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  1. Hi everyone, The Satele Shan server is now back online. Thank you for your patience!
  2. Hi all, We will be taking down the Satele Shan server in approximately 15 minutes. Once the server is back up, I will update this thread again. Estimated downtime is 1 hour. Thanks!
  3. Hey all! We've been keeping an eye on the feedback coming in from this thread. and wanted to say we will be making some adjustments to help with this friction point. Will come back with more details when I have them. Appreciate the feedback!
  4. Hey everyone, We are aware of an issue players are experiencing with extended loading times on the Satele Shan server. We're looking into it! When we have more info, I will update this thread. Thanks!
  5. Hey all, Popping in here to say that this thread has some valuable feedback on the time and effort players are putting into getting the event's Achievements. It was intended for some Achievements to roll over into next year's event and be obtainable then but you all knocked these out of the park. So the team will definitely be taking in this player experience feedback. Also want to reiterate that this is indeed a bug and a fix is coming. But as stated above, the fix won't be coming before the event ends. So the Gentle Heart Achievement can only be obtained when the event rolls around again. I know this isn't what you all want to hear but we wanted to be transparent about the patch's timing, setting expectations, and offer some insight into how we wanted Achievements to work for this event.
  6. Hi everyone, The Galactic Seasons 6 objectives have been updated for June 18 - July 30. Please note that these are the final weeks for GS6! Thanks!
  7. Hi all, The online purchasing issues have been resolved. Thanks for your patience!
  8. Hi everyone, EA is currently experiencing issues with its online services and the appropriate teams are investigating. This means that players will have issues with making online purchases including Cartel Coins and Subscriptions. When we have more info, I will update this thread. Thanks!
  9. Good morning! We will be taking down servers in approximately 15 minutes to deploy Game Update 7.5a. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, 7.5a patch notes are now available. Full list can be found here. See you tomorrow morning!
  11. Hey everyone, We're going to be taking down servers next week to deploy Game Update 7.5a. Time: 7am CT / 12pm UTC Estimated downtime: 3 hours As always, patch notes will be found here on Monday.
  12. until
    EN: The launch of Game Update 7.5 marks the debut and beginning of the Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival Event! This is an annual event that completes SWTOR’s seasonal event calendar. What can players do in the event? Even heroes need a break every now and then. What better way to pass the time than relaxing on a cozy farmstead on Dantooine? When the event is active, players can pick up the mission on the Fleet and make their way to Blba Groves, a secondary landing point on the planet Dantooine. Players will find themselves the owner of a brand new farmstead, but something is not quite right as an unknown threat lingers on the land. After completing two story missions, players can access the repeatable event missions. More info here! FR: La mise à jour 7.5 marquera le début du festival de l'abondance du printemps de Dantooine ! Il s'agit d'un événement annuel qui s'ajoute au calendrier des événements saisonniers de SWTOR. En quoi consiste l'événement ? Même les héros ont parfois besoin de se reposer. Quoi de mieux pour passer le temps que de se détendre dans une ferme confortable sur Dantooine ? Lorsque l'événement est actif, les joueurs et les joueuses peuvent obtenir la mission sur la flotte avant de rejoindre le bosquet de blba, un point d'atterrissage secondaire sur la planète Dantooine. Ils se retrouveront alors propriétaires d'une ferme flambant neuve ! Mais attention, ils auront tôt fait de découvrir qu'une menace inconnue rôde sur leurs terres. Après avoir terminé deux missions d'histoire, les joueurs et les joueuses auront accès aux missions d'événement répétables. Cliquez ICI pour en savoir plus. DE: In Spiel-Update 7.5 feiert der Frühlingsfest der Fülle auf Dantooine als Event sein Debüt! Dieses jährliche Event rundet den saisonalen Event-Kalender von SWTOR ab. Was könnt ihr während des Events machen? Selbst Helden brauchen gelegentlich eine Pause. Wo könnte man sich besser entspannen, als auf einer behaglichen Farm auf Dantooine? Während das Event aktiv ist, könnt ihr die Mission auf der Flotte annehmen, um nach Blba Groves, einem zweiten Landepunkt auf dem Planeten Dantooine, zu fliegen. Ihr gelangt in den Besitz eurer eigenen Farm, aber irgendetwas stimmt nicht, da eine unbekannte Gefahr auf dem Land lauert. Nach dem Abschluss von zwei Story-Missionen haben die Spieler:innen Zugriff auf die wiederholbaren Event-Missionen. Weitere Informationen findet ihr hier.
  13. Hey everyone, Heads up that we will be deploying a fix for the following main story path issues: Players are unable to complete KotFE: Chapter IX due to Sana Rae not spawning in the Alliance Base on Odessen. Players are unable to complete KotFE: Chapter XI due to an issue with the final cutscene getting stuck. Objectives for the “General Faraire” and “The Gormak King” missions will not progress if the Silver Elite enemy is defeated before other common enemies. WORKAROUND: Leave the phase and reset the missions. To make progress, defeat common enemies before defeating the Silver Elite enemy. We will not need to take down servers to deploy these fixes, however, players may be kicked out to the main menu at the time the fixes are deployed. In the event that happens, simply log back into the game as normal. We are estimating that the fixes will go out in approximately one hour from the time of this post. Thanks all!
  14. Hello everyone! Servers are now back online! There's quite a bit in this update, so please read through all the 7.5 related articles before you jump into the new content! Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival Event Basilisk Prototype Venture (story players, please read how Lane's STORY missions will behave with this update) PvP Seasons 6 "Great Pirate Hunt" New Cartel Market items Thanks all!
  15. Good morning everyone! We will be taking down servers in approximately 15 minutes to deploy Game Update 7.5 "Desperate Defiance". Reminder that the estimated down time is 4 hours. Thanks!
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