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SWG: Naritus Check In


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Qin I was in dark for a long time as well I used to duel with luk dark cloud all the time lol I'm starting a guild with a few of us from the server if you wanna join


Yo Kryton!


Looks like OG Naritus people are scattered all over the place!


As it is, I might see if server migration will be in soon and then find the server with the most Naritus people to move to. Not sure if I'm up to just deleting my characters at this point, even if they are lowbies atm...


I see you landed on Saber of Exar Kun, will def. make a note of that.


And speaking of O.G's:


Easter bunny?


bmore bmore reporting in. Don't worry i still like to gtef. Man kryton long time. hope you are doing well. What server did u end up rolling on?



'Sup Bmore! I don't think we rolled around together a lot (a few times maybe) because the hours I usually played were different to most of the server, but I definitely know you were always pvp-ing keeping the <DARK> name strong.

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TIG and quite a few of it's original members have landed on Jung Ma.


Yea Qin! I remember u ;p I ended up rolling republic thinking that everyone and their mother was going to roll Empire. RAID is floating around here somewhere too. I saw Knock in the Beta awhile back. I don't know what server they are on.



I ended up rolling on Jung Ma.


So far it has been pretty good community wise. Not to many trolls. I did see TIG in a battle ground the other day and wondered if that was them :) /salute. House D'angles <HA> is also on Jung Ma. They are on Republic side as well. I think zabbie is the GM.

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about 50 of us are on canderous ordo, 2 different allied guilds republic, but i have heard a large segment of naritus got put on shadow hand and vulkar highway as well.


its too bad we all weren't put on same server, i've got a lvl 18 on canderous ordo though, and 2 of my guild mates are lvl 50 allready, i guess i found my home. maybe later on i'll stop by some of the other servers when my characters are established well in crew skills and lvls and gear and vehicles tricked out.


so far the game is amazing guys. i look forward to seeing you online, ps if u really aren't sure of which server to roll on, keep in mind if u dont want to look for new ppl, canderous ordo server is a bastion of the lightside and <RIGHTEOUS PATH> would be glad to have you join our ranks in an effort to restore the greatness of the republic and expel the hordes of the sith at our doorstep.


if you want an invite just ask for dynod in game or look up the guild in game, i'm sure anyone could help you out get started in game.


old swg names you might recognize:



Gicon Nylm

jaxom threadrunner

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I am on Jedi Covenant server, switched to republic side after many years as empire on SWG.


I was a member originally of FATE, based on Dant. FATE disbanded and became EIO. I was a member of EIO's jedi hit squad for a while, needless to say we were not liked very much...lol. I left once the CU hit and came back the day the NGE rolled out. Did not stay more than a day or two after.

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3rd page? Nope!


I played the original =Troll= on SWG Naritus 2003-2004.

Great times.

I had a shop "Troll's Guns & Ammo" outside Coronet.

All I did was craft weapons for the server.


Going Frostclaw.


Holy crap, I bought your blasters all the time. Helped me through my bounty hunter career then!


Anyways, I was Nolcro on Naritus and I am Cuilleain on Vulkar Highway (looks like I'm in the minority here).

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Hey all it's your Original Master Armorsmith checking in. Could not do it without the help of some of these fine guilds represented in this thread. (The joys of trading raw materials instead of credits. A win-win) I was inconvieniently located on Naboo.


I am playing a sith jugg on Kath Hound.

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I am actually on three servers with other Naritusians. On Lord Adrass with the Kor Spera crew, On Sanctum of the Exalted, with some friends from PVAC and CO, and on Darth Bandon with folks from Hired Guns, DOF and PVAC.


I play mostly on Sanctum, so that's where you'll find me most of the time. I have a couple of imps there Thraken-Sal is the main imp, and on the Republic side, Bowen is my main.


On Lord Adrass, I only have two toons, Thraken-Sal is my main Republic, Smuggler. Brianna ia a level 1 Imp agent, never been played lol.


On Darth Bandon, Thrak is a level 7 or 8 Imp Agent, but I don't play there much.




Noticed that I had answered this thread before but hey I now have more info so it's all good lol

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Barafu Firling here -- I spent some time with Lel Gyvon, the Kor Spera Fellowship, RAID, and especially as a prey and hunter in the Hunter's Guild. I haven't settled completely on a server here in TOR.


I'm curious if there are still plans for setting up something like Naritus' SWG Hunter's Guild?

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I'm curious if there are still plans for setting up something like Naritus' SWG Hunter's Guild?


If a Player Bounty system ever happens again, good chance it will be on Terentatek. Cebot, who built and managed the first on Naritus, runs RAID.

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CHIp here, i have a toon on daragon trail, but another with KSF on Lord Adrass.


It's awesome seeing old names i remember in here! I miss being a jedi musician :p


every time i see RAID in the post i feel like either attacking them or running away. good times.

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