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  1. @EricMusco Can you please update us on a state of things? What other changes can we expect? It's been 3 months now since you promised more changes.
  2. The doublebladed lightsaber you get on Korriban is my main.
  3. Are you using the Steam launcher or the official launcher?
  4. I don't want this thread to die. Please make the Spring Event outfits Bound to Legacy or at least go to collections.
  5. +1 Still sitting at max legacy storage, and I'm tired of juggling.
  6. Nope. Someone actually posted the same thing here in suggestions at least 2 months ago. +1
  7. Broadsword doesn't have the time or staff to write that much of a diverging story branch. It would also hurt things going further post 7/8.x
  8. I stopped doing it because the rewards aren't legacy bound. I have too many characters to earn 1 of each for all of them, and I have too many characters to pick and choose the lucky 1 to receive the rewards.
  9. You have to at least purchase the current expansion. If B3-S1 isn't substantially better than Vette/Z0-0M with DPS/Healing, then I see no point in upgrading B3-S1. I don't care about the "show-off" factor.
  10. "Servers are going down in 15 for maintenance" Thanks
  11. Satele Shan server takes 5-10 minutes to log into, and teleports are half working. The server is having some kind of malfunction at the moment. Everything else looks fine, and others on the fleet confirm that same.
  12. I tried to use the word "Koda" in a name, and it wouldn't let me. I don't know the harm in that word, but "Koda" is the the Japanese word for Coder.
  13. I work there. Trust me, bro. If true. I have but one question. "What would you say you do here"
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