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  1. Hey Community! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ve investigated and the drop rates are in fact lower than intended. We made an internal change to how these drops are distributed and it unintentionally reduced the drop rate of the Galactic Season Reputation items. We will be fixing this in an upcoming patch, and the drop rates will return to what you remember!
  2. Hey Community! During the 7.4 livestream we said we would be increasing access to Rakata gear but I only mentioned OP-1 Catalysts from Master Mode chapters. I’m back to talk about the second change we’ll be implementing for this initiative. With 7.4, players will be able to obtain OP-1 Catalysts by exchanging Conquest Commendations and FP-1 Stabilizers. You will be able to make these currency conversions in the Supplies section of the Fleet, at the Conquest Gear Vendor and Flashpoint Gear Vendor. Here are the conversion rates: 400 Conquest Commendations -> 100 FP-1 Stabilizers 2000 Conquest Commendations -> 175 OP-1 Catalysts 500 FP-1 Stabilizers -> 175 OP-1 Catalysts I also wanted to thank everyone for the feedback and discussion around the OP-1 Catalysts from Master Chapters. Based on the feedback we will be adjusting the OP-1 Catalyst reward from Master Chapters slightly, to 10 OP-1 Catalysts per chapter (up from 8). As mentioned, we will also be looking into options to make the reward available to the entire group in a later update. We’ll continue to monitor feedback surrounding gear, so please keep the discussion going. I’m off though, I need to pick up some oil for the Gravestone. It’s going to get a lot of use soon!
  3. Hey Players! I’m back to quickly touch on changes coming in 7.3.1 regarding Kai Zykken and his Spoils of War set bonus armors. We’ve gone through a few iterations of distributing these armors and various bugs have popped up preventing the system from working as intended. Well no longer! In 7.3.1 players will discover Kai Zykken has disappeared from the Fleet pending investigation by both the Republic and Empire! Instead, set bonus armors will be directly purchasable in armor crates from a new vendor in the same location on the Fleet. Each crate will contain all pieces of the set bonus armor, and will cost 10,000 Tech Fragments and 1,000,000 credits. Please note the set bonuses obtained by Armormech and Synthweaving schematics will not be purchasable in crates, but the schematics will always be available on the new vendor for the current price of 2,000 Tech Fragments and 1,000,000 credits. The tactical schematics for Armstech, Artifice, Biochem, and Cybertech will also remain available from the vendor for the current price of 2,000 Tech Fragments and 1,000,000 credits. Gotta run! I have to chase down a rumor on Rishi about the Corellian Run Scoundrels.
  4. FIRST! (dangit Joe!) Hey Community! I’m here to follow up on some additional changes you’ll see in Galactic Season 5! Here’s your tl;dr for the min/maxers: New objectives for companions, space missions, and operations Changes to Flashpoint and Uprising objectives More objectives for Subscribers New Objectives: Looking at the content offerings of Galactic Seasons, we have added a few new objectives with the goals of creating more variety in play, and making objectives easier to understand. Objectives involving companions have been expanded to require companions in specific roles Defeat enemies with a companion set to the DPS role Defeat enemies with a companion set to the Heal role Defeat enemies with a companion set to the Tank role Space Mission objectives have been split into regular and Heroic objectives Complete Space Missions Complete [HEROIC] Space Missions New objectives will be added for players doing Operations content Complete specified Operations on Story difficulty Complete specified Operations on Veteran or Master difficulty Reworking Group Content Objectives: With Season 5, we’ll be making changes to Flashpoint and Uprising objectives. Previously these objectives used a point system which allowed players to complete any Flashpoint and gain bonus completion for specific flashpoints. Throughout Galactic Seasons we’ve seen that this point system has a large potential to create bugs and makes it harder to understand how to progress the objective. We will be simplifying