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  1. Not to rain on anybody's parade by Legacy was never "hyped" for release. It was speculation and altaholics gone wild posting all kinds of crazy speculative non-sense on the forums for months. Bioware eventually acknowledged that the system was in the works and they included what they could for 1.2, the rest will be coming for 1.3 It's not a failure, it's a new feature they've just added and will keep expanding and improving. What MMO has come out with a legacy-type feature that helped rerolls and unlocks this close to launch?
  2. lol@edit I said I didn't care about helmets and never said hoods would cover their entire lekkus, you seem to be assuming things I didn't say. Do you need me to find you pictures of lekkus brought forward or wrapped around necks? Have you watched the movies? Remember this guy? http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/acc/images/species/twilek.jpg How about this for an example? http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lrz82xEosX1qc44j1o1_400.png I fail to see how this is too hard for BW to code properly and like I said, if it is too hard or not worth it, then at the very least make hooded items have the hood pulled back, not just "cut" it and replace it with a horrible turtleneck.
  3. You sound a lot more mature than the OP, I must say. /sarcasm off I can deal with no helmets on Twi'leks. What I can't deal with is the lack of hood or respirators on Twi'leks, that's just lazy ********. There's plenty of lore and pictures of Twi'leks having their lekku's brought forward or around their neck in order to wear hoods. As for the respirators, that just blows the **** out of my mind. I seriously don't get why those don't display. The best part is Vette can wear them just fine. Awesome coding is awesome. And for the love of god, if the hood cannot be displayed because you can't be bothered to design lekkus brought to the front, then at least have the decency to have the chest piece display the hood pulled back, not just a horrible turtleneck.
  4. Server Transfers, I miss my legacy and level 50 credit farm
  5. I guess it could use a revamp to make it more cost effective... but to brand it useless seems a bit over the top. While getting focused, say in Huttball, a properly specced Juggernaut has much better survivability than a Marauder, it's not even close... even considering all the abilities listed above. Invincible (40% dmg reduction) paired with Endure Pain (30% HP) & Enraged Defense (specced as vengeance for an additional 19% dmg reduction), and Soresu Form (6 to 12% dmg reduction). Not going to mention Heavy Armor... This is above 65% damage reduction with 30% more HP and heals proccing. You can still AoE slow, force push, force choke, leap away, AoE mezz... Like someone else mentioned, it has it's place if used properly. It's not meant to be the end all be all of juggernaut survival, it's just an extra tool. That being said, I agree on the rage cost being steep for any spec besides Vengeance.
  6. Keep the useful feedback coming. I'm a good player, rerolled from my Trooper to Sorcerer for 1.2 on a new server, looking to absorb as much info as possible.
  7. Please allow either mergers or server transfers. Also, if mergers worry people for names sake priority, then create a new empty server where 2-3 servers will "merge" into. First transfer, first served. Just like when the game launched, whoever got into the game first got to pick names first.
  8. I don't really care to get into a big argument with the rest of you, but I wanted to say that I was gone for about a month and came back to find that 75% of the people I played with moved on or rerolled. It's kind of sad I rerolled on a new server to play with friends, and that server is much more active and fun than my previous one. I can't help but feel like this is one of the major reasons why people are leaving. If it doesn't feel like an MMO because there's nobody around, then people get bored and move on. Server transfers do need to happen, and they need to happen fast. I would LOVE to have my level 50's along with it's legacy unlocks and all my credits over on the new server, it bothers me that I'm losing all those benefits but I keep playing because I really want this game to succeed, even if it feels like it's lacking so many things compared to other MMO's I play. Anyways, that is my input, it doesn't mean I'm right or that my opinion is better than anyone else's, I just can't help but feel like crowded servers would create better communities and would alleviate the problem with the amount of people leaving. It feels like a real problem, beyond missing features or bugs. (Twi'leks without hoods? :/ )
  9. This. This dude speaks the truth. I rolled on Tarro Blood, along with everyone on my guild from WoW, back during early access the server was capped with a queue. I had high hopes that once Bioware would increase the cap, more people would come in and we would have a health high pop server. Tarro Blood is now pretty much dead. At best, we have Standard Population. Merge 2 Standard Pop servers and you now have 1 single High/Full server with a thriving community and economy to play with. There's zero downside to merging.
  10. I went mostly LS but reached 50 with about 2000DS... there's just too many Imps and Scumbags that are just simply asking for it... I can't stand people who play pure light or pure dark, THAT is boring. I thought the story was great, so great in fact that I'm half way through my second trooper, Vanguard this time around!
  11. Hahahahahahahaha... But really, he has a point Rofl
  12. I'm currently in the process of leveling my 2nd trooper, Vanguard this time around. Unfortunately, without DPS meters it's incredibly difficult to judge damage properly, but I'm pretty sure nothing comes close to my Gunnery during OPs or HM FP's. I'll have better feedback once I get done powerleveling the vanguard to 50, but as it stands... nobody in my guild can come close to my trooper lol, it's kind of sad. Currently running full Columi with a few odd Rakata 20100HP 40% dmg reduction (through Charged Barrier) I actually "tanked" a couple HM FP's 'cause we got bored and had no tanks around. 1 healer, 3 dps As for someone with the "burst damage" argument... I've yet to see any other class be able to pull the ridiculous burst my Gunnery can pull with a streak of 3 crits which happens frequently. I see these numbers multiple times per encounters: GR crit for 4600(36% crit + 15% set bonus) HIB crit for 3100ish (this can reach 4k+ with 5 stacks of sunder) DR crit for 3500ish This happens in approximately 1.7ish seconds (not factoring the initial 1.4s cast on GR, the actual damage happens through GR hitting, HIB hitting(GCD), DR hits. Also, I don't normally do the following as it is not ammo efficient, but in Khaon for example where we need 1 of the mobs bursted down even faster, I'll throw Sticky Grenade first and then do the chain mentioned above; SG>GR>HIB>DR... there isn't many Strongs that survive through this. And if for some reason, that mob is still standing and headed for you, I'll often do the following: GR Tech Override + GR Stockstrike I'll usually get 1 to 2 crits out of 3 again, and similar burst in limited time, 1.4s + 2 instants It's ridiculous with my crit & surge relic going... And since we don't have damage meters, the best way I found to judge damage output is by judging threat output; I consistently pull aggro off the tanks even tho I'm spamming Diversion every CD. Perhaps it's just buggy threat on certain skills, but if threat follows the same curve than damage output, then other DPSers would be pulling threat too if they had similar burst & dmg to my Gunnery... That being said, I'm truly interested to see how much fun Vanguard is going to be later on, I can't wait.
  13. The only one I can't solo is the H4 Lol, it's seriously easy to make money at 50... if you don't have any, you're just being lazy.
  14. It's really not exaggeration, if you pick the blue chests instead of the mods/armors/enhancs, you can sell those items on the GTN or even vendor them and you'll easily make 300k a day. Nevermind all the greens, blues, epics and oranges you get from the H2 and H4. Ontop of all this, you get a LOT of trash that sells for a lot of credits. 300k is easily attainable every day, especially if you do the space ones too.
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