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Best ways and spec to get gold medals in WZs?


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Easy for any1 to get any medals in pvp. The color of the medal has no affect on your valor/commendations afaik. I believe it's just simply showing off that you did awesome.


Easy medals:


Quick Draw - finishing hit


Assassin - solo kill (1v1 fight)


Commando - 10 kills


Soldier - 25 kills


Demolisher - 2.5k damage from a single attack


Defender - 1k defense points


Warden - 3k defense points


Combatant - 75k total damage dealt



With any spec as a Marauder by looking at this, anyone and everyone should be getting at least 7 medals.

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Question, if youre not 50 and not specced in rage to get demolisher how else can you? Does annihilate do enough to get a 2.5? That is a serious question, no sarcasm intended. Can scream do it in carnage?


If you have the Annihilate skill at lvl 40 then yes you can. You still may be able to get it using Ravage or Force Scream upon crits. Didn't really think about anyone below 50 xD.


Even then, below 50, you can still obtain a good amount of medals. I'd say at least 4 or 5.

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Ill give it a whirl, im 47 atm, tried all specs throughout leveling just to get to know them, noticed i could get demo easy as rage, ill give the other ones a shot and see what i can come up with now that im higher level. Havent even tried annihilate, was too low to get it.
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The 1on1 medal is sometimes just luck, aswell as 1k defender and 3k warden is sometimes just luck and depending on the map you play.


But with 1.1 BW took 2 medals away we could easily get


2.5k heal

5k heal


Currently medpacks dont count toward total healing and dont award medals anymore, even tough theres no information about it in the patch notes.


75k heal is now realy hard to get, you have to be constantly bashing people to get as many dot crits as possible.


Mostly i end up with 65k-72k healing.


and 5k hit is now aswell alot harder to get now...

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