these objectives to remove the do any portion and the bonus boss portion. Here’s an example of an objective from Season 4 and how that objective will appear in Season 5. Season 4: Complete Flashpoints (1 point). Earn bonus progress for completing Depths of Manaan, Assault on Tython, Korriban Incursion, or Secrets of the Enclave (requires content) (4 points). Earn additional bonus progress for defeating their Bonus Bosses (3 points). Season 5: Complete Flashpoints from the following list: Depths of Manaan, Assault on Tython, Korriban Incursion, or Secrets of the Enclave (requires content). This same pattern of change will apply to Uprisings, requiring the player to complete specific Uprisings rather than any Uprising. More Objectives for Subscribers: We’ve heard your feedback on adding more group content to Galactic Seasons, and specifically more Operations content. To achieve this, we will be adding an additional subscriber or preferred only objective each week, increasing the number of objectives available to players from 10 to 11. Players will still only be able to complete 7 objectives per week but will have more options available. This new objective will create more opportunities for players to tackle Uprisings, Chapters, and Operations! Those are your objective changes coming to Galactic Season 5. We’re excited for the new season to release and can’t wait for you all to experience it. As always keep the constructive feedback coming and we’ll continue to make Galactic Seasons the best SWTOR experience for everyone. Bryant out! May the Force be With You
  5. Hi all! Poking back in to respond, thanks so much for the comments and feedback so far. A common question is if we’ll be reducing the Weekly Arena Missions similar to the Arena Objectives. The answer is we will! I’ll update the initial post as well as list the information below. Reduced the requirements for PvP Arena Weekly Missions: [DAILY] My Kind of Scum Now requires 4 Arena Matches (Wins count x3) - down from 6 [DAILY] Arena of Death! Now requires 4 Arena Matches (Wins count x3) - down from 6 [WEEKLY] Time for Pain! Now requires 16 Arena Matches (Wins count x3) - down from 24 [WEEKLY] Go Berserk! Now requires 16 Arena Matches (Wins count x3) - down from 24 As always, please keep the constructive feedback coming to make PvP Season the best experience yet!
  6. Hey Community! I wanted to touch on some changes to Arena objectives coming in PvP Season 3. When we were building out the Seasonal Objectives for Arenas, to keep it simple we made it require double the amount of Warzones given their relative time commitment in theory. However, in practice we know that the time it takes in many cases for Arenas isn’t exactly half a Warzone. In season 3 we’ll be lowering Arena objective requirements to be closer in alignment with our goals and feel a bit more in line with Warzone Objectives in their time to complete. The updated objective requirements will be: Arenas: Decorated Earn at least 7 medals in 6 Arena matches (down from 8 matches) Arenas: Combatant Play 12 Arena matches (down from 16 matches) Arenas: Domination Win 4 Arena matches (down from 6 matches) Update: We also reduced the requirements for PvP Arena Weekly Missions: [DAILY] My Kind of Scum Now requires 4 Arena Matches (Wins count x3) - down from 6 [DAILY] Arena of Death! Now requires 4 Arena Matches (Wins count x3) - down from 6 [WEEKLY] Time for Pain! Now requires 16 Arena Matches (Wins count x3) - down from 24 [WEEKLY] Go Berserk! Now requires 16 Arena Matches (Wins count x3) - down from 24 Please keep the constructive feedback coming, as we look to improve our PvP Seasons system. We hope you enjoy the upcoming PvP Season 3! Gotta run, I guess Kai Zykken needs help crafting a… tiny Mawvorr net?
  7. Hey everyone, thanks for your feedback regarding the addition of Galactic Starfighter to the PvP Season track! The team has taken a look at the issues you’ve raised surrounding the current state of Galactic Starfighter such as the medals, objectives, skill gap, and bugs. After evaluating this feedback we’ve come to the conclusion that GSF is not in a good position to be added to the PvP Seasons track at this time. Thank you again for your constructive feedback regarding this change! We will continue to monitor PvP Seasons and your feedback to improve PvP Seasons going forward.
