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  1. No, the class that was designed to kill healers is commonly regarded as weak in the first place and was buffed, despite being strong enough already- but nobody plays it because the style that is particularly efficient against healers is a) hard to play and b) doesn't generate OMG OVER 9000 crits.
  2. No. Worst launch I've seen in a long time and lots of stuff that's either unfinished or broken by design.
  3. Why would you tie this to GW2? SW is either fun or it isn't. In my case it's the latter, but that has nothing to do with other games.
  4. This pretty much describes EVE ;-)
  5. Well if you think being recognized for doing good work is fun, then MVP votes are kind of relevant, no?
  6. Level 50 PVP isn't impossible, it's just not as fun as 10-49 PVP, not by a long stretch...
  7. They don't, they just want to leave their thoughts here. Now since you did in fact reply to the thread, it appears that you did consider it profound enough to ponder after all, though...
  8. EVE has these features but it's not for everyone.
  9. That's not what he said. He said out of 108 bags, he got 12 items. For this sample of 108 bags, the drop rate is ~10%. With a sample size of 108 bags that either means it's really more like 10%, or there is a huge margin, both of which is bad.
  10. Next we'll probably have threads about OP classes just standing behind the hazards having the ball passed to them from below...
  11. Poor old SWG (mostly) UO (originally) DAoC EVE Online Fallen Earth .. Anyway you're missing the point. The PVP gear grind is broken because you go from easy > hardest > hard > medium > easy again. Compare to the PVE gear grind where you grind your way up easy > medium > hard > hardest.
  12. PVP in this game really isn't good, but that doesn't mean complaints from people who don't understand their classes or their opponents' classes are suddenly and magically valid.
  13. Healers don't get MVP votes because the play particularly well. They get them because if they really focus on healing, they can't get as many medals as everyone else. Obviously you can tell whether that was the case by looking at the medals they got. But all in all it's just a clutch to keep healers interested in healing in PVP until the stupid medal system is fixed.
  14. Except you can get that debuff to reset without putting yourself in a position from which you can't get back to the ledge above your goal line.
  15. Tanks who guard me instead of running ahead when everybody else is also not running ahead are the most annoying thing ever :/ Keeping the ball for too long is not how you win this game.
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