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  1. They have 'graciously' allowed preferred status to post in forums now. My sub ran out a few days ago. I've not transferred anything because I'm not eligible. I haven't commented any further on this as it is all done and dusted. They can't now offer free transfers as they would have to deal with the issue of those who have already paid to move their characters. Do they give refunds? No way that is going to happen. So I've moved on again. I'm playing Conan Exiles.
  2. All I know is that if there aren't free transfers for at least current subscribers and/or former APAC players then once my subscription ends at the end of the month this game will go back into hiatus and be as forgotten as it has been for the last 5 years for me. This was the only thing that peaked my interest in the game again and had me excited to play, but alas it seems no one who has the power to welcome former players back seems to care about such things. I hope all those who qualify have fun on SV and I do hope the server keeps a healthy population for you all. Farewell.
  3. I'm sorry, but any game that allows you to buy items with real money then resell them for in game currency has no stable economy on any server. It's only a matter of time before SV is no different than the rest because of the Cartel Market.
  4. Unfortunately I do not meet those requirements. I was waiting to hear when transfers were going to be available before re-subscribing, alas not expecting to hear that I was supposed to have been subscribed at the start of January to even be eligible. I have only just now re-subscribed for one month only, my sub is already cancelled again. I would have subscribed for 6 months if I was eligible for free transfers as I would be playing the game to it's fullest again with the characters I've grown attached to back on my home region server. I don't even care about the credit cap, I just want my original characters back where they came from on a server where I can actually participate in multiplayer activities without having to deal with horrendous lag. For now though, I guess I'm back to logging in once or twice a month to run around for a hour on an old character purely for nostalgia's sake as a free solo player and nothing more.
  5. I just don't understand why the transfers aren't free for at least current subscribers. At the moment you can freely transfer between the two US servers, why wouldn't they offer the bare minimum to repopulate the new Oceanic server? I haven't played the game seriously since my characters were moved to a US server as my ping is normally 400-600ms. I've remained unsubscribed for years since there wasn't anything related to multiplayer that I could realistically hope to accomplish with that much lag. Now there is a chance to come back and do those things but they are now locked behind what I consider an unreasonable paywall (especially considering my characters were moved to a US server out of my control and now I'm expected to pay to have them moved back?!). All I want to do is remain subscribed and be able to play the game fully again. If I have to remain on a US server and deal with the lag there is no reason to remain subscribed or return to the game in any serious manner.
  6. As an original APAC player I was really looking forward to the launch of the new Oceanic server. I have been waiting patiently for transfers to open up so that I could re-subscribe and then move all my characters (who were moved to a US server when the old Oceanic servers were shutdown) back to my original region. Only to now find out that I was supposed to have subscribed back in January? How was I supposed to know that? My characters were forcibly moved and now I have to pay just to bring them back to where they were originally. A little disappointed now as I had hopes things would change under Broadsword.
  7. Rather an insidious move to make players who were originally on Oceanic servers before they were shut down and had all their characters moved to US ones, have to pay just to return to their original region. There should be free transfers for at least all Preferred and current Subscribers at a minimum. But there should be free transfers for all those who were forcibly moved from their original region to begin with.
  8. SWtoR without the Star Wars skin is called World of Warcraft.. so would you play WoW for free.., is the real question.
  9. I re-subbed just to get access to the new story content but now I've finished it there really isn't any other reason to remain subbed at this stage.
  10. As per the new Refer A Friend, Preferred status can now try the new expansion chapter 1 for free.
  11. Visited my Nar Shaddaa stonghold today to find a new item placed there which does not belong to me. Some strange beast just chillaxing near my fabricator droid. It is blocking hooks and can't be removed, as shown in the screenshots. I logged in with other characters and they all see it. I quit the game and logged back in, still there. http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w300/Yaumul/Screenshot_2016-12-13_01_03_14_941036.jpg http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w300/Yaumul/Screenshot_2016-12-13_01_03_52_907207.jpg
  12. Would like to request a way to unlock the Dark Side eye colors of bright orange and bright red for all characters permanently. Especially non-human characters who don't have other bright eye options. Currently they are tied to your Dark Side rank but with the new Galactic Command system it's very difficult to stay at Dark 1 if you wanted to just keep the bright orange eyes for your character. Unlock either via purchase with cartel coins from the market or via the customization terminal. Another alternative would be to 'earn' the unlocks by reaching Dark side 1 and above. Once your reach Dark 1 you have the option to choose bright orange eyes at the customization terminal and you can earn bright red by reaching a higher Dark side level. My Twi'lek Sorcerer has been Dark 1 for years just to keep her eyes bright orange.. but it is a chore now to try and keep her in balance, constantly swapping back and forth between light and dark so she remains Dark 1.... just for the eye color Look into my eyes! http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w300/Yaumul/swtor%202016-12-06%2018-02-38-24.png Thanks.
  13. There is no lvl 70 token that I'm aware of. There is a 60 and 65 one. Token characters don't unlock any for legacy since they skip the entire original storyline.
  14. That is correct.. it was EITHER Light or Dark and Light won. You had to unlock Eternal Level to be able to recruit her.
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