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My RL friend gives me his list of his 8 character names. I give him mine.


I try adding his names to my friends list and the game says they do not exist. He had the same problem with my names.


Turns out you can only add people to your friends list if they are on that character at the time you try to add them.




Please fix this.

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you can add offline players but.....


on the 1st char i made i can add all my alts using the UI - obviously

they are offline.


on the 2nd char I made I can add all my alts and the 1st char


on the 3rd Char I cant add the 1st or 2nd char, but I can add the 4th alt


on the 4th alt I cant add any of my other alts.


seems the first char u make u can add all ur alts

but in progressive alts you make, you can only add alts that are created after it.


so it seems you cant add names that were created before the char your trying to add

them to.


needs to be fixed, i h8 typing alts names in the mailbox.

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