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  1. You're asking for honesty from a company that through some clever spin in how a financial report was released, has continued to let people believe that subscription numbers for a quarter ending Dec 31, 2011 were current as of Feb 1 2012? Ya, ok
  2. Unsubscribed in just about 2 hours. Too tired of standing in fleet for hours on end spamming LFG messages when I want to see the most fun content. Off to test another game. A game with a functioning LFG tool in it already in the early closed beta stage. GG Biofail.
  3. So so many have left already. Unfortunately they still have time to rip off the Auzzies and Asians before the truth comes out about how many have bought the game and left due to the very poor design decisions.
  4. I'd like to stay and play, but it's just too frustrating. Not to mention the added frustration of knowing without a shadow of doubt in my mind how stupid it is to gimp the game by not having a cross-server LFG tool already. Heck, it should have been there at release, since thousands of people have posted their frustration regarding finding groups since release. There were people identifying this problem, and the obvious solution to this problem, since pre-release as a matter of fact. Still nothing but empty words and very vague promises (if you can even call them that) though.
  5. How silly. For so long now we've had to read the horsepucky about how cross-server LFG tools ruin the fantasized community, and now we start to read "Forget about joining a guild for friendships and camaraderie. Join one and use it for gear!"
  6. The unfortunate thing about all this is that these designers apparently have no idea about the history of the genre, and how design teams have consistently gotten themselves and their games in dire straights when game designers start trying to be amateur gamer sociologists. Especially when they very clearly don't have the gaming experiences to base any of that amateur gamer sociology on.
  7. You are joking right? maybe you should look up what the people that designed the game have to say about how "successful" SWG was before they started making the changes. You'll see that it was anything but successful.
  8. I was actually coming from the position that SWTOR left out many modern features that mmo gamers desire, including myself, and is essentially a 8 to 10 year old game. I've been playing mmos for 12+ years now. I'm just not stuck in the past, and I remember that players wanted the modern features that came about, and appreciate them.
  9. No one cares what you RP as, which is as it should be.
  10. Yet the average age of WoW players is between 25 to 35 years old. You know, the demographic that just about every major product out there would kill to attract.......
  11. Except for the choices when recieving quests, there is absolutely nothing unique about SWTOR. Zip. What can be said about SWTOR is that it is retro. As in, it's the type of game one would have experienced 8 to 10 years ago. So saying "SWTOR should stand on it's own feet" is completely idiotic, since it's in fact standing on outdated features and concepts that mmo gamers have evolved past.
  12. I'm not going "back to WoW". That game isn't the only one with LFG tools that work, and more games are coming out soon that are making sure they have functioning LFG tools in place at release. As I have stated numerous times, I only have so much time a day to participate in my hobby. A huge part of enjoying that hobby is getting in groups with others to do content designed for groups. I'm not paying to have that precious time wasted (sometimes my entire allotted time for that day) having to stand around Fleet and spam a LFG message every time I want to do group content.
  13. Not me, 4 more days of game time and then I'm done until I've read that there's a functioning cross-server LFG tool. I'm not wasting any more of my time, or money until that happens. Another game that is smart enough to be inclusive instead of driving players away will get my money.
  14. The majority of the anti-cross server rants are from RPers who are afraid they'll get kicked from groups when their server names are seen. They're just masking that fear with these made up scenarios and such. Too bad the Bioware design group can't wake up and smell the coffee here.
  15. People are skipping content now. As in cancelling their subscriptions because of the pain getting a group is. A cross-server LFG tool will actually allow players to see more content, because people will be able to que while questing, gathering, etc etc.
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