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  1. their solution appears to be: "Lets award Legacy perks that allow the GTN/Mailbox, etc in your very own ship!". going from "lobby-type" zones to no one leaving their ship aside from dailies (and the eventual instant-port LFG...casuals will get their way) will make this game awesome for social interaction. awesome, i tell ya.
  2. Figuring it out as we go along seems to be the unquestionable tactic.
  3. considering it takes a few hours to reach 20, if that's your intention, we're only talking about an afternoon to evening of work.
  4. Is that like the, "my little brother was playing. it wasn't me that caused the wipe!!!" reasonings?
  5. You mean your parents should buy 6 months of SWTOR? iloveicarly.....
  6. If you prefer soloing and disregarding grouping...why does it matter what gear other players are wearing. Be solo. Act solo. Think solo. Don't concern yourself with them. That's not solo-enough. If you're going to play the game like a single player game, why care what those playing it like an MMO are wearing?
  7. That's the basis of failure? As opposed to a massive redundancy in spells/abilities, most of which are simply not used and generally ignored?
  8. Rolling Republic initially. (not because of the particular faction but because no one else did)
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