  8. Hey Community! In patch 7.3, we will be making some changes in an effort to reduce the complexity of Gear Progression in the Legacy of the Sith expansion. I wanted to take some time to discuss these changes with you. Removal of Daily Resource Matrices Daily Resource Matrices, rewarded mostly from Daily and Heroic missions, are going to be removed and activities that used to reward DRMs will instead reward Conquest Commendations. This removal will also make it so players of PvP, Flashpoints, and Operations will no longer be required to play Daily or Heroic areas to upgrade their gear (more details on this later in the post). Players won’t need to do anything to prepare for this currency removal. During maintenance for the 7.3 patch all Daily Resource Matrices and their boxes will be converted into Conquest Commendations. You’ll receive 1 Conquest Commendation for each Daily Resource Matrix. More breathing room on currency caps We’ve heard your feedback on the frustration currency caps cause and will be raising the weekly caps for progression currency as follows: Increased the weekly cap of Conquest Commendations to 6000 (up from 2500). Increased the total cap of Conquest Commendations 4000 (up from 2500) to account for the removal of Daily Resource Matrices. Increased the weekly cap of FP-1 Stabilizers to 3000 (up from 1200). The total cap will remain at 2500. Increased the weekly cap of WZ-1 Accelerant to 2000 (up from 1200). The total cap will remain at 1200. Increased the weekly cap of OP-1 Catalyst to 2000 (up from 1200). The total cap will remain at 1200. Fewer currencies required to upgrade gear We will also be reducing the currencies required to upgrade gear, allowing players to better focus on the content they enjoy. Here are the coming changes, organized by their vendor. Conquest Gear Vendor: To Purchase Gear => Conquest Commendations, Credits To Upgrade Gear => Previous Gear Piece,Conquest Commendations, Credits Flashpoint Gear Vendor: To Purchase Gear => Flashpoint Stabilizers, Credits To Upgrade Gear => Previous Gear Piece, Flashpoint Stabilizers, Credits Operations Gear Vendor: To Purchase Gear => Operation Catalysts, Credits To Upgrade Gear => Previous Gear Piece, Operation Catalysts, Credits PvP Gear Vendor: To Purchase Gear => PvP Accelerants, Credits To Upgrade Gear => Previous Gear Piece, PvP Accelerants, Credits Legendary Implants Vendor: To Purchase => Conquest Commendations, Tech Fragments, Credits To Upgrade => Previous Implant, Conquest Commendations, Tech Fragments, Credits, Previous Implant These will not be the final changes to Gear and Progression, so please continue to send your constructive feedback on these changes and overall progression. Gotta jet, Lonndar Eadwinn has something really interesting to show me and I’m already late! This thread will reopen for feedback once PTS goes live. We wanted to give everyone time to read over the changes first. Thread is now opened (05/05/2023) Players can provide feedback on the Gear Progression coming to 7.3. Be sure to read this initial post before jumping on the PTS. Have you run into any bugs? If so, please offer step by step details so we may be able to reproduce your experience. Is there any other general feedback you would like to share?
  9. Hey there! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We took and look and in a future update the droid from Summon Guild Bank will change to purple to be consistent with Guild Banks.
  10. Hey SWTOR community! We’re into the development stages of Galactic Season 4 now, so it’s a great time to gather your feedback! We want to hear your thoughts on Galactic Seasons and how they can be improved in the future. To make this feedback request easier, here’s a quick recap of our Galactic Seasons system. What are Galactic Seasons? Galactic Seasons is a reward track that aims to encourage players to explore various parts of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Galactic Seasons provides high-value rewards, centered around a new companion each season. How do I make progress during a Galactic Season? Progressing a Galactic Season requires earning Season Points. These points can be gained in a variety of ways to progress through the 100 levels of the reward track. Each day players can earn Season Points by acquiring 25,000 Conquest Points. Each week players can complete up to 7 Season Objectives from a pool of 10 to earn larger amounts of Season Points. Season Objectives require the player to complete content such as Flashpoints, Operations, Daily Areas, PvP, Crafting, World Exploration, and more. Season Points are also rewarded as part of the Daily Login system. What can I earn by playing a Galactic Season? The Galactic Season reward tracks provides items such as New Companions Companion customizations Season armor set Season mount Cartel packs including Weapons, Armor, Mounts, Decorations, and Ultimate Cartel Packs Galactic Seasons Tokens Decorations Titles Cartel Coins Dye Packs How do I raise my Companion’s influence level and progress their reputation track when a season isn’t active? Each seasonal companion comes paired with a Reputation Track related to their story. While that companion’s Galactic Season is active, players can earn reputation trophies from group content and defeating mobs around the galaxy. When the companion’s Galactic Season is not active players can still obtain reputation trophies by defeating mobs around the galaxy as long as that desired companion is fighting with you! To earn more influence for the companion players can defeat mobs around the galaxy or use the companion in crew skill activities. What if I can’t play the entire season? To be respectful of our players’ time, players who fall behind the pace of a season can use credits to Catch-Up some missed levels. This Catch-Up mechanic unlocks part way through the season, but players are only able to use Credits to purchase up to a defined level. Completing a Galactic Season