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SWG: Naritus Check In


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Omi here.


Funny story. When i first logged in on the first day of early access i randomly picked Jung Ma as a server. Nothing sepecial i just hit that one. So, plodding along and i arrive at the fleet. Put out a question in gen chat and who do i come across? Lord Tigrus!


Actually, its a similar thing that happened to me when i started EQ2. ended up grouping with a fellow necromancer and it turned out to be Mavok

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Isvapra Darkrider here.....

currently on The Bastion server

I came to SWTOR with some old guildies from DoW but they have all pretty much quit playing.

Many good times had back on Naritus before I moved to Flurry and then to Bloodfin towards the end of days. I remember quite a few names from previous posts. Good to see some of us are still around. HMU if you see me in-game.

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Wow, didn't see any of this until now... years later. I was on Naritus for much of SWG's life. Was in ReCon, HONOR, DOW. Once we sever transferred, DOW died and I joined up with SIEGE for the final year of SWG. My heart was with DOW though and I miss that whole crew of good pvp'ers. I was the following and have pretty much the same player names with extras on Po5 server.


Dree-Gho O-Landis - BH/Jedi

Jyee Paco - Commando (Main PVP DPS) The only Grenade spec'd Mando on the server with carbine.

Riino Jaxx - Smuggler (Secondary PVP Crowd Control)

Keeytan Gyous - Jedi/Engineer

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