment, outdated concepts like food stamp gear instead unigue items, when they do produce something unique its availble in a gambling system designed to make you pay hundreds of dollars to obtainn it. No offense to anyone disagreeing with this guy but the longer as consumers we allow corperations to take our money with sub par products and stifle talent and innovation, the longer we will playing WOW, 1,2,3,4,5 and so on. This game is nothing like it was in closed beta , making Free 2 play players pay 20 dollars for 10 hours of content ? and then milk the living lights out of sub player with the cartel shop making unique items that are not obtainable in game shows no intrest in their customer instrests. It's no wonder EA is doing so poorly
  11. Point is you shouldnt be forced to grind repetive dailies that suck horribly when the main part of anything good in this game is HM FP or OPS. the content should be harder not make it harder to actually do the content. This game is azzbackwards in devolpment its a chees way to extend the life of avery shallow end game.
  12. First off how do we know your not the retarded player. As a tank i am always blown away how fast the group automaticaly blames the tank while the break CC , dont use CC and fail to focus fire any targets. half the time people dont follow you when your leading them through short cuts and expecting tanks to control 8 to 10 mobs on 2 gold 4 silvers and 4 minions. there are several pulls in HM FP's that require CC and just general paying attention to the mobs. Jugg tanks have very little aggro management for multiple mobs and horrible DPS to hold multiple mobs so CC'ing is a must. and if your in an un expierenced group take charge mark targets explain mechanics . Behaving like a Douche and taking peoples loot who need it makes you the newb . though repair costs are a ridiculous money sink thats not the players fault its EAoware and the azz backwards devolpment of this game. you would have never survived in a game like early EQ 2, you would have been run off the server.
  13. Its not the fact of making you do something for the credits or the repair costs its the ridiculously stupid content they make you do to grind it. make FP and SM ops drop more money. id prefer a corpse run to the current situation of running dailies over and over to fund raiding . the content on the planets absloutely sucks aside from the class quests and the lvling expierence. its not whine and cheese its the fact your forced to work at K mart every day so you can raid once a week and if your doing SM ops for comms and FP from the group finder your guaranteed exorbident expenses to gear progress. Make the content harder and the repair cost less , the cart is Before the horse here in devolpment .
  14. 1).From day one this game was devolped with azz backwards approach. From enrage timer with very little actual engaging mechanics. making the content easily done in all tiers.until you hit the final tier of HM ops. Completeing HM FP's should pay much more then they do to give an alternative at least FP's are only half as boring as those ridiculous dailies. At this point it is very clear EAoware will just continue its regurgatation process of its devolpment process, Yay recolored vanity items for the win! 2). Money sink was the primary reason i unsubbed back in febuary 2012 and did not return until recently. the only reason i have any money at all is because i had to do dailies to grind for the new relics. For those of the player base that are comfortable in their gear progression and working on the final HM ops you are forced to do those lame dailies to continue in raid progression. 3). there is very very little end game as it is. it would have been more pudent to remove purchasable set gear and make the Drops rare in HM FP's and OPS with a tier between Blue and purple. i dont consider orange a tier as it is used primarily for looks. forcing our repetive grind on easy mode daily quests over and over is the most horrid concept of MMO devolpment ive ever expierenced. at least Rift hid this much better and forced the content into its instances with amuch broader gear progression.
  15. I agree with both of you, that said you cant always control or communicate the proper tactics with people in the GF. We should have some comparable abilitiy or abilities to PT and assassin for large spread out mob placement. I am not suggesting Juggs are broken but we know full well what happens with new content coming up here. When its no longer in exercise in how fast but how good people will always go with what ever makes their job easier. People will automatically want Assassin tank or PT for new content and that will be rough on the Jugg mains that raid and do HM FP's.
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