will always require player effort. Players are also able to purchase ahead levels using Cartel Coins. What Seasons have already happened? If you want to revisit past seasons before making your responses, check out their launch articles here: Galactic Season 1: The Stranger from Kubindi Galactic Season 2: Shadows of the Underworld Galactic Season 3: Luck of the Draw Now onto the feedback questions! We want to continually improve Galactic Seasons and keep the system exciting for players so we have some questions for you all. How are you enjoying the Galactic Season system overall? Do you like the Companions offered through a Galactic Season? Is there any way you think the Companions can be improved? What companion has been your favorite so far? Do you like the rewards offered from Galactic Seasons? Are there rewards you wish were included in the reward track? Do you enjoy the content used in Season Objectives? Are there parts of the game you wish you saw more, or less? Have you been able to complete Galactic Seasons? Do you feel the season requires too much effort, or is too easy to complete? How does completing a Galactic Season fit into your desired play session? Are you able to progress the Season while doing your normal activities, or do you feel Galactic Seasons prevent you from completing the content you enjoy? Do you have any other feedback or suggestions for Galactic Seasons? Please answer as many questions as you want! We’ll be gathering and using this feedback as we develop Season 4 and beyond to continue providing the best version of Galactic Seasons for our players. One thing we want to address as we expect feedback around it, is the change to Cartel Coin rewards that came with Galactic Season 3. I want to provide more context around this change for players. One goal of Galactic Seasons is to provide an opportunity for players to earn some Cartel Coins for their efforts in game. This helps players obtain Galactic Season rewards on alternate characters via Collections and allows players to experience the Cartel Market and the awesome armors, weapons, and other items the team creates. For this reason we rewarded Cartel Coins directly from the Galactic Seasons reward track. After a couple seasons’ worth of data, some things came to our attention. The initial collections unlock prices were not set to our standard values, and players to a surprisingly large degree were using the system in an unintended way by completing Galactic Seasons across multiple servers to earn a large amount of Cartel Coins. The combination of this flood of Cartel Coins and low Collection unlock prices unfortunately contributed to worsening the economic inflation the community has been facing and the team has been fighting against. To combat this situation, we decreased the overall Cartel Coin grant from the Galactic Season reward track from 4000 to 2000, replaced the removed Cartel Coins with Ultimate Cartel Packs, and increased the Collections unlock prices to our standard prices. By rewarding Ultimate Cartel Packs we can maintain the goal of allowing players to experience the offerings of the Cartel Market and earn valuable items to wear or sell. While reducing the Cartel Coins rewarded, we made sure to keep our goal that players can unlock all items earned during a Galactic Season in Collections for alternate characters. Players who do wish to complete Galactic Seasons on multiple servers will still receive extra Cartel Coins and Ultimate Cartel Packs, but the new amounts will have a lesser impact on inflation and the economy. We thank you all for understanding that these changes maintain the goals of Galactic Seasons and continue to battle our economic inflation. It’s our continued desire to provide the best experience in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Catch you later, I’m off to give a rundown of the Galaxy to our Season 4 companion! Bryant
  11. Hey everyone! I wanted to jump into this thread to confirm some things for you all. As you've calculated, PvP Seasons requires 280 points for each level. Over 25 levels this gets you to (280 * 25 = 7,000) points to complete the season. Earning the maximum points in a single week (1,000) will see you progress (1,000/280 = 3.5714..) levels. There's a lot more numbers on the end there! The PvP Seasons UI rounds values to give a visual indication of progress, and in this case it will show progress of 3.5 levels. Rest assured you'll have the ability to earn all points required to max the PvP Season! PvP Seasons last 12 weeks so players need to earn 7,000 out of the possible 12,000 points. I hope this clears things up for you, and maybe I'll see you in the Arenas this season!
  12. Hey there! Sorry to hear Hyde and Zeek don't seem to be honoring their word. We aren't aware of any issues impacting Hyde and Zeek right now, can I confirm some things with you for me to look into this? What Discipline is Arrassar? You have the mission "Zeek's Deconstruction: 330 Prototype"? You deconstructed a Supreme Decurion Earpiece? Also to clarify since there's been question! Relics, non-legendary Implants, and Earpieces will count towards the Zeek's Deconstruction missions.
  13. Hi again everyone! Wanted to pop into the thread one more time to thank you for responding. As mentioned in the first post we will be using this feedback in future development of Operations. I've passed on all points about balance and difficulty in R4, and going forward for gearing we'll look to address: Gear from Story mode allowing a smoother transition into Veteran mode. Increasing accessibility of rare drops based on effort. Adjustments in the way vanity armor sets are obtained.
  14. Checking in here! Thanks you to everyone for your feedback on Gearing Changes in 7.2. Based on feedback we'll be reducing the drop rate of Systech gear lower than what you've experienced on PTS, which will raise the drop rate of currency bags.
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