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POLL!! Help Bioware AND yourself!


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There are many different opinions on what should be fixed or improved in this game. In order to help Bioware prioritize what to work on I have created a fairly large survey where you can vote on what you believe is important to fix first in this game.


We all want this game to get better so take 3 minutes and vote now!


Poll is now closed, below are the results. The top 3 list of things the forum community wants fixed as fast as possible are (numbers on a scale 1-5):


Abilities not firing off 4.59


Ability delay 4.34


More rewarding end game crafting 4.16


Here is a top 10 summary..


Outfrigginstanding OP! So based on your poll's end user responses & with scores of 4.00+ being defined as needs, dev's top 10 to-do list would look something like this:



1) 4.34 / 4.59 : Ability delay / Abilities not fireing off when pressed

2) 4.20 : on PvP servers, PvP bugs (que crashing you to char select, won matches not counting towards daily quests etc)

3) 4.16 : More rewarding endgame crafting

4) 4.11 / 4.14 : Flashpoint / Raid bugs (loot bugs, boss bugs etc)

5) 4.02 : Overall PvP bugs (que crashing you to char select, won matches not counting towards daily quests etc)

6) 4.00 : Possibility to customize the UI


In the queue

7) 3.93 : Quest bugs (quests not updating etc)

8) 3.75 : More customization of armor/weapon graphics in game

9) 3.63 : More Warzones

10t) 3.53 : Adding a "two target system" where you can heal a target and attack that targets target if using an offensive ability

10t) 3.53 : Lag & FPS

10t) 3.53 : More (rewarding and amount of) world PvP


Behold the numbers lol. Well done . . . :D


General comments:We got 1011 respondents answering the poll. Thanks to evertyone taking the time. First a few word on the results and how i calculated. Every question that had a possibility to be answer in a "graded" way i rated the answers as below:


Not important at all =1

Slightly important = 2

Somewhat important = 3

Important = 4

Very Important =5


The poll GUI then automatically calculates the medium value. A value above 4 indicates a very very strong wish for a fix of this isse as a value above 4 means more people have answered "important" or "very important" than any of the other three choices. A value below 2 indicates that the issue do not need to be fixed at all.


In the "graded" questions I had a N/A alternative. This was used by very few people (the highest one being 6% of total answers for the question regarding "More raids". As this was used so rarely I have not calculated these answers at all.


Answers did not differ much if they came from a republic player or empire player except on one question with players from PvP servers where empire players are more concerned about population imbalance than republic players. Imp= 3.11 and Rep = 2.18. I have myself a 50imp and a close to 50 rep char and playing my rep char is actually much more fun as there is a lot more 1:1 situations in world PvP. When i play my Imp char i rarely see anyone from the oposing team maybe thats why?



So off to the answers, including comments:


Question 1: What faction is your main character?


Republic: 44,5%

Imperial: 55,5%


Comments: More republic players than i expected. It feels like the ratio is more like 2:1 in Imperial favor when playing the game but maybe republics are just better at answering polls ;-)?


Question 2: What level is your main?


(Rounded to full % on answers)


1-10 0%

11-20 6%

21-30 14%

31-40 25%

41-49 24%

50 31%


Comments: Not much comments here, maybe a bit overrespresentation on lvl 50s on the forum thats why we have most likely more in the poll than in the general server population.


Question 3: What type of server is your main on?


PvE 56,4%

PvP 43,6%


Comments: Im sure the PvP players are overrespresented in this poll i do not believe they are almost half the population. Almost same % of PvPers on both Rep and Imp side in the survey.


Question 4: What primary role is your main?


Tank: 35.1%

DPS: 50.4%

Healer: 14.5%


Comments: Very normal MMO numbers on DPS/Healer ratio but more tanks than expected. Maybe its because tanks can have healing companions in this game so its easier solo as a tank than in other MMO:s?



Question 5: How important do you think it is BioWare fixes/improvess the following?


FPS: 3.53

Server queue times: 1.97

High resolution textures: 3.45

Ability delay: 4.34

Lag: 3.53


Comments: As said in the start a number above 4 indicates an issue is extremely important to the playerbase. Ability delay being close to 4.5 means it needs to be fixed asap. The % of people answering "Very Important" on ability delay was close to 60%!!


Overall it looks like High resolution textures, lag and FPS are rather important to but server queue times are not.


Question 6: How important do you think it is Bioware fixes/implements the following:


Faction inbalance 2.79

More customization of armor/weapon graphics in game 3.75

Possibility to dual spec 2.92

Possibility to switch faction 1.64

Possibility to server transfer 2.49

Possibility to customize the UI 4,00

Possibility to see a combat log 3.20

Possibility to use addons 2.63

Possibility to use macros 2.83

More rewarding endgame crafting 4.16

Less sharded/theampark feel in the game 3.41


Comments: Looks like the forum voiced their opinion regarding addons and macros not being of a huge importance to add to the game despite the number of posts asking for it in the past. This kinda surprised me but personally im fine with no addons/macros. Possibility to customize the UI and more rewarding endgame crafting stands out as very important to fix in the short term. Also more armor/wepon graphics seems to be requested.


There is very little support for the idea to switch faction and pretty little for server transfer.



Question 7: How important do you think it is that Bioware fixes the following:


Quest bugs (quests not updating etc) 3.93

Flashpoint bugs (loot bugs, boss bugs etc) 4.11

Raid bugs (loot bugs, boss bugs etc) 4.14

PvP bugs (que crashing you to char select, won matches not counting towards daily quests etc) 4,02 (close to 4.2 on PvP servers)

The "green-yellow lazer" graphic bug 3,25

Abilities not firing off when pressed 4.59


Comments: In the above we find the number one thing to fix in this poll. The "abilities not fireing off when pressed" has above 70% of the people voting "very important". This might be linked in some way with the second highest priority "ability delay". Most likely what BioWare should do asap (unless they already do it) is to spare no resources to try to fix the responsivnes of the game.


On a sidenote regarding ability delay i have as mentioned before a 50 operative and a soon to be 50 scoundrel (both healspeced and exactly mirror classes) and the scoundrel has significantly more ability delay and abilities not fireing off. They are however on different servers (both EU and both similair ping though) so maybe the server has something to do with this issue also and that could explain why some people feel very little ability delay and some have more?


Also bug fixes are important in all categories above.


Question 8: How important do you think it is that Bioware fixes/implements the following:


More leveling content 2.73

More Flashpoint content 3.32

More Raid content 3.48

Adding a "two target system" where you can heal a target and attack that targets target if using an offensive ability 3.53

Mouseover healing 3.16


Comments: Nothing that really stands out here. Interrestingly enough many people that are under level 50 have rated "more raid content" as very important without trying the actual content themselves. I guess the buzz on the forums of having no end game content in the game maybe flavoured their responses ;-)



Question 9: How important is it that Bioware fixes/implements


PvP class balance 3.30

Biochem reusables/trinkets balance 3.03

More (rewarding and amount of) world PvP 3.53

More Warzones 3.63

Rated Warzones 3.07

Arena type of PvP 2.35


Comments: Its a difference between people from a PvE or a PvP server here on the answers. The difference is also bigger between lvl 50s and the ones below level 50. Level 50s on PvP servers wants in higher degree than the average "more warzones" "more world PvP" and "Biochem reusable/trinkets balance". Not very hard to figure our PvP server people would vote for more PvP though ;-)


We can also see that the forum community do not think arena PvP is important and are fairly neutral to rated warzones. This is also true on PvP servers.


Also interresting is to see that class balance as early as 1 month after release is not a higher number than it is. Generally this indicates that balance is fairly well implemented even so close to launch.


Question 10: Would you like more or less CC in PvP?


More 2.2%

Less 32.6%

Its allright at the moment 65.2%


Comments: As i forgot to put a N/A alternative I believe people that wanted to answer N/A did answer the "its alright at the moment". Slightly more people on the PvP servers want "less" CC.




Here is the link:







There will ofc be tons of different views on what should have been included in this survey and I do not claim it to be complete in any way. However its better to get structured feedback to Bioware from a survey even if its not including every aspect of the game than to just randomly complain or voice opinions on the forum.



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Although I indeed do feel it misses some key bugs/features that miss (as someone on an RP server); chat bubbles/animations and environment interaction (aka chairs you can sit on). In general, I do feel it is indeed good to get at least some information on what's really important.


I spent 5 minutes of my time to do the survey.

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Excellent made survey. Very thoughtful questions and really representative of the majority of comments, questions, suggestions I see.


I'm also skeptical of the population sample you will get, I think a sizable number of participants will not take the survey honestly and seriously and that will skew your results but we shall see.

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Hi again,


Im aware that people reading the forum (and thus voting) would not be a 100% accurate representation of the total account base. However its most likely better than nothing especially if we can get enough votes.


I would idealy like to get +1K votes to make some analyses thats worth something, so keep bumping this thread:)



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Your sample will only be of the message board people, and we all know their opinions already. If the survey was in game, it would work, but as it stands, you will have a very slanted sample set.


I agree that its not perfect but in my experience usually the people on the forums will have opinions that are inline or closely inline with the majority of the playerbase. The opinions might be more extreme on the forums in both directions but generally they should lean towards the same conclusions.


If i could hack this poll into the game I would believe me:rolleyes:




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In regard to Biochem, I experienced a bug the last few days and the only thing that fixes it is for me to close out the game and log back in again: I needed Grade 3 biochemical compounds, and one companion returned from a mission to get some, and then when I went to send him out again, there were no missions for it. I refreshed it, changed to an alt and then returned, and it still wasn't there. I quit the game, and logged back in again and it is there.


While I don't have the complaints that others do about certain things, it is this genre of bug that permeates the entire game. There probably isn't a single area that doesn't display some sort of bug when you go to engage it in the game, and I am quite disappointed about this quality.

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It's a good effort, I commend you on that.


However, it's accuracy will be as poor as these forums are. As we know, forums are generally filled with scum with the odd decent poster now and then who is probably at work or can't play for some other reason.


The majority of folk are clever enough not to even come onto the forums. I tend to check the forums out of morbid fascination.

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The survey is well-made. Problem is, it's a self-selection poll and, as such, will not yield useable data and will not help Bioware.


Hi again,


It is a self selected poll yes, thats why I added a disclaimer.


Are stuff missing from the poll? Yes


Will it still be useful and does it still covers many areas? Yes


I believe as I said before some structured feedback to BioWare is better than only random forum posts.


Update: We have after 30 minutes or so of open poll close to 100 people taking the poll. Great! Keep them votes comming